The best poses to satisfy a woman in sex

What poses like women: a selection of the best poses to satisfy women.

If in men in sex, everything is quite simple and transparent – excitement, friction, orgasm, then in women the same process is much more complicated. Practice shows that most modern women do not experience an orgasm periodically or at all. One of the reasons, ignorance of what the best poses to satisfy a woman.

The best poses to satisfy a woman in sex

What conditions should a partner create to satisfy a woman?

Only by experimenting with postures and types of sex, partners will be able to find all important erogenous points on the body that provide heavenly pleasure and enchanting orgasm. Favorite female poses can contribute to this – “scissors”, “rider”, “oasis”, “cross”, “69” and many others. The article will describe techniques for each position and photos, tips and recommendations of sexologists.

Due to the fact that women are much less likely to experience an orgasm, men increasingly began to think about solving this problem. And this is primarily due to the fact that observing the orgasm of a partner is an intimate, extremely erotic and uniting man and woman experience.

There are 5 gold rules how to satisfy a woman:

  1. Harmony in the relationship – If quarrels and resentment often arise between partners, no sex will become desirable and pleasant. Only by adjusting the climate in relationships and spiritual connection, you can enjoy intimacy.
  2. A woman loves ears – To arrange it to intimacy, liberate and configure it for quality sex, you need to say affectionate words and compliments.
  3. Romance – In many ways, a woman’s sex and orgasm depend on the situation, candles and twilight, pleasant music, etc. can arrange sex.
  4. Prelude -constantly look for erogenous points on the woman’s body during the prelude, give caresses and warming up a partner for at least 10-15 minutes, look for those places and affection that are as pleasant as possible for her.
  5. Diversity – Sex should be spontaneous and always different, try different poses and types of sex, make love in the most unexpected places.

The most powerful erogenous points on the body of a woman leading to orgasm are a clitoris located on the external genitalia, as well as points G, as and p that are inside the vagina. Orgasm is possible with mechanical effects of masturbation, vaginal, oral and anal sex.

The best poses in sex, allowing a woman to get a maximum of pleasure

Before the partners start a sexual act, it is extremely important that both be extremely relaxed with both the body and thoughts in their heads. When choosing poses that satisfy the woman as much as possible, you do not need to choose unusual and complex options. The most pleasant poses, stimulating both the clitoris and vaginal erogenous points will be described later.

The best poses to satisfy a woman in sex


Missionary pose really like most girls, as it allows a man to dominate and be active.

The best poses to satisfy a woman in sex

To influence her erogenous points as much as possible, a man lies on top of her, he throws both her legs on his shoulders, and under her buttocks puts a pillow. At such an angle of penetration, the member will be able to affect the point G, and the partners will be rubbed by genitals, providing the clitoris to stimulate the clitoris.


The pose of a dog is especially loved by women due to deep penetration and acute sensations.

The best poses to satisfy a woman in sex

She stands on all fours, and her partner stands from behind on her knees. In this position, you can spread your legs and keep them closed together, you can also bend your back like a cat, lean your body to the bed, lifting the buttocks as high as possible. Different angle of inclination and deep penetration contribute to orgasm.

Pose 69

Oral sex is another great opportunity to bring a partner to a stormy orgasm. Ladams of the Pose of 69 especially like, in which the partner is simultaneously engaged in oral affection.

The best poses to satisfy a woman in sex

To do this, the man lies on his back, the girl sits on top of her back to him, after which she tends her head near his groin, and her crotch has her face over his face. Based on her knees and elbows, she gives him a blowjob, and at the same time he caresses her lips and her tongue of her vagina and clitoris.


If the girl clearly knows how to get pleasure from sex, the best option for her would be a pose of a rider.

The best poses to satisfy a woman in sex

The man lies with his back on the bed, she sits in facing him, inserting a member into the vagina. In this position, sex can occur in different ways, or the girl sits straight and moves the pelvis back and forth, or tilts the body to him, moving the pelvis up and down. You can also lean back, relying on your hands, performing movements both forward and forth, and up and down.


In this position, an unusual angle of penetration, as a result of which the girl experiences new sensations from frictions.

The best poses to satisfy a woman in sex

Partners both go sideways on the bed, but at the same time a man spreads his legs, and his lady, as it were, wrapps up his upper leg with her two. In such a close arrangement of the genitals, the clitoris is ensured, which only brings and enhances the orgasm.


This position differs from the options “scissors” in that the man will lie sideways and in relation to the body a girl at right angles, she, in turn, lies on her back. Her legs need to be put on top of the hips of a partner.

The best poses to satisfy a woman in sex

In such an interesting option, both partners will experience new sensations, since the angle and depth of penetration will be completely different. And the girl during frictions can caress the clitoris, bringing the onset of an orgasm.


This pose is intended for oral sex.

The best poses to satisfy a woman in sex

The girl lies sideways on the bed, spreads her legs to the sides, after which the man puts his head on her lower leg and caresses her clit and vagina with her tongue and lips. In the course of action, the girl puts the upper leg on top of his head, as if clamping her partner. In parallel with caresses, a man can use his hands, caressing the vagina and anus of a partner.


If a man is ready to show strength and physical preparedness, you can practice a “cowboy” pose.

The best poses to satisfy a woman in sex

To begin with, the girl stands on all fours and legs diluted to the sides, leaning on her elbows and knees, but so that the upper part of her body is tilted down. A man crouches from above so that his legs are near her knees, and then he relies on his fists of his hands. By introducing a member from behind, you need only a man to move, making frictions back and forth.


This is at the same time a popular and simple pose that does not entail special physical costs, which means that it is suitable for those who are tired of dominating sex.

The best poses to satisfy a woman in sex

The girl lies on her side, the partner in the same order is attached from behind. For comfortable penetration, both need to bend your knees. For movements and rhythm, both the man and his chosen one are equally responsible. At the same time, he can use the hands for caresses and stimulate erogenous zones.


In this position, a woman needs to show the maximum flexibility of her body.

The best poses to satisfy a woman in sex

She lies on the bed, and then stands on the bridge, leaning on the feet and palms of her hands. The maximum support and body control lies more on her hands. A man attaches between her legs, kneeling, takes her by the hips and attracts her to himself, making tremors inside the vagina. And although the pose is expensive for her, the angle and depth of penetration will give an unforgettable sensation.

Sexual equalization

To begin with, partners fall on each other, as required by the missionary position. A man dominates, introduces a member into her vagina, and after the girl needs to straighten her legs under him without interrupting the process himself.

The best poses to satisfy a woman in sex

In this pose, the depth of penetration will be minimal, but friction with genitals and the stimulation of the clitoris will quickly lead to a violent orgasm.


The woman stands on all fours on the edge of the bed, the man stands on the floor nearby, introduces a member into her vagina. After that, she lifts the torso to him, he holds her by the waist with one hand, and the other caresses her chest and clitoris.

The best poses to satisfy a woman in sex

The pose gives an unforgettable pleasure from the depth of penetration, bodily contact and caress. In addition, a visual review is to tease the imagination and excites to the limit.

A rider on the back

Another interesting pose for a woman, since it is much easier to achieve orgasm in her. The man lies on his back, spreads the legs to the sides. The girl sits on his cock, being back to him. After that, she lays her back on her partner’s chest, resting her legs on the bed. A man can hold her waist with one hand, and caress the clitoris with the other.

The best poses to satisfy a woman in sex

In this pose, movements depend more on him, although the girl can raise and lower the pelvis, sitting on his organ.

Tilt-inventical pose

Both a man and a woman stand on her feet, she is located with her back to her boyfriend. After that, she tilles her torso forward, resting on the floor with her hands, and the partner enters it from behind.

The best poses to satisfy a woman in sex

This unusual technique is a bold experiment, and a special angle and depth of penetration, intense frictions and beautiful views bring both partners to orgasm.


In this version of sex, a man falls on his back, and his companion sits on top with a vagina on a member. After that, she throws back the body back, leaning on both hands. A man bends his knees and lifts the pelvis to the clock friction. At the same time, a man can caress her chest with his hands, the clitoris, enjoying a beautiful visual review.

The best poses to satisfy a woman in sex

Perpendicular pose

Such a pose is as comfortable as possible for both partners, in addition, it provides an excellent opportunity for different experiments. The woman lies on the edge of the bed so that her legs remain on the floor, widely spreads them to the sides. A man stands between her legs on his knees, after which he takes her by the hips and penetrates a member into the vagina.

The best poses to satisfy a woman in sex

Due to the location of the genitals perpendicular to each other, deep penetration occurs, and friction with genitals provides the stimulation of the clitoris. At the same time, the amplitude and angle of inclination are easily adjusted, and a man can caress the partner’s clitoris with his hands, bringing her closer to the climax.


The man lays his back on the bed, spreads his legs wide. Further, the girl sits down on top with her back, spreads her legs to the sides of it, rests her hands in his chest, leaning back somewhat. A man helps her to stay on weight, supporting the buttocks.

The best poses to satisfy a woman in sex

During the frictions, the girl actively rubs about his pubis with her labia and clitoris, and the partner can be so deep that he will reach the treasured points.

The merger of two moons

The most favorite poses for girls complement this pose, its second name “Magic Mountain”.

The best poses to satisfy a woman in sex

Lovers sit down opposite each other with wide apart and bent at the knees. At the same time, both rest their hands on the bed, tilting the body slightly back. In this form, they need to get closer to each other while penetration will be possible. Each partner can use one hand for caressing erogenous zones, and what is the visual contact and review.


If a girl loves to obey the dominant male, this position will be ideal for both of them.

The best poses to satisfy a woman in sex

She lays down on the bed down with her stomach, rests on the elbows of her hands, raising the upper body, and at the same time it either spreads to the sides or holds together. Further, the boyfriend falls on top of it, placed between her legs or over them. He needs to rely on outstretched hands near her hands. The pose contributes to the maximum stimulation of point G, at this time the girl can caress her clitoris with one hand.

Subordination is likely

This is one of the varieties of Doggi-Stayl poses, but more pleasant and comfortable for a girl. It is located on all fours on the floor, leaning on the arms and knees of the legs, and she holds the legs reduced together. Then the partner approaches her, spreads her legs to the sides, near her legs and drops to enter her.

The best poses to satisfy a woman in sex

For deep frictions and stimulation of point G, he can hold her hips, pushing the introduction of a penis into the rhythm, or he can take her hair, playing a dominant male.

Double lotus

In sex, physical costs and efforts are not always provided, for example, a “double lotus” will help to refuse stress of the legs, enjoying both visual contact and a complete contact with bodies.

The best poses to satisfy a woman in sex

Partners are located opposite each other, a man occupies a lotus pose, and the girl sits on top of his legs, crossing her legs behind his back. At the same time, they hug each other, moving the bodies to the beat. Close friction stimulates the external genitalia, and deep penetration – inside.

Asian rider

In this position, partners will maintain eye contact, and the man also enjoy the aesthetics of the process.

The best poses to satisfy a woman in sex

He lies on his back, bends his legs in his knees and spreads them to the sides. The girl first stands on both legs above him, after which she sits down with a vagina on a member, still resting against her feet. The partner supports her with his hands under the buttocks, and she holds her arms with her hands. Both can move at once or alternately.


To repeat this option from the Kama Sutra, the girl partially rises into the pose of the bridge, but only resting on the bed with her shoulders. Then the partner, kneeling, is located between her diluted legs and introduces a penis into her bosom. “Arca”, although it seems simple, but thanks to the correct corner of the penetration, it gives partners an unforgettable sensation. In order not to injure the girl’s neck, you can put a pillow under it. And during sex, the partner can caress the clitoris with his hand.

The best poses to satisfy a woman in sex


Here the lady needs to lie down on the edge of the bed sideways, squeezing his knees to her chest. As a support, it holds on the elbow from the bottom of the located hand. Her boyfriend stands near the bed and, holding it tightly by her hip, inserts a member into the vagina. In parallel with frictions, a man can caress her breasts and buttocks with his hands.

The best poses to satisfy a woman in sex


If partners prefer hard sex with deep penetration, you can try this option.

The best poses to satisfy a woman in sex

The girl lays a stomach on the bed, putting a pillow under her hips. She rests the elbows of her hands into the bed, holds her legs reduced together and straight. Her boyfriend is located on top, first he sits on her, and then tilting the body closer to her and begins to act. Only he is active in this process, but she can only obey and relax.


Satisfied with a woman is not so easy, since her orgasm occurs primarily in her head. Therefore, before love joys, it must be configured morally, and after physically. And she and her lover need time, efforts and experiments to find the most cherished erogenous points responsible for the culmination of high -quality sex. Kamasutra offers different poses that affect certain areas of the body. An indispensable assistant to any man will be 25 poses to satisfy a woman whose technology and advantages were described above.

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