The best poses for sex are the heel of popular

The most popular sex poses for intimate life.

Naturally, probably, every adult has noted for himself a few poses in sex that satisfy him the most. And he uses the selected options constantly. We are sure that they need to be changed, constantly trying something new and interesting, because it will bring the benefits and pleasure of both you and your partner. That is why we have collected the best poses for sex for any situation.

The best poses for sex are the heel of popular

5 best poses for sex

It is very useful to know the most convenient poses for sex so that there are no awkwards with a partner at a crucial moment. We recommend that men keep in their heads several of the positions proposed below, so that with the new passion, do not hit the mud with the face.

1. Missionary

Let’s start with the most familiar and common pose in sex – missionary. You probably do not need to explain how intercourse occurs in this position, however, we still recall that a woman should lie on her back with her legs divorced, and a man should occupy a position from above. This is the most convenient option for both him and for it. A woman relaxes and enjoys, and a man, as in many matters, simply controls the process. Yes, undoubtedly, this is a slightly boring position, but it can be diversified only by putting a pillow under the basin of a partner.

The best poses for sex are the heel of popular

2. Missionary with raised legs

The second position is like a missionary position, but the woman’s legs are raised up. For those who love something unusual, we advise you to fix the woman’s legs with some kind of tape. Thus, the maximum fixation of her legs on your body will be achieved. One of the advantages of this option in sex is a deep penetration of a member into the vagina. The only drawback is that a woman should be very flexible, if there is no flexibility, then your partner will simply not be comfortable.

3. Doggi-Stayl

Another common position of bodies for carnal pleasures. In this position, a woman stands on all fours, and a man behind. So, the partner is completely dominant. To supplement the position and sell it more comfort will allow the pillows that should be placed under the stomach, knees and other parts of the woman’s body.

4. Doggi-Light

This position is very similar to the previous one, but in this case the woman does not kneel, but takes the same vertical position as a man, only she is in front, and he is behind. This pose is more in demand, since there is more bodily contact between partners here. Thus, the position of the bodies becomes more romantic and more tender.

5. Lazy Doggi-Stayle

A woman takes the most convenient position – lies on her stomach, and a man from above. This is the most comfortable situation for both partners.

Best Sex Sex for Pregnant

Despite the fact that some women are afraid to have sex in this position, at a certain period, intimate processes can benefit. In addition, many female hormones are produced in the body of expectant mothers, which is why their sexual thrust intensifies several times. In order not to torment yourself, you can enjoy the sexual games with your partner, only you need to do this extremely carefully and know what poses can be pregnant. For this case, we picked up the special best poses for sex with pregnant women, which are suitable for future mothers.

1. Rider

This position is one of the most popular and leads the three as the best pose for sex. For its implementation, a man lies on his back, and a woman sits on him from above. Partners should be face to face. The girl is recommended to throw her back slightly back, and hold her partner’s feet with her hands.

The best poses for sex are the heel of popular

In this position, the stomach will not interfere at all, in addition, the girl fully controls the process depth and intensity of the entry of a member. However, both of both should observe a more smooth rhythm so as not to harm the fetus.

2. Spoons

Named so because the partners resemble two spines that are laid in each other. This option is good because the girl does not experience any discomfort, and unlike the first position, she will not have to make efforts to hold on top.

The best poses for sex are the heel of popular

The woman lies on her side and takes the upper leg a little forward, the guy fits behind her at this moment and penetrates inside.

It is worth noting that the angle of penetration here can be many unusual, if the girl feels discomfort, then it is worth changing the position.

As in all previous versions, a man must do everything slowly and accurately, since now his partner is in a fragile position.

3.  Knee-elbow sex pose

Another convenient pose for pregnant women, as this is a variation of “Doggi-Steel”. The only difference in this case is that it is necessary to put a soft pillow under the girl’s stomach, so that in case of something, she could rest at her.

We will not describe the implementation technique, since we have already given the instructions already higher, so we will highlight some points. For a long time in this position, pregnant women should not be, a maximum of 5-10 minutes, we advise you to smoothly go to the position of the spoon. Also, the member should not come in deep, so as not to harm the developing fruit again.

As we see, despite the fact that a woman is in an interesting position, you should not refuse sexual life at all. It is only necessary to pay attention to the question in what pose of a pregnant woman is better to have sex and then boldly apply knowledge in practice. After all, gynecologists even prescribe sex to many future mothers, because it stimulates the additional production of hormones in the body, which will positively affect your pregnancy.

The best poses for anal

Let’s move on to another type of sexual pleasures, which many couples underestimate in vain. Penetration into the anus can become a wonderful alternative to the traditional or help to bring diversity to your sex life.

Many men simply dream of entering this place, because the anal is much already wrapping up a partner’s penis. A girl can please him and give an unforgettable pleasure, and our selection of good positions for anal sex will tell you in which version this can be presented.

1. On the chair

In this position, a girl can feel comfortable and relaxed, because here she does not need a manifestation of physical strength. She should sit on a chair so that her face is opposite the back. The legs are divorced at the same time, and the priest is raised to that moment so that the young man can penetrate.

The option is good because both partners experience unusual sensations. Here a man can take a member from side to side or up and down. The main thing is not to forget to show tenderness and accuracy, since a girl can easily jump off the chair.

2. The rider is on the contrary

The “Best Pose for Anal Sex” list includes a type of “rider”, only here there are small differences that we now describe.

The best poses for sex are the heel of popular

All leadership completely belongs to a woman. She sits on top of her man, only with her back to his face, in parallel with this, feeling the member enters the anus.

When penetrating into the anus, it is imperative to observe abundant lubricant, it is very important to grease the member’s head and the hole itself before entering sufficiently.

Further, the partner begins to move at his discretion, because all women have sensitive points at different levels. To make the sensations stronger, she can throw her back back, then the partner will be able to stimulate her clitoris and chest.

Of course, you can try a more familiar option when a partner sits in facing a man, then he will be able to caress her vagina in a convenient position, stimulating an orgasm.

3. Corner

One of the most convenient positions for anal, as it allows a man to enter his partner as deep as possible. In addition, the whole domination is in the hands of a man, and a woman shows exclusively submission.

The best poses for sex are the heel of popular

In this position, the girl is very vulnerable, since it can hardly move, in this case, her partner opens up opportunities, he can slap her on the ass, pull her hair, squeeze the body and the like.

To execute, you will need a sofa, or rather, a side armrest from it, so that a woman can lie down through him. This will allow her body to be in a right angle position, and the priest will cost upward. The guy, standing on his feet, begins to penetrate inside her.

4. Pump

Completes the list of the best poses for sex, where all power belongs to girls.  However, it is worth immediately warning that in this case the partner should have good physical training, you can not do without her.

To perform a man, kneeling, and the girl, crumbling on tiptoe, begins to sit on his cock herself. Further, she begins to move her pelvis, completely controlling the entire sexual process.

Note to many girls: this position is well worked out by the muscles of the buttock, so you can combine useful with a pleasant.

There are still a large number of various provisions, but the above are comfortable, most convenient postures for sex, and therefore in demand in different directions of intimate life. The main thing in sex with a partner is not to stop in your desires and constantly be in search of a new. Even if you already know which pose is better for sex, we advise you to try other numerous options so that sex does not turn into routine.

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