Pros and cons of the “woman from above” – “pose of riders

Pros and cons of the “woman from above” – “pose of riders.

The “Woman from above” pose in ancient times was condemned and considered sinful. This was explained by the religiosity and patriarchy of public structure. For such women, church punishments were provided in the form of constant repentance and strict posts. Fortunately, these times have sunk into oblivion, and now the pose of the “rider” is one of the most popular and loved by both women and men.

Woman from above: Pros and cons of the pose of the “rider”

Many women love to be from above and do not exchange this pose for anything. Others, on the contrary, feel uncertainly and constrained due to embarrassment, inconvenience or other reasons.

So, let’s figure out what the advantages of the “girl from above” are, and what are her shortcomings.


A woman receives full control over her actions: she regulates the depth of entry, chooses speed and pace;

The convenience of the position: you can be a rider both on a wide bed in chic apartments and on a car seat;

If a woman is tired, a man can be activated without changing his position;

Visual component: before the partner appears a delightful and sexual type of partner;

Most women reach orgasm precisely in the pose of the rider;

the possibility of clitoral stimulation – let the partner use his fingers;

If a man has a small member, then the pose of the “rider” will be “fit” to you.

The “woman from above” is simple and does not require special physical and acrobatic skills. You need to trust a partner, discard psychological barriers and relax.

You will receive guaranteed pleasure. For a man, the “field” of activity opens: he can caress the chest of a partner, stomach, stroke his hips.

We designated the pluses. Now about the negative aspects of the “women from above”:

With excess weight of the partner, the lace is difficult;

The hips begin to hurt from frequent repeating movements, and it becomes impossible to think about receiving pleasure;

The pose of the “rider” does not fit a couple if a man has a big cock. This will cause a lot of unpleasant sensations to a woman instead of orgasm;

For girls with complexes about their appearance, the pose is not suitable. Snowing and internal clamping will not let them relax and focus on sensations;

too active movements can damage the penis.

Tips and recommendations for the operation of the pose “Ridnets”

Approach the execution of the “woman from above” creatively, using different techniques.

The most common type of technique when all movements are performed vertically. A woman moves the pelvis up and down.

Horizontal movements of the pelvis backward. You can lean towards the partner and pressed on him with the whole body – this will give the moment intimacy and sensuality.

The movements are performed in a circular one. It is necessary to achieve a certain experience in fulfilling the technique, because the circles will not work at once to “draw” the hips. But the result is worth it.

“Eight”. A woman seems to draw a number 8 hips. The member will change the angles of the location, stimulating many erogenous zones in the vagina.

Mixing different techniques. In the process of a partner, he can combine and alternate all these techniques. So the partners will understand that they like the most.


So, just some 30 years ago, for citizens of the Soviet Union, the erotic scene of the perestroika movie “Little Vera” became with shock therapy, where the heroine rode riding on her boyfriend.

The episode has produced a splash in consciousness, and since then the pose has “gone into the people”. Now the “woman from above” is loved by many, regardless of gender. Most poses provide the initiative to the man, in the “rider” the whole process is controlled by a partner, and this suits both.

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