Pose scissors in sex – measure seven times

41 sex pose – “scissors”.

The pose of 41 in sex – “suspended scissors” is very difficult to perform and requires good physical training, both from the side of the woman and from her man.

Pose scissors in sex – measure seven times

Kamasutra Scissors – Weight Sex

To fulfill this 41 Pose of Kamasuters A woman should lie on the edge of the bed so that only her calves and ankles are on her. The rest of the body rests on the hand and freezes in the air.  A man holds a woman by the waist and throws his leg by her left. At that moment, he penetrates her.

The scissors are performed in sex for sure neatly, since a woman can say, “soars” in the air, and a man must calculate the power of his movements and not stop holding it with his hand. In theory, however, everything sounds complicated, but in practice this state of things can come to both partners. The main thing is that a woman has strong hands and can support her position for a long time, a man should also not be a dohlyak in order to insure his partner while entering her vagina during a pose in sex. It is unlikely that it will be possible to engage in sexual intercourse in a pose 41, so in the future it is better to choose a pose where both partners could rest a little.

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