Pose for conception of a child – how to increase the chances

The best poses for conception of a child.

Children are the happiest that can happen in any family, however, conception may not happen for various reasons: the disease of the reproductive system of one of the partners, an unhealthy lifestyle, age and much more. A couple resorts to various ways to successfully have a child, fortunately, today there are many of them. Such methods include special poses for conception of a child, which can increase the chances of pregnancy.

Pose for conception of a child – how to increase the chances

How and why the pose affects conception

On the issue of pregnancy, the main thing is to understand that if there is any medical contraindication, then no situation in sex will help. This applies to those couples that have been actively having unprotected sex for two years, but the pregnancy does not occur. In this case, you need to contact a specialist and undergo a number of medical examinations.

The influence of the pose on the chances of conception is directly related to the anatomy of the female genital organs. During the release of spermatozoa, they have to overcome an unfavorable environment that exists in the vagina in order to scatter the weakest and most non -viable male sex cells. There are cases when pregnancy does not occur in marriage and a woman finds a partner for one night
In order to fertilize viable sperm.

Those sperm that turned out to be the most powerful and fast, successfully pass obstacles and penetrate the egg, while trying to implement their genetic code as quickly as possible. Thus, the closer the male seed will be to the uterus, the higher the probability of successful fertilization.

Pose for conception of a child – how to increase the chances

But in the distance to the uterus you can influence in two ways, the first is the length of the penis. In this case, just the size of male dignity plays a role, that is, if the member has a large length, then the sperm will have to overcome a lesser distance. The same principle acts if the penetration depth is maximum.

The value of gravity also has a value that facilitates or impedes the movement of seed fluid. That is, if male cells move up vertically, then fertilization will happen worse. But the direction of the horizontal, on the contrary, will increase the chances. The direction and depth of penetration will depend on the chosen pose in bed.

The best sexual positions

Despite the fact that there are many poses for intimacy, not all are suitable for pregnancy. We selected the most effective and recommended by doctors:

  • “Missionary” – a common and beloved pose in sex. It is the most convenient and does not cause strong physical overwork, in addition, there will be the maximum penetration of the penis. In addition, a close relationship is carried out not only at the physical, but also at the emotional level, as the partners look into each other’s eyes. In this position, a man produces a large amount of sperm, which without obstacles moves along the vagina. In such a pose, the woman is below, and the man penetrates. To penetrate the member as much as possible, we recommend that the girl be wrapped in her man’s feet.

Pose for conception of a child – how to increase the chances

  • “Doggi-Stayl”-even if you do not know which pose is better for conception of a child, then clearly tried the position “like a dog”. Especially men prefer it. This pose, which brought the effectiveness for many centuries, because with the help of it all the mammals of our planets reproduce it. Due to the deep entry, not only an orgasm is achieved, but also a sperm penetration into the vagina is successful. However, not all partners love this position, since contact is almost absent, and all dominance belongs to a man. If the girl does not like this, then it is worth finding an alternative;

Pose for conception of a child – how to increase the chances

  • “Snot” – such a pose will be familiar to many couples, because those who love are often falling asleep, clinging to each other. The woman lies on her side, and the man hugs her from behind, while performing penetrates. For convenience, a partner can squeeze his knees under the chest or put the top leg forward. In this position, the girl herself regulates the depth of penetration, it will be useful if the guy has a large size of the penis;

Pose for conception of a child – how to increase the chances

  • “Birch” – this position is very similar to a well -known gymnastic exercise, so it is not surprising that such a name is assigned to it. A woman should raise her legs up, while with her hands she supports her lower back, resting her elbows on the bed. The partner commits neat penetration, tries to help her, holding her hips. The main disadvantage of this pose of the Kama Sutra – the girl must have good physical training in order to be in this position for a long time;

Pose for conception of a child – how to increase the chances

  • “Pisa Tower” – this option is suitable not only for pregnancy planning, but also for a variety of sexual life. The girl sits on the table and lifts her legs, laying them on the shoulders of her beloved. The guy introduces his cock, while supporting the girl’s hips. Typically, the partner rests with his elbows on the table and lifts the pelvis, but it is better not to do so for conception;

Pose for conception of a child – how to increase the chances

  • “Overlook” – this option is suitable for those couples who are ready to experiment. The partner is laid on the edge so that its upper body drops down, that is, half of the body outweighed through the bed. The man lies behind her and penetrates. To make the girl conveniently, she needs to rest on the floor with her hands, and her legs are widely divorced. It is also better to lay a low pillow under the lower abdomen.

Pose for conception of a child – how to increase the chances

The rest of the poses are built on the same principle, the main thing is that the barrier does not form during the passage of spermatozoa. Following this principle, it is worth abandoning the following positions:

  • the position of standing or sitting;
  • “Ritalist” or other positions when a woman is on top.

Pose for fertilization with uterine deformations

You especially need to know what poses to conceive a child to use if there is deformation of the uterus. In such cases, pregnancy is possible, but with accompanying risks: a miscarriage or a threat to a woman’s life.

Pose for conception of a child – how to increase the chances

With certain problems, the intervention of doctors is not necessary, it is enough to choose the desired pose. It is determined depending on the type of deformation:

  • retro -version – in this position, the uterus has a bend to the back wall, that is, in the direction of the intestines. In this case, poses are used when a man is behind, and the woman’s body bends forward: “Doggi-Steel”, “advantage”, “spoon”;
  • Retroflexia – the uterus also bends back, but at the same time has a dumb angle at the end. The same provisions are applied as in the previous case;
  • Antephlexia – the uterus bends forward, closer to the bladder. Poses are used when a man from above, and a woman under him lies on her back, a roller is placed under the lower back. That is, we are talking about a “missionary” pose and its various variations;
  • ANTEVERSIA – not only the uterus, but also the neck is shifted to the bladder. The same poses as above, but only without a roller;
  • Laterflexia – movement to the left or right. Partners should use the pose of the “spoon” or “on the side”, but in the opposite direction from displacement;
  • Sadeen deformation is a curvature of the bottom of the organ, it bends inside and resembles a saddle. You can use any poses, however, you need to ensure that the fertilized egg gets into the uterine cavity. Consultation with a doctor is required here.

Can a pose affect the floor of the unborn child or contribute to multiple pregnancy

Women’s egg is always a carrier of the X chromosomes, then, as a male spermatozoid can accommodate a y-chromosome or x chromosome. If the male cell has the first version of the chromosome, then there will be such a genetics – YX, in this case a boy will be born. And with the genetic code xx – girl.

Pose for conception of a child – how to increase the chances

The probability of conception of a certain is 1: 1, so it is very difficult to predict the future floor. Especially influence it with a pose. We talked about other opportunities in the article on how to get pregnant with a boy or girl. But nothing interferes with future parents to adhere to the next tips:

  • With deep penetration, the likelihood of conception of the boy increases;
  • And if the release of spermatozoa is further from the uterus, then the chance of the girl is high.

Such assumptions are based on the fact that the Y chromosomes are more mobile, but have weak stability before the unfavorable vaginal environment. Thus, the more difficult the path of the seed in the vaginal environment will be, the more likely the girl will appear. If you simplify this path, then you can conceive a boy. However, it is important to understand here that this method is not guaranteed, so you need to rejoice at any result.

The topic of multiple pregnancy deserves special attention. So, it can be of two types:

  1. One -fiber – the girl is pregnant with twins by fertilization of one cage. Two or more fruits begin to develop in it. The reasons why this happens is still little known.
  2. Vynoyayytsevo – observed if two or more eggs ripen. Moreover, they are simultaneously fertilized and placed in the uterine cavity. This phenomenon is associated with the genetic predisposition of a woman or under the influence of hormonal contraceptives. In this case, twins or triplets are born to light.

From all this it follows that the poses in no way affect the multiple pregnancy. This result will depend on the characteristics of the female body.

How to increase pregnancy chances?

It is clear that even the best poses for conception of a child cannot act as a guarantor for the appearance of a baby. The influence of Premes on pregnancy has no scientific confirmation, but doctors also cannot refute them. It happens that a woman manages to get pregnant even with interrupted sexual intercourse or during petting, however, such cases are very rare to use them as examples.

If both partners have no diseases, then the pregnancy will come anyway. And if you want to bring this moment closer, then you should use the following tips:

  • You should not pay a lot of attention to this – constant thoughts that you need to have sex as often as possible in order to get pregnant, they can only harm. A woman begins to be very nervous, and sex turns into a real routine. For success, your intimate connection should be emotional, passionate and bring pleasure. It has already been proven that experiencing women about conception are depressed, which only negatively affects the possibilities of fertilization. Therefore, you should just relax and enjoy love with your partner, because it is not for nothing that they say that a child is a fruit of love;
  • Refuse sex with fatigue or bad mood – in such a period, the chances of pregnancy are minimal, since a positive result will depend on physical activity and vigor. It is worth remembering that with the reluctance of intimacy, the woman clearly does not reach orgasm, and this is very important;
  • Experiment with aphrodisiacs – there are a number of natural products that enhance sexual excitement: red wines, essential oils, some seafood, etc. The main thing is not to abuse them, especially if it is alcohol;
  • Create the right atmosphere – despite the fact that you have been together for a long time, this does not mean that you should not surprise each other. This also applies to intimate life. Use role -playing games, new poses or make surprises. Positive emotions contribute to the high activity of hormones, which leads to the expected result;
  • The change of the situation is very frequent cases when conception fell on the period when they were on vacation or during travel. Here everything is also associated with positive emotions and a decrease in stress.

Pose for conception of a child – how to increase the chances

Along with this, there are physiological factors that can increase the chance of pregnancy:

  • Calculation of fertile days – they include the ovulation period when the egg matures and leaves the follicle. This happens in the middle of the cycle. However, here it is worth remembering that the duration of the cycle of each woman is different, so favorable days need to be calculated individually;
  • Vertical position – after a man released sperm into the vagina, a woman is recommended to take a vertical position to facilitate the movement of sperm in the vagina. In this case, there will be a useful birch pose, when a woman raises her legs up and supports her lower back with her hands. It is recommended to be in this position from ten to thirty minutes. Also, after sex, you should not wash or make urination, as this will lead to sperm flowing out of the vagina;
  • practice abstinence – if a man has sex every day, then his testicles simply will not have time to develop a sufficiently number of men’s cells. Thus, it is worth trying to refrain for 3-5 days so that the right number of spermatozoa can develop in the male body;
  • Lubricial ban – of course, store lubricants make sex much more comfortable. They reduce pain and discomfort, increase excitability, but at the same time make it difficult to pass spermatozoa. In addition, some products contain spermicides that destroy the male cell;
  • Female orgasm – during it the vagina of a woman begins to actively decrease, which contributes to the better passage of male seed. Ideally if the partners reach orgasm at the same time.

The secret of successful pregnancy is the love of two people. You need to enjoy each other, both physically and emotionally. If you have no health problems, then you should not worry about children, because they will be in any case. In addition, try to maintain the right lifestyle so that your child is born healthy.

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