Pose 28 "On the knees" – Details of the Kama Sutra

Kamasutra 28 pose – knees sex.

Pose 28 It is called simple and concise – “on the knees”.

Pose 28 "On the knees" – Details of the Kama Sutra

Knee sex – proximity and romance

For execution 28 poses Kamasuters both partners are kneeling before each other. After that, the woman spreads them aside and the man moves a little closer so that his cock can penetrate her vagina. For greater convenience, the legs can be placed so that his cock is between his and her foot. Further, the girl grabs her hands by his neck and he begins to move in a pose Kamasutra 28.

Knight pose Makes sex very romantic, as partners constantly look at each other, and their hands and lips are free, so you can constantly hug and kiss. In addition, this position can be intermediate, since you can easily go from it to any other. It also does not require special physical fit or developed flexibility, therefore it is suitable for absolutely all. It is really better to deal with it on the bed, since a firm surface can leave bruises on his knees, but these are already details and has nothing to do with sexual pleasure and games.

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