Pose 17 "Close" – detailed description

Sex in the pose of kamasuters “cramped”.

17 pose of the Kama Sutra – “Close”. It resembles a pose of a “sleeping angel”, but everything is complicated a little here.

Pose 17 "Close" – detailed description

Pose 17 Kama Sutra – execution

To perform 17 pose of kamasutra, the girl must lie on her side and bend her legs under herself. At this moment, the man settles behind her and is closely pressed against her back. After that, the main feature of the 17 pose in sex is found – the girl should spread her legs, and the man should push her between her hips so that sex in the pose is closely successful.

At this moment, deep penetration occurs, the man begins to move. The charm of this position of the Kama Sutra is that the hands of both partners are absolutely free. A man can caress his girlfriend as you like: play with nipples, drive his hands on his side, kiss his neck or strengthen excitement by stimulating the clitoris. The woman remains here a few options for action, for the most part she can just relax and enjoy how her partner will love her and give a pleasant sensation in pose 17. True, the cramped pose can quickly get bored, so after a while it is better to change it to another, where more participation is required by the partner. Not necessarily extreme, but more active.

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