Pose 16 Kama Sutra – “paper clip” for sex

“Mastard” – pose 16 in sex.

The pose is 16 kamasuters Bends the name “paper clip”. The naming is quite logical, since the position of partners resembles an office paper clip.

Pose 16 Kama Sutra – “paper clip” for sex

The pose of a paper clip is a beautiful view for a man

For execution 16 pose in sex A man should lie on his back and connect his legs. A woman sits on top of him so that her hips are on his pubic zone, clasping the genitals from both sides. At the time of squat, the male penis in the vagina of a woman occurs. So that the partner can stay longer in pose 16, she must throw her back back and focus on both hands. After that, she begins to move up and down, setting the pace of sexual intercourse and the depth of penetration.

A man at that moment can completely relax and enjoy sex. He can also join sex and try to massage the girl’s clitoris with his hands to strengthen her sensations, however, it depends on the capabilities of his partner. In addition, he can pull his partner to himself to start massaging her breasts or even kiss her body, as the posture depicts 16 photos. In general, further metamorphoses will depend on the wishes of both partners, but this will already be the transition to another position of the Kama Sutra.

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