Lazy sex – the best poses when you are tired | Practices

Lazy sex – the best poses when you are tired.

Lazy sex – the best poses when you are tired | Practices
No secret for couples, which have long been in relationships, that sometimes I don’t want to have sex. The reasons are very different: tired at work, bad mood or just laziness. And sometimes on intimate caresses, stormy and passionate, just lacks strength. In such cases, lazy sex comes to the rescue. It allows you to satisfy the needs of orgasm and get a lot of pleasant sensations without energy costs.

Pose for lazy sex

When you don’t have enough strength for active sex, but you want to sexual discharge, you can use lazy postures for intimacy. These are options when only one partner moves or the amplitude of movements is minimal. Such options are suitable in cases where there is no desire to experiment or get tired even more. And they can also be transitional between periods of intensive actions.

Time for relaxation This is a missionary position where a man leads everyone, and a woman does not object to him. She is allowed only to enjoy. There is one thing here: you need to completely relax, all thoughts should only be about intimate caresses. Before proximity, try to close your eyes and just lie down in silence, calmly. This is convenient to do when the husband takes a shower. Feel how experiences and anxiety go out of your head, you are just resting. And when the partner touches you, focus only on his caresses, fatigue will disappear, and sex will give strength.

Doggi Style with a pillow. Familiar pose is a man behind. At the same time, the woman does not rely on her arms, she has a large pillow under her hips, she completely falls on her. You should not rush. The girl remains to play along a little, move carefully and enjoy. This position will give a lot of pleasure and will not take the strength from the lady, but he will have to move 2 times more.Lazy sex – the best poses when you are tired | Practices
Doggi Style Lying. This is a variation of the previous pose. A woman stands on all fours, puts a large pillow under her hips. A man penetrates behind, and then go to the lady on top. You can slowly move in such a pose, and the sensations will be very strong. And try to try not only vaginal, but also anal sex. And new sensations are possible if the lady is still crossing the legs in the ankles, t. e. put one on the other, which significantly narrows the entrance to the vagina.

Classic spoons. The partner hugs the woman behind, lying on their side, both look in one direction. This is a great option for awakening. The impressions of morning intimacy will remain all day, laziness will quickly pass, giving way to excitement and vigor. To make it more convenient, the lady should put the ass a little back, then even a man with a not the largest member will be able to attach herself. The amplitude of movements is small, the energy costs are minimal.

She is from above. If he is tired, not her, then you can change places. He will just lie on his back, and she will sit on top. There are several options for the location: face to him, with his back to him, leaning on his knees or squatting. At the same time, a girl can completely control the speed, reaching her own pleasure, and only then allowing to finish her man.

Hand caresses. An alternative to ordinary sex can be caress. Genital stimulation can cause a storm of emotions. But so that this does not spend a lot of energy, it is worth connecting the vibrator. If a man is caressed, the vibrator should be placed between the legs in the crotch area. He will stimulate the scrotum, and with your hands you can touch the penis. In this combination, an orgasm will come quickly. When caresses, women are placed with a sex toy at the clitoris, and fingers enter the vagina or anus. Gradually, an increase in vibration force will enhance excitement, give a maximum of pleasure.

Hugs with your feet. A man and a woman are located on the side face to each other, clasping each other’s legs. This is not only sexual, but also physical proximity, which allows you to feel the partner and his desires as much as possible. You need to move slowly and carefully, caress the neck, and all other parts of the body. The first time it will be unusual, but then, having found a convenient position, you can enjoy each other for a long, long time without wasting your strength.

Have lazy sex. The main thing is to come up with comfortable poses and alternate them. Do not forget about adult toys, they will always help to achieve pleasure. And it is precisely the goods for adults that save time for sex, because with them excitement occurs much faster.

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