Interesting poses for two: 8 options

Eight interesting poses.

Interesting poses for two: 8 options

Immediately after the start of the relationship, the level of passion goes off scale. You want to have sex 24 hours a day. But then there is a lull. All secluded places are investigated, locations have been tried. How not to lose interest? You need to make a variety in sexual life. In this article we will show interesting poses for two. Let’s make our own list for pleasure.


Interesting poses for two: 8 options

A man sits on the floor or any hard surface, spreads his legs. A woman is placed in the vacant space, throws the ankles on the shoulders of the partner. Here the main thing is not to lose balance during violent sex. Otherwise, there is a risk of falling on your back.

In this position, the couple has the choice of who will play the first violin. The situation is not too comfortable. Therefore, you can move alternately. A couple of minutes the girl deviates back and returns to the starting point. Then the guy takes the initiative. Rests with his hands on the floor and moves the pelvis.

From active actions you will quickly get tired. Therefore, the pose is suitable for people who regularly play sports. Want to try the “octopus”? A great occasion to sign up for fitness or purchase a subscription to the gym. If you are not afraid of difficulties, just do constant practice. This will strengthen the muscles of the hands. Intercourse time each time will increase.


Interesting poses for two: 8 options

We continue the theme of marine inhabitants. The name is associated with a bizarre shape of intertwined legs. It looks like a tentacle of a jellyfish. To implement the pose, you will need a stool or chair. The partner sits and connects his legs. The girl gets up from above, hugging her lover by the neck. And he gets access to her bare back, buttocks and ass.

A woman has enough freedom to move horizontally or vertical. It all depends on the desire of the partner. The position is suitable for active girls who sometimes like to take on a dominant role. In this case, it will be possible to control the man, restrain his orgasm.

Everything that the guy can crank is to massage her ass or anus. Stroking the back and lower back is unlikely to strengthen the level of excitement of the active lady. But it’s worth trying. During intercourse, the body becomes sensitive. Even those erogenous zones that were useless “wake up”.


Interesting poses for two: 8 options

The position is suitable for yoga lovers. But even if you have never been engaged in Indian spiritual practices, it is easy to repeat the pose. A man needs to sit down and cross his legs. A woman sits down from above facing a partner and wrapps her feet up with his buttocks. Lovers are closely pressed against each other. This creates an intimate, sensual atmosphere, full of trust.

The main role here will have to play a partner, because the guy will not move too much. The girl holds his neck tightly, sways and makes rhythmic shocks. At this moment you can kiss. The partner has access to the ass of his companion. Nothing prevents the buttocks to stroke, then go down and massage the anus with your fingers.

If you cross your legs not too convenient, there is another option: pull them forward. Let it be technically not a “lotus”, but you will get the opportunity to stretch pleasure and achieve a brighter orgasm. After all, its intensity depends on the stimulation time.


Interesting poses for two: 8 options

The partner sits on the bed, and his mistress drops from above, sitting on the penis. Then the lady slightly deviates back and rests her hands on his legs just below the knees. Although, the point of stop depends on growth. The main thing is to take a stable position so that nothing interferes with.

The girl has at least a couple of options. It can rise and fall, sliding up the barrel vertically. The second method is the deviations back and forth. Movements should be smooth. Lovers can establish eye contact and observe each other’s emotions.

Without practice, it will not work for a long time. A man’s hands get tired, a woman will get out of strength from regular movements. In order not to get out of the distance ahead of time, after every minute of active actions you can arrange a short break. No longer than 20 seconds.


Interesting poses for two: 8 options

Pose for strong guys. The girl will have to hold on weight. But you can lean against the bed so that the lady can rely on the feet. This will give additional stability. A partner is able to move in vertical and horizontal planes, holding on to his neck.

A man should not let his hands go. Otherwise, a lover can accidentally fall at the peak of sensual pleasures. For additional stimulation, it is enough to fix the clamps on the nipples of the partner, put the cork into the anus.

Dynamic sex in this position can last 5-10 minutes. Then it is better to relax to the couple to restore strength. This is especially true for a man.

Two chairs

Interesting poses for two: 8 options

Simple variation for one of the pages of the Kama Sutra. Two stable chairs will be needed. It is necessary that they do not slide on the floor. The guy sits on one chair, bending his legs in his knees, and the girl is placed opposite. It is important to conduct the initial “docking”. For this, the partner will have to carefully sink to his place. It is better to support her during this somersault.

When lovers took the right position, you can start moving. Both partners have enough freedom to enjoy. First, the guy is actively moving in the work. When the resource is over, you should give the initiative to female hands.

The pose is good in that the bodies of lovers are tightly pressed. This creates a romantic environment. You will feel every heartbeat, you can enjoy trembling during orgasms.

Big Dipper

Interesting poses for two: 8 options

Pose for real athletes, requiring great dexterity. The guy needs to put his legs on the bed, and with his hands to rest on a solid reliable surface. After such an experiment, no kamasutra is terrible. The girl sits down on top and slides down and down along the penis trunk. The main thing is not to create too much pressure on the lover’s body.

After a dozen practical training triceps, men pump. He will be able to move by giving a partner pleasure. To do this, bend and unbend your hands in the elbows. The main thing is that the supporting surface is not slippery. During sex, the palms can sweat.

You need to start with a couple of minutes a day. Gradually, the time for implementing the pose should be brought to 10 minutes or more. This is unlikely to have enough for the lady to experience an orgasm. But an unusual pose will make a variety of sexual life.

Golden gates

Interesting poses for two: 8 options

Everyone knows the pose “69”. But this variation is much more interesting. The partner will have to make a bridge, kneeling. You can practice in advance, before the start of the next session of sexual intimacy. The guy’s task is to make good cunnilingus, and the girl needs to be treated with her mouth and tongue excited phallus. This is not so easy, given the situation.

Only regular practice will help to master the position. During sex, a man can massage a woman’s ass, or take the hair to put deeper on the penis. Just do not have to act too hard. Otherwise, the lady will stop, and the sensual scene will end ahead of time.

So that this does not happen, it is necessary to bring each other to orgasm. A woman to do it is much easier than a man. Well, if the couple meets in 20 minutes. But so much to stand in the “bridge” position is unlikely to work out. Therefore, closer to the finale, you should change the pose to a more convenient.


We will finally give several useful tips. All poses from our list can only be implemented with good physical preparation. Therefore, it is better to set a goal before sex: constantly engage in charging at home. If time permits, it is better to take a subscription to the gym. Regular physical activity improve mood, help get rid of stress. Let’s give recommendations:

  • Use grease. Complex poses require tension, so the girl’s excitation level will not be too high. A natural lubricant may not be enough.
  • Think about security. Check furniture and support surfaces. Imagine how unsuccessfully your sex will end if the leg of the stool accidentally breaks.
  • Go to the goal. The poses will first seem difficult. Sex will begin to tire. But after a couple of sessions, things will go easier. Fatigue will step back into the background.

We showed you eight interesting poses for sex. They are not so easy to master. But after sufficient practice you can realize the most complex pirouettes.

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