How to master the pose “rider”? Pros and cons of the “woman from above”, ways to improve sex in it | Questions about sexual practices

How to master the pose “rider”? Pros and cons of the “woman from above”, ways to improve sex in it.

How to master the pose “rider”? Pros and cons of the “woman from above”, ways to improve sex in it | Questions about sexual practices
The pose of a rider or woman is very popular from above. But in it a woman is getting tired quickly. How to move, so that it is convenient, how to achieve orgasm faster and not get tired? Simple tips that improve the feeling in such a position. And a few more accessories who will give many orgasms without unnecessary efforts.

How to perform a pose rider?

The essence of the pose is understandable from its name – the woman is located on top, is located on a man, as if on a horse. And at the same time performs active movements and fully manages the process. It is believed that this is an ideal pose for her pleasure. But it is not suitable for all couples.

The classic rider is performed in two versions:

  • Squatting. A woman squatting on a man, while she rests in footsteps in a bed or other surface. At the same time performs squats with a small amplitude. A very complex option that causes instant fatigue.
  • On the knees. The girl rests on her knees, raises and lowers the pelvis during sex. Also energy -consuming, but feasible.

This is how most steam are trying to carry out this pose. But she has many other options that some are not guessed.

5 options for poses rider

All poses are suitable for bright sex. But depending on physique and physical preparation, not every pair will be realized.

Classical rider. Girl face to man. With his hands rests on his chest or on the head of the bed. Can be performed without hands with your hands, caressing your erogenous zones. Improve the pose, adjusting the body inclination, this changes the angle of the penis.How to master the pose “rider”? Pros and cons of the “woman from above”, ways to improve sex in it | Questions about sexual practices
The rider is on the contrary. The girl is located with her back to her partner. In this case, she can lean forward or backward. Hand support is convenient about a partner’s legs or a bed. If a man supports his hips, moving a girl easier.How to master the pose “rider”? Pros and cons of the “woman from above”, ways to improve sex in it | Questions about sexual practices
Sitting rider. The man does not lie, but sits. He is more comfortable if there is a back. The girl is on his knees. You can also embody face to him and with his back to him. It’s not very convenient to move in such a position, but it will turn out to be mutually swaying. Contact bodies maximum.How to master the pose “rider”? Pros and cons of the “woman from above”, ways to improve sex in it | Questions about sexual practices
Asian rider. Pose for the most deep penetration. The man lies, bending his legs in the knees. The girl is located on top, stretching her legs. The feet are leaning on the bed, they are located behind the partner’s shoulders. Her hands lie on her partner’s hips. She performs movement, lifting the body on her arms and legs. Physically heavy pose, but very beautiful.How to master the pose “rider”? Pros and cons of the “woman from above”, ways to improve sex in it | Questions about sexual practices
Damian saddle. The girl sits on a man, her legs are on one side of his body. She pushes her legs to stand. Variation of small squats on a member. It is convenient if there is a hand for hands, you can grab the head of the bed if you lie down a man across.How to master the pose “rider”? Pros and cons of the “woman from above”, ways to improve sex in it | Questions about sexual practices
All poses allow you to change the angle of penetration. If the girl sits down a little higher or lower, the sensations change. This is how you can find the most suitable way to stimulate the internal points of the vagina.

All presented poses are suitable for anal sex. At the same time, the girl controls the process, which gives her more pleasant sensations.

Pluses pose rider for a man

The pose of the rider is very fond of men, for them this is a good option. What do they see the pluses?

  • You can relax. Unlike other positions, you do not have to strain. It will not work actively, so it is better to relax. The sensations are very intense, especially if the partner moves rhythmically.
  • Beautiful view. It turns out to consider the girl’s body. If a couple is face to face, then you can see her breasts, with every movement she shakes. If a girl with her back to a man, then a great view of her ass opens. And all this can be concerned, adding sensations.
  • Additional stimulation. Different caresses are available in the process, it easily reaches the nipples or scrotum. It is convenient to use sex toys for a couple.

There are many advantages for men, but they are for a beautiful half.How to master the pose “rider”? Pros and cons of the “woman from above”, ways to improve sex in it | Questions about sexual practices

Pros of poses from above for a woman

Women also love a similar pose, as it helps to focus on personal sensations, find optimal movements. The pluses for ladies are significant:

  • Depth control. She decides how to introduce a member deeply. This is especially true for men with great dignity. Sitting completely, she receives a deep dive, but if you shift up or down, only the head will be immersed.
  • The optimal penetration angle. Performing different movements, it will be possible to stimulate certain points. Massage of the front or rear wall of the vagina, the cervix is possible in this position.
  • The desired rhythm. A woman sets it, acceleration and slowdown are available to her, and she selects a pace that will quickly give an orgasm.
  • Additional clitoris stimulation. In the process, the girl concerns the crotch of the body of a man, and this gives additional sensations. Erogenous zones are actively stimulated on the labia.
  • Convenient for pregnant women. Even in the late stages it will be possible to accommodate so that the stomach does not interfere.

Also, girls like the delighted look of a partner when she is from above. And the ability to control and its sensations.

Cons of poses rider

Shepherd’s pose has, so it is also sometimes called, and their shortcomings. They are not critical, but almost all practicing face them.

  • Minimum body contact. There are no dense hugs that some couples appreciate. But it is very convenient in hot rooms, the bodies sweat less.
  • The possibility of injuries. Incorrect movement can even lead to a foam foam. Most often, such injuries occur in such positions.
  • A woman’s embarrassment in the process. She can worry about the appearance. Small breasts or imperfect form are able to cause discomfort. But just cope with this, you can not take off your linen.
  • Fast fatigue for a lady. After 5 minutes of movements, fatigue occurs in this position. Only trained legs will withstand the marathon in a similar situation.
  • Lack of control in a man. For some, this is a problem, and he even tries to move, thereby interfering with the process, and not improving it.

To embody sex in this position is simple, you do not need to have special skills. But not everyone will get to the final. Sometimes this position is intermediate, and the finish happens in more familiar options.How to master the pose “rider”? Pros and cons of the “woman from above”, ways to improve sex in it | Questions about sexual practices

How to move a woman in a pose from above

Movements can be different, not just progressive. It is worth trying different options to bring or remove an orgasm, changing the amplitude.

  • Up down. The most common variation of movements. Performed at different speeds and amplitude. You can sit on a member of the whole, and it is permissible to take only the head inside. So it will turn out to tease a man in the process.
  • To the sides. The fluctuations are performed slowly, the girl moves the pelvis, moving to the right and to the left. Do not rush, you need to find an interesting pattern of movement and repeat it, increasing the excitement.
  • Round. Rotations are also performed by a basin. The circle should not be huge so that the member does not slip out. You can perform on weight, but you can slide by a man. Additional lubricant will not interfere so that the pair is convenient.
  • Compression. The girl reduces the muscles inside, which gives a massage to a man. Often such flashes are connected to immersion movements. And it is interesting to squeeze the vagina when the member enters, and it will be one experience, or when it comes out, then it will be felt differently.

At the first experiments, you need to find your fluctuations that will like. And only then learn compression. For development, it will be necessary to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor with the help of Kegel exercise.

How a man helps a woman when she is from above

Some variations of the position of the “Amazon” are unstable, and the girl falls back or forward. In such cases, a man holds her by the waist, preventing her from losing balance. This is especially true during experiments on the edge of the bed or sofa when a girl can fall from a great height.

By placing her hands under the hips of a woman, it is convenient when she was squatting, it is permissible to help her rise and sink. In this case, part of her weight is held by a man. This is possible with a little weight of a girl.

A man is able to help maintain the desired rhythm. Holding her by the shoulders, waist or legs, it will be possible to set the desired pace and not get down.

Plus you can always give her additional pleasant experiences if you stimulate several erogenous zones. Massage of the clitoris or chest during sex will not be superfluous.How to master the pose “rider”? Pros and cons of the “woman from above”, ways to improve sex in it | Questions about sexual practices

How to overcome fatigue in a pose of a rider

Fatigue in the process is normal, it occurs in all. It is completely impossible to eliminate it. But you can reduce the load on the feet. How to do it? Shift part of weight on hand.

With their hands they rest on the wall, head of the bed or partner. And the weight is distributed between hands and legs. This helps to extend sexual intercourse.

Another way is to get distracted. Do not concentrate on fatigue, but pay attention to pleasure. Just think about a friend, and this will give a few more minutes.

How to improve a rider’s pose using sex toys

When a woman is placed on top, you can use many sex toys. They will enhance pleasant sensations, make the process brighter. What should be used?

  • Vibrator. You need to place it so that it touches its clitoris. And her orgasm will come much earlier. It can also be used for scrotum. To do this, the massager is placed between the men’s legs, and it affects the testicles and crotch.
  • Vibrator for steam. This is a V-shaped thing that caresses both. One part of the vibrator is introduced into the woman’s body, the second applies to the clitoris. Both feel fluctuations, and this brings the moment of orgasm.
  • Erection ring with vibration. It does not allow a man to end too quickly, and also supports an erection, preventing it from weakening. The vibrating part that should touch the clitoris is placed so as to caress it. This is a useful thing for prolonged experiments.
  • Anal plug. Expands the sensations from the usual actions. If located in a woman, gives fullness and narrowing of the vagina. And it’s nice to both. If a sleeve is placed in a man, it touches a prostate, makes sex more exciting.

With sex toys, any pose in sex allows you to have fun. The girl will manage to keep intimate things if her hands are free, or a man. But the pose of the rider is convenient in that it is convenient to put the vibrator between the bodies, and it will not interfere, but only strengthen the sensation.

Pose of a rider with sex cachela

Perfect sex furniture for the pose “Rogue” – this is sex cachelies. They are located so that the girl “hung” over the man. And so it will turn out to make love for hours without loading the muscles.
.How to master the pose “rider”? Pros and cons of the “woman from above”, ways to improve sex in it | Questions about sexual practices
All the weight is taken on special belts. Therefore, there is no load on his body, and her legs do not suffer. This is an ideal solution for people who have problems with joints or ligaments.

Swings do not allow performing movements, only fluctuations from side to side or circular movements. At the same time, the girl does not rely on her feet, this is not necessary. She is just rocking a man on a swing with the desired amplitude.

With sex caches, you can realize a lot of poses without load. This is a great solution for adult couples, for people with disabilities or experimentation enthusiasts.

Questions about the pose from above

It is very difficult to crush a person. Weight even in 150 kg will not interfere with such a position. But it will be difficult for the girl to raise her weight with her feet, she will quickly get tired. Such a pose can be part of an erotic game, it must be tried in any weight.

Much more difficult when a man weighs more than 150 kg. A girl when sitting on top has to spread her legs very widely, and this is not always convenient. Each movement in this case is more difficult for her due to uncomfortable placement.If the penis slows down, it is worth changing the amplitude. The girl should rise up a little less, and this will not happen. Or she does not need to squeeze the muscles when she moves up, so that there is no additional pushing moment.

Some couples lack the length or width of the penis to implement such a position. This can be fixed using the pencil nozzles. They give an increase in length up to 8 cm.Only she can say about the reasons. There can be many of them: from misunderstanding what to do to experience due to the imperfect figure. You need to find out her reasons and dispel her doubts.

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