7 poses standing, which

7 poses standing, which.

just add to your repertoire. Sometimes you just can not have time to get to the bed.

Regular practice of poses can be useful at any time. After all, it is not known where and when a rush of passion overtakes you. You do cleaning the house and the bed in the bedroom is littered with things… Suddenly, in a club or at a party, you decided to use a toilet or a bathroom (just do not say that you did not do this, or at least did not think about such a development of options)… Or maybe you just really wanted sex, but there is soup on the stove that can run away at any time.

Standing sex poses imply the rapid development of events, so they are needed – passion, impulse, momentary desire… Spontaneous sex is no less beautiful and required for every pair, although occasionally!

Note to girls. In most of the following poses, you are as a host partner, so it will be much easier for you. Therefore, treat your partners with understanding!


7 poses standing, which

Stand on one leg (for convenience, you can lean your back on the wall), and throw the second through the man’s hand or hug him by the waist. The higher the leg is raised – the deeper the penetration will turn out. This position is distinguished by the most close location of your bodies. Firstly, this is in itself intimate and pleasant. And secondly, such a pose allows sex in very narrow places, such as a toilet on an airplane (you have never tried to retire there?)


7 poses standing, which

A pose requiring good physical training primarily from a girl. You lean forward, rest your hands on the floor, and then with the help of a partner, throw your legs on his waist. Yes, it does not look very simple. For convenience, you can rest on the table or bed with your hands and chest. But the sensations from unprecedentedly deep penetration will serve you a reward for an acrobatic session. In addition, with such an angle of immersion of a member, point G is intensively stimulated!

Tilt forward

7 poses standing, which

You get your back to your partner and lean forward. You can rest your hands on your knees or ankles, and then the man will support you by the pelvis or caress your chest, hips and clitoris. And you can stretch your hands back so that the partner holds you for them, then it is you who will already control the angle and depth of penetration to a greater extent. Try it the case and then, and then decide that you like it more.

Standing on weight

7 poses standing, which

Hug the man by the neck, and then hug his waist with your feet. For convenience and facilitating life to a partner (let it better focus on erections), you can rest your back against the wall. The first phase of movements can be started on the bed, and then already be on weight. Shock depth, clitoris stimulation and just the situation “like in the movies” They will bring the expected bright ending!


7 poses standing, which

Remove your hands on a bed or a bench in the park, leaving your feet straight. The man enters behind, after which a large scope for maneuvers opens. You can give all control over the situation to the partner. If a man sniffs tightly to your legs and packs a little on top so that the contact is denser, start moving-bend, bend your legs, make rotations in bent knees, move your hips to the right and right. Since the man’s hands are free, he can caress your back, chest, hips and clitoris.

On the table

7 poses standing, which

Probably a favorite pose of office workers. You can play the secretary and boss. You go your back on an elevated even surface (the table is ideal, if only it is strong enough), and the man is located in front of you. Then there may also be a large selection of actions. Hug your partner’s waist with your feet for deeper penetration, bring them together and put them on the side for “narrow vagina” – This will make contact and stimulation as sensitive as possible, throw your legs on the shoulders of a man… Act, in a word. The same applies to the hands. Hold on to the edges of the table, hug your partner’s neck, caress your chest and clitoris, let the man hold your hands… Enjoy!

Oral affection standing

7 poses standing, which

Well, finally, your man will be able to relax and just enjoy your caresses! Yes, it is a pose that is quite selfish on his part, however, from time to time and it has the right to life. He liked everything? Well then there is no more reason for now and he gives you pleasure in the same way! Oral caresses are great for quick sex standing – so do not refuse the pleasure of both partners!

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