24 Sex pose "Juniper" – Details

Juniper – position 24 in sex.

Tired of the standard sexual act? Want to change something in this area of your life? Buy the most popular book about the relationship of men and women – Indian scripture! This book talks about sex technique, describing each possible position in detail. In addition, you can also see illustrations for the poses considered. This opportunity will help not only read, but also clearly show how to carry out one or another position.

24 Sex pose "Juniper" – Details
Often people, having studied some positions from this treatise, begin to doubt that they can repeat certain poses. But remember that everything depends on experience, and if you never try it, you will never know and you can have sex in the position that interests you in the Indian Book of Love.

Experts advise not to be afraid to experiment in order to gradually overcome all their fears in sexual terms. To begin with, you must open up to your sexual partner, learn to trust him, discuss all your sexual fantasies, and then slowly bring them to life. As sexologists say, it is better not to start with difficult positions, but to overcome your fears thanks to the easy, but no less impressionable positions of bodies during sex.

For an enchanting sexual act, you will need a partner with whom you will trust each other, contraceptive means, as well as a lubricant. Stell all of these attributes and proceed to experiments in sex.

In this article, we want to describe in more detail one of the simplest, but no less cool positions – this is a pose 24 in sex. As you already understood, there are a large number of love in this Indian book about love, and all of them are numbered, possibly for the convenience of memorization.

Pose performance technique 24 juniper

The twenty-fourth pose of the juniper sex has a rather interesting name, though it is in no way connected with the berry, so it is not known where this name came from. Do not look for any instructions in the name of each of the poses in this book about love, just remember the position of the bodies and experiment with them. You can even come up with your own positions. Just do not forget which of the provisions was most pleasant to you, do not forget to ask about it and your partner.

Below your attention is presented the juniper pose photo (it is 24 pose for sex).

24 Sex pose "Juniper" – Details

Thanks to the illustration, you can understand how the position of bodies looks from the side. Let us dwell on the technique of its performance. Remember, to start a sexual act, you need to have a prelude to each other. The prelude provides for caressing the body of a partner with the help of lips, tongue, hands and other parts of the body without direct penetration. When a man and a woman are fully excited, then you can begin to occupy a certain position of bodies.

24 pose provides for the following position: a woman lies on the bed and spreads her legs as much as possible. This position can be performed both on the bed and on the floor, the main thing is to make sure that you have enough space. And now, when the woman has fallen up, she must stretch her legs, and the man at that time sits between her knees and pulls up to himself to carry out penetration. He must also stretch his legs. All this can resemble a way of lying with a walet, only the man sits, and the woman is between his legs. It is worth noting that the position of the juniper is quite romantic and allows the partner to be able to do anything with their hands. He can parallel to stimulate her clitoris, caress his breasts or stomach. A woman can just relax and trust the actions of her beloved man, but do not bend and simulate a log. However, this is not so important, the main thing is that you and your partner bring pleasure, but there is definitely no doubt about it.

Nuances of execution of the pose juniper

Let us dwell on the consideration of the main points in the performance of 24 pose.

  • First of all, “juniper” is especially pleasant for a woman who, without straining, enjoys. Thus, the dominant in the pose 24 juniper is a man.
  • A man can continue to excite his partner, caressing her breasts with his hands and stimulating the clitoris.
  • Sexologists note that in this position you need to have sex for more than five minutes so that you really feel high from it. This is due to the physiological characteristics of a person. It is believed that in this position the penis is as deep as possible in the vagina of a woman, namely in those places that are commonly called erogenous zones. These zones are quite difficult in women, and can be stimulated only in a certain position.
  • Juniper pose requires good physical labor costs, so if you are not ready to strain and sweat, then you should not start such sex.
  • The culmination of pleasure will be when you raise the hips of a woman, and she will tightly hold your body with her body. This will strain the bodies of both partners, which will affect the final maximum satisfaction from pose No. 24.
  • The advantage for a man is that in this position he feels like a master of position and can completely control the process of implementing a sexual act.24 Sex pose "Juniper" – Details

In addition to the above nuances, it should also be noted that in the Indian treatise it is strongly recommended to use any of the provisions for a long time. We also advise constantly changing positions, which, of course, diversifies your sex life, and it will also simply become more saturated.

Summing up, I would like to recall the words of many sexologists and just experienced people, before sexual intercourse, stock up on a sufficient amount of lubricant. This attribute will help you get more satisfaction, and also not to worry about a small number of natural discharge. If you take into account the reviews of those who have tried to have sex in the juniper, then they are quite diverse. Only men who are too lazy to take an active position negatively speak out.

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