Why do girls need menstruation and why do they go?

Why do girls need menstruation and why do they go?.

Monthry is the initial stage of the menstrual cycle due to the rejection of the inner mucous membrane of the uterus. It is often accompanied by premenstrual syndrome, which is characterized by irritability, drowsiness and rapid fatigue. A clear sign of menstruation is bleeding.

Monthry is necessary to prepare the genital tract for the possible conception of the child. First, the body with the help of hormones prepares the uterus for pregnancy, something similar to a carpet for soft landing and comfortable conditions of the embryo are formed.

If fertilization has not occurred during the calendar month, the endometrium becomes not needed and with the help of discharge a woman gets rid of it to start a new stage of preparation for conception. This is the essence of menstruation.  This process occurs regularly until pregnancy or menopause occurs.

Why do girls need menstruation and what will happen if they stop?

And so, we figured out why the girls needed menstruation. If they do not come, then either the endometrium has not formed, or its separation will not occur and the stage of preparation for conception will not start.

This will never happen in normal condition. With certain pathologies, violation and disappearance of menstruation leads to infertility and inability to become pregnant.

For example, overweight or, on the contrary, excessive thinness gives the brain a signal that bearing the fetus is impossible. He affects the hormones responsible for the preparation of the uterus for fertilization, does not launch this mechanism and, as a result, the formation of the endometrium does not happen.

Therefore, menstruation is no longer needed. The same is observed when menopause. There is no way to conceive a child, no menstruation. Therefore, violation of the menstrual cycle or its complete cessation is a serious symptom indicating big health problems.

Monthly: What you need to know?

Monthry is needed to get rid of the endometrium and allow the woman’s sexual system to prepare for fertilization. The complete disappearance of menstruation indicates the inability of the body to get pregnant and take out a healthy child. But these are far from all interesting facts on the topic.

Monthly come at the age of 11-14, sometimes a little later. But this does not mean that the girl is ready for full -fledged sexual life, because menstruation indicates only the beginning of puberty. As a rule, it ends closer to 16-18 years, so marriage and pregnancy have been allowed from the moment of adulthood.

Monthly are regulated by the hormones progesterone and estrogen, which in turn strongly depend on the psycho-emotional state of the girl. During periods of stress and nervousness, their balance is disturbed and menstruation can be lost for up to 7 days. This is considered the norm in this case, but the irregular cycle is still an occasion to contact a gynecologist and an endocrinologist.

The process of separation of the endometrium is characterized by the fact that it exposes blood vessels. As a result of this, blood from the uterus through the cervix enters the vagina, hence the discharge. As a rule, there are not many blood, no more than 100 milliliters in 3-5 days. Easy discomfort is considered the norm.

If there is a lot of blood, there is an increased amount of clots and at the same time unbearable pain in the lower abdomen, then you should definitely seem to the doctor. He will exclude pathology and prescribe treatment.

Some girls experience increased sexual attraction during the period of menstruation. Gynecologists do not recommend practicing full sexual intercourse, but whether it is possible to masturbate during menstruation in a separate article.

To preserve normal life during menstruation, modern girls can use a number of tools. The most famous is of course gaskets. Less popular – tampons. Now menstrual bowls are gaining popularity, which are used more and more often.

And finally the main myth, supposedly during menstruation you can not get pregnant. It is possible and this happens quite often. Firstly, you need to know how much sperm in the vagina live, secondly, take into account such a thing as a window of fertility, which is inconspicuous in the menstrual cycle. Therefore, there is risk and it is quite significant.

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