Why a man loves behind – an explanation

Why do men love the position from behind?.

Each man has his own preferences in choosing a posture for a sexual act, but almost everyone claims that when they are behind a woman, this gives them more pleasure. In this article we want to consider this statement in more detail and understand why men love sex behind.

Why a man loves behind – an explanation

A man loves sex behind – reasons

First of all, it can be noted that such a pose does not require any strong physical skills. Thus, a woman just stands, and a man makes smooth movements while kneeling behind. Without straining, both partners receive pleasure and this reason can be enough to answer the question why a man loves behind.

Secondly, we can note the advantage of the posterior posterity in the fact that you can combine two types of sex and easily move from one to another. A partner who loves to be behind can satisfy the girl using both anal and vaginal penetration. The main thing is not to forget all these types of sexual contact in advance with her partner, because she might not like, for example, anal sex. In addition, men love active sex standing because they show their superiority over the female sex. It is no secret that representatives of the stronger sex are looking for an opportunity to assert themselves in any moment.

The “behind” pose can serve, so to speak, with the restoration of strength after a complex sexual pose. For example, you can return to full combat sexual position again.  

For some, the position from behind is a special pleasure, unlike other poses. In such a pose, the man introduces his genitals completely, it excites it very much. Moreover, a man can watch his cock enters into the vagina, and such a spectacle starts even more. So the aesthetic reason also plays an important role in why men love the position from behind.

Why a man loves behind – an explanation

Men also control the entire sexual act, they can interrupt it when they want. P.

You can have sex in this position absolutely anywhere and without additional awkwardness. You can quickly satisfy the woman in the park, elevator, entrance, etc. D.

However, we also want to note that sometimes a man cannot be excited, because his sex partner is not sympathetic to him. Then, representing the other, he turns the young lady backwards and is excited. This, of course, is not particularly liked by women, but sometimes it takes place to be. So, when a partner only wants to from behind and does not want to kiss you, then think about the fact that you are not attractive to him.

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