What taste should be sperm?

What taste should be sperm?.

Sperm – a liquid secreted during ejaculation and in smaller quantities during intercourse. It has the appearance of a viscous mucus -fluid, with a heterogeneous structure, a slightly muddy, severe aroma of chestnuts (raw). This smell of the seed has due to spermin – a substance produced by a prostate.

Interesting to know. If you pour sperm into a perfectly clean container (preferably a test tube), bring it into a dark room and bring it close to the lamp, it turns out that the substance shimmers. This phenomenon has the name of opalescence.

As a rule, the seed has a white-gray shade. Transparency, yellow, white impurities usually indicate various disorders in the body. A pinkish tint can appear as a result of the exceeded content of red blood cells, and dirty yellow-sexually transmitted diseases.

What kind of sperm to taste

The composition of the male seed includes two components – the secret of the prostate, the allocation of the ducts of the seed, appendages, testicles, as well as uniform elements, that is, spermatozoa. It is usually not completely liquid, but over time it becomes this as a result of the work of the prostate enzymes, which are part of the seed fluid.

The taste of sperm is largely determined by the nature of the nutrition-usually it is sweet-salt, slightly sour, possibly the presence of bitterness. It is interesting that with regular ejaculation, sperm loses its sweetness and becomes more bitter.

For the taste characteristics of male seed, its composition is responsible. And in sperm there are many things – these are proteins, carbohydrates and fats, minerals, hormones, enzymes, sugar and so on. By the way, fructose affects not only the taste, but also the activity of sperm – if it is not enough in the ejaculate, spermatozoa will be sluggish.

A drop of fluid, released before the start of ejaculation, is produced by Cooper gland, is needed to create a strong alkaline reaction. This reaction neutralizes acid traces after the completion of the urination process. The liquid passes through the urethra and washes it, preparing for the passage of sperm.

How to improve the taste characteristics of the seed?

Not all women like to make a blowjob and makes it their partners. Someone categorically against this type of affection, other ladies, according to the results of anonymous surveys, abandon “love in French” for clear reasons:

  1. Bad hygiene man.
  2. The unpleasant smell of seed.
  3. Too bitter or sour taste of sperm.

Everything is clear with hygiene, but the taste, smell of sperm can be changed by making appropriate adjustments to the lifestyle. The first and most importantly is a change in addictions in food. If a man regularly consumes alcohol, smokes, his seed will not only not only active for fertilization, but also not delicious. The partner leads a healthy lifestyle, but it does not become easier? The following product features must be taken into account:

  1. Meat and fish give bitterness, sometimes a characteristic fish aroma may appear in sperm.
  2. Milk is the main reason for the appearance of the taste of spoiled food.
  3. The asparagus makes sperm extremely not tasty, so before intimacy it is better not to eat.
  4. Sour fruits give the seed a pleasant sweet taste.

If desired, the seed fluid can be made not only more tasty, but also thick. The density indicators depend on the volume of physical exertion, the quality of the nutrition. The regularity of sexual activity, even the clothes that you constantly wear. To make the seed more viscous and viscous, use as many proteins, gelatin, fat omega-3 acids, zinc and selenium as possible. We hope our recommendations were useful and new to you.

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