Trumpling – This is a sexual practice in which one person tramples a partner. The person who stomps can be both in shoes and barefoot. This is an ordinary role -playing game “Dominant Sabmissive”. More often a woman plays the role of a dominant, and a man – a subordinate.

The most important thing in the springboard is to get pleasure with both partners, psychological and physical simultaneously.

Exists 2 types Sprinkling.

1. The dominant walks along a partner in shoes, preferably in shoes with hairpins.

The submissive is painful, but from this he gets incredible pleasure. The upper one can jump on the body of a slave, beat him in the face or advance with sharp heels on his genitals. The main goal is to cause as much pain as possible. Such a springboard is a variety related directly to BDSM. Pleasure is achieved through pain and its adoption, through psychological and physical dominance.

2. Dominant tramples the slave with barefoot.

The partner enjoys not from pain, but from delicate touches and soft legs pressure. This type can be attributed to a foot phen.

But do not forget that the springboard is quite dangerous. If the upper steps on the stomach or chest, then the lower one should lie on a solid surface. For example, on the floor or table. If you trample the back, you can lie on the sofa. To conduct such erotic games, it is necessary to provide the upper support (for example, near the wall), because it may lose balance, and this can lead to injury to both participants.

It is better not to walk on the face or on the head at all, because this can lead to a concussion or heel can cause serious injury, for example, damage the eyes of the lower.

Safe and spectacular is the effect of heels in the palm of your hand, since only very bright traces remain.


What can happen if you do not observe safety precautions?

1. Fracture of the chest. It is fraught with pain and death.

2. Pan -made navel. Very long treatment.

3. Damage to the lips and cheeks.

4. Fracture of the auricle. Not fatal, but very unpleasant to recover.

5. Famous eyebrows and eyelids Due to a sharp slide of heel.

6. Damage to the oral cavity and larynx With a sharp movement of heel into mouth.

7. Nose fracture.

8. Damage and puncture of the point that is behind the ear in the deepening of the jaw joint. In this area there is a large number of nerves and nerve endings. Possible pain and death are possible.

Remember that a person does not die from pain shock, he can only lose consciousness or get temporary paralysis, since the brain in this case blocks the central nervous system.

Therefore, think before you engage in a springboard in high -heeled shoes. We suggest you take up a safer type of springboard to get massage and feel light pain voltage.


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