That you can add to your husband so that he does not stand

That you can add to your husband so that he does not stand.

While the main share of married women is tormented by a lack of intimacy with their own husband and is trying to at least somehow increase his libido, there are those who dream of a lover’s erection to destroy. The motives of such atrocities are different, but the main ones are two.

The first is to get rid of too frequent intimate life with your soulmate. The sexual temperament did not match, the wife no longer needs, and the husband fell off the chain.

But here it is better to buy toys in sexshop, diversify an intimate life and learn a little more about masturbation than to destroy health.

The second – to make sure that her husband does not stand on his mistress. This happens when the competition to fluff is lost by a younger or more attractive person. But sometimes, the husband is just loving and this enrages his wife

Then a situation happens in which a woman is ready to commit a crime, and her husband is in danger.

It is important to understand that any impact on human health without his knowledge, especially with the goal of harm, is easily calculated with proceedings and as a rule ends with a criminal case with a harsh sentence.

Therefore, the use of any drugs we prohibit you and even for information purposes we will not inform you. But we can tell how men destroy their potency without outside help.

If your husband leads the lifestyle described by us, then it is not worth it, he will do all the work for you. And you are an insidious woman, it turns out!=)

Habits that lead to a lack of potency

Do not have to add anything if a man smokes and regularly drinks alcohol. You can tell you as much as you like legends about smoking sexual giants, which have started to stand even better with beer, but everyone knows perfectly well that this is bikes. Medicine not only came to this conclusion, but also figured out in detail the reasons.

Sedentary lifestyle should be added to smoking and alcohol. Driving and back drives by car?

Perfect, stagnant phenomena will destroy the prostate faster than any tablets, which means that problems will begin not only with ejaculation, but also with potency.

The riser will not be hard, then infrequent. And then turn into a miracle that is happening on the great holidays.

Fried and fatty foods will perfectly cope with the clogging of blood vessels. Blood, as we know, runs along them, and in order for the member to stand up, you need a serious influx to the groin area to fill the cave body of the male organ.

Fried and fat leads to problems with blood vessels, as a result, to diseases of the cardiovascular system and about any potency you can not dream.

Very sweet and salty food leads to a decrease in testosterone. Both are called a white death not with a simple.

But besides the negative impact on the whole organism as a whole, male potency suffers most strongly.

If the husband loves to walk around his mistresses, then you should not scold him for this, on the contrary, praise it, treat it to sweet tea and be sure to buy sweet sweets, pity a person, because it’s not easy to walk, for sure he is tired.

That you can add to my husband so that he does not stand on his mistress

In general, this method of competition does not make you more beautiful. Treason is that either you need to take it for granted, or not forgive and submit for divorce.

Unfortunately, other methods lead to a crime and attempts to find ways to reduce the potency of the husband are the first step along the slippery path.

Perhaps the only thing you can do is gloat. Release your emotions through thoughts, do not proceed to action.

As a rule, in order to lose a person from from a rail of a normal life, it is enough to do nothing. Men in marriage live longer, because they care about them, help, they have someone to discuss problems and realize needs.

If you do nothing of this, but just silently watch how he sits on the couch with beer, and not to say anything on 5 tablespoons of sugar in coffee, then your desire will come true very soon.

But to wish a person evil is not Christian. If the marriage is cracking at the seams, then you need to complete it. Civilized and adultly.

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