Strange traditions: how deprived virginity in different countries

Strange traditions: how deprived virginity in different countries.

Strange traditions: how deprived virginity in different countries
In ancient times, young girls lost innocence not the most familiar and accepted way. This process was not always associated with intimacy, and often even carried out not men. Thousands of peoples held terrible rites to eliminate innocence. We have collected the strangest of them!

Until the twentieth century, defloration was widespread in many countries, which was trusted by the midwives. Sometimes the girl’s mother did this at birth. Until recently, there was a tradition in Peru, its essence was that my mother deprives the daughter of innocence in a public place. Sometimes, similar cases occurred in Madagascar and even in Kamchatka.

Getting rid of virginity, traditions and rituals

There were times when young young ladies were supposed to appear in the forest, here they were deprived of innocence, hermit monks. Men wore animal skins, and also decorated themselves with horns and hooves. For each individual girl, they chose the corresponding skin of the animal for themselves, it could be:

  • Bull.
  • Horse.
  • Goat.
  • Wolf.
  • a lion.

In some provinces, it was believed that the girl was married to an untouched. It was possible to lose innocence in the temple of the Great Goddess. A sacrifice was made to her. As a valuable gift was a virgin feather, which had to be broken.Strange traditions: how deprived virginity in different countries
In the east There was such a profession – a person depriving innocence. People who made women of women were called Cadeburyses. Their duties included defloration of girls. They were responsible for this, because the deprivation of virginity was considered an important and dangerous matter. He was associated with dark forces, and such a process could not conduct an ordinary person.

Still in Egypt and many other Muslim countries have survived another strange custom. The virgin pleasant had to be torn with the index finger. It should have been only the right hand wrapped in white fabric. The girl was considered pure if the fabric was stained scarlet.

There were traditions and In the Old Russian state. A friend or senior boyar was supposed to stay with the newlyweds on their first night. If the husband could not fulfill his married duty, he was happy to replace the assistant.

On Tibet To take the wife of a virgin was considered a disrespect for herself, a moveton. If a similar fact took place, the family could simply expel from the village. Before the wedding, the bride was obliged to have sexual intercourse with at least 20 men. But telling her husband about the number of sexual partners was not accepted, even indecent.

In Oceania The bride trusted the friends of the groom. Men spent several days with the girl, after which the wedding ceremony was celebrated.

There was an unusual rite The tribe of Truda. The bride was supposed to deform none other than her father. Uncle, brothers in his father and mother helped him in such a difficult matter. Sometimes there were more than 25 men near the girl, it could be both boys of 10 years old, and 70 year old elders.Strange traditions: how deprived virginity in different countries
In India Virginity was deprived of money for money who specially learned this skill. Defloorized girls with the permission of the mother. For this, the phallus made of stone or wood was used, sometimes other materials were used. Then, a tool prepared from leaves with healing properties was introduced into the vagina for healing. Blood that came out of an innocent young lady was collected and used for love spells.

And here In Papua – New Guinea Only the Supreme Priest was engaged in innocent girls. He used a wooden knife. And then her future husband had to offer the bride, to try his friends, acquaintances. Only after that it was allowed to play a wedding. In marriage from the spouse, loyalty and devotion were required.

In Africa There was a completely different approach to virginity. So that the girl remains a virgin, she was sewn up by the vagina, and only the elder could open him before the wedding.

In equatorial Africa tribes They acted differently. The role of the first man was given to the male gorilla. The most interesting thing is that the girl was supposed to attract his attention, if the gorilla did not pay attention to her, this negatively affected the reputation of her wife, she was not considered attractive.In Cambodia There were also their unusual traditions. The girl lost innocence of the clergyman, he did it with his hands. After that, he dipped his finger in the wine, and only then the groom with his family drank this liquid.

Different and unusual traditions had such strange and unusual traditions. And the most curious thing is that some of them exist to this day. Therefore, our girls should rejoice that they are allowed to lose virginity in the usual way with a normal man without any prejudice.

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