Squirt: Answers to questions

Squirt: Answers to questions.

You may be surprised by learning that many experts believe that any one can experience a squirt if stimulated correctly. Find out what a squirt is and get answers to all current questions on this topic.

What is squirt?

Squirt occurs when the body emits a thick half -white liquid of parauretral glands (skin of the skin). Paraunshtral glands are located in erectile tissue on the eve of the vulva, around the urethra, from where the urine also comes.

General views, squirt occurs when stimulating the zone g. Contrary to widespread opinion, this is not the same as an orgasm, although some experience an orgasm at the same time.

Squirt is real?

Yes! Squirt is absolutely real. Scientists do not fully understand its nuances, and the number of research on squirt is quite small.

There are two types of female ejaculators:

1. Clotting liquid is usually colorless, without smell and stands out in large quantities. Scientists believe that it occurs in the bladder and mixes with the secrets of the skin of the skin.

2. Ejaculate – more resembles sperm, usually milky white and thick. It is believed that this is the secretion of the glands of the skin.

Squirt is normal?

Squirt is completely normal. Many sexopathologists believe that all female bodies are capable of squirt.

Squirt in women is the same as urination?

Common misconception that fluid spray is actually urine. With a squirt, a watery fluid without a smell is formed, which comes out of the skin of the skin and is excreted through the urethra.

However, there are frequent cases when urine enters the stream of fluid. Some can urinate simultaneously with squirt or may feel what they need to the toilet. The feeling that you need to urinate is normal with a squirt, because the fabric around the urethra is compressed and presses on the bladder.

If you prefer not to urinate during a squirt or if you want to be able to distinguish squirt from urination, go to the toilet during sex or masturbation. If you still have a strong desire to urinate after your bladder is empty, you can be sure that it will not be urine.

What is female squirt look like?

Different people feel squirt in different ways. Most report that they feel a sense of need to urinate before this happens, and many believe that it gives pleasure. Others say that too much liquid is released. Some also say that their partners like this experience.

Whether squirt equates to orgasm?

No, not necessarily. Squirt really occurs during sexual excitement, when the G zone is stimulated, but this is not the same as an orgasm. However, some people may experience squirt during orgasm.

Successful squirt – like?

If you want to increase your chances of a successful squirt, focus on stimulating the ging zone. She swells when you feel excited, so try stimulation after you are already excited. Zone G is located approximately at a depth of 5-8 cm in the vagina and feels like a spongy bulge.

Some women can impede their ability to squirt even subconsciously, because they can associate this feeling with urination. It is best to urinate before sex.

If you are worried that a lot of liquid can come out, you can fold a towel or have a couple of napkins at hand. The amount of fluid secreted varies from person to person. It can be only a few drops or a few cups.

We hope this will help to answer some of your questions about Squirt, how it happens and is it possible to do it. In the end, whether you are squirting during an orgasm, whether you will squirt at all or never thought about it, this is normal.

Squirt: Answers to questions

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