Spermotoxicosis: what is it, how it manifests itself and whether it exists?

Spermotoxicosis: what is it, how it manifests itself and whether it exists?.

Spermotoxicosis is a term denoting the painful state of a man as a result of prolonged abstinence, when ejaculation is completely absent. There is an opinion that an excess of seed fluid in this case acts on the body as a poison and as a result leads to madness. First, the psyche is rebuilt to search for a partner and other ways of getting rid of sperm, and then intoxication of the body occurs, the brain is affected and the person loses the ability to think adequately.

The history of the emergence of the term

For the first time, such observations were made at the beginning of the 16th century, when Pope Clementius 7 noticed a flash of madness among men in monasteries. There, any manifestations of sexuality were hard, it was forbidden to have sex and masturbation.

Men complied with these rules, but soon their behavior became aggressive, the ability to work has decreased, and many have completely gone crazy. Klementy 7 signed a decree on the creation of a group of specialists designed to investigate all the circumstances of this case and identify the true causes.

After a long observation of the monks, an unambiguous statement was made – madness became the result of abstinence and the men went crazy due to the lack of ejaculation. The term “spermotoxicosis” appeared. For them, it was decided to accept a number of messages and organize discharge so that everyone could get rid of spermotoxicosis and maintain their health.

However, this idea did not like the King of France Karl 5. He considered such conclusions absurd, and sex is vulgar and dirty. All involved in religion had to completely abandon an intimate life. It is natural to allow the monks to enter into sexual relations and even more so to masturbate, he could not.

And without that stretched relations were aggravated by disagreements about the intimate life of the monks. In 1527, events took place today as “the plunder of Rome”. The war was unleashed against the Vatican, and Clementius himself was forced to make concessions to Karl 5 and even recognized his imperial crown.  Since then, the Church has not raised sex and does not discuss such topics out loud. The taboo was applied to this, and the study of spermotoxicosis was suspended.

How spermotoxicosis manifests itself?

It is worth noting that officially spermotoxicosis is not recognized as a medical community. The term itself consists of two words and literally translated as poisoning with sperm. But there is not a single component in its composition that could lead to intoxication in itself. Therefore, the painful condition is caused not by seed fluid, but by the processes of its development.

In the commoneria, this state is called unnecessary, but still there are significant differences. With spermotoxicosis, ejaculation is completely absent, but a deficiency of sex can occur in the presence of sexual activity. It is just not enough. Nevertheless, the symptoms will be almost the same.

First of all, there is a strong increase in libido. Sexual attraction is stably high, the erection is regular and long, the desire increases. Many have an interest in practices that have not previously attracted at all. For example, one -sex sex or perversion.

Since the libido is closely associated with the general hormonal background of the body, spermotoxicosis is able to lead to sweating and increased fatigue. At first, an increase in activity occurs, and then the body gets tired and the forces end. This process is called frustration when the psyche is sharpened to achieve a specific goal, but there is no discharge.

Since all resources are abandoned to get rid of sexual stress, all other tasks are removed from the psyche. Concentration of attention falls and thought processes are reduced. The man is hinging his behavior on one and his conversations become vulgar. If this is suppressed, then the psyche will be overloaded, as Sigmund Freud wrote about.

Since frustration is a cyclic process from increased activity to apathy, sleep and wakefulness will be disturbed. A person will begin to sleep not at night, but when he gets tired. Sleep violation will lead to the failure of other processes, we will observe outbreaks of aggression and an emotion of anger where it is inappropriate.

Reactions of the nervous system and mental processes can get out of control and then the behavior of a man will become inadequate. Frustration over time is able to go into affect and then the onset of madness is possible. A person has not lost his mind, but outwardly it will look like that. Most likely this is what happened to the monks in the Vatican under the Clemente 7. Unfortunately, then the studies did not bring to the end and that story remained a mystery.

Whether spermotoxicosis exists and why it is not considered a disease?

The described processes have a severe effect on the body and go crazy in such layouts is really possible. However, you probably already have a reasonable question – why do men do not turn into madmen from spermotoxicosis?!

But in fact, there are several answers at once. First – turn. You can notice this by behavior when all the jokes become vulgar, men eagerly examines the girls on the street, watch porn, writes obscene phrases in social networks, makes offensive sentences.

Second – men masturbate. In most cases, they lie that they are not done, but in fact, the handwritten is a natural process to which almost all representatives of the stronger sex resort to. Just like many girls, although they need masturbation less. Moreover, a person begins to stimulate the erogenous zones of the genitals in early childhood. Such nature created us.

Third – the body has a special mechanism for protection against sexual stress. It does not always cope and is not too successful, but it is. The phenomenon of Belov is called, about which we wrote in the article “What is happening with abstinence in men”. If in a nutshell, then the meaning is as follows – the secret of the prostate gland involved in the formation of sperm, in the absence of ejaculation, is absorbed into the blood and acts on the reproductive system inhibitory.

That is, over time, the seed fluid begins to be produced more slowly and slower. Thus, spermotoxicosis does not occur at all. It is for this reason that he is not considered a disease. After all, a man can easily get rid of most manifestations of his painful state, just go to the shower and free the tanks in the testicles. Secondly, the body itself copes with this misfortune.

Instead of the result

First, we can state two facts. The first – a painful condition as a result of the absence of sexual life really exists. And the consequences are destructive for the psyche. For men, sex is extremely important and without it in the body there are significant changes that affect the work of the psyche.

The second – spermotoxicosis in the literal sense of the word does not exist. Sperm cannot be poisoned, and the body itself does everything so that there is no excess. With overflowing egg tanks, pollution will begin, that is, involuntary ejaculation. This happens with adolescents regularly. And then the production of seed fluid itself will slow down.

Thus, we revealed that seed fluid is not toxic and there can be no poisoning. But we also see the consequences. In fact, spermotoxicosis is not dangerous, but sexual stress. Lack of a partner, emotional proximity, touch, caresses, hugs.

It is easy to get rid of sperm, but it is almost impossible to compensate for a deficiency of emotional proximity without a second half. To prove this theory is the fact that single men masturbate 5-6, and sometimes 10 times a day. Have sex every day several times they would not have become. So madness threatens not to those who do not end, but to those who do not hug.

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