Loss of virginity: how to do everything subtly for the first time

How to deprive a girl of virginity?.

Loss of virginity: how to do everything subtly for the first time

A man does not always deprive the girl of virginity correctly and makes a huge mistake. The future of the girl depends on how the first time passes. And he takes all responsibility for the consequences.

How to prepare for the first time?

You can’t just go naked in the bed, because it is important to prepare and plan to properly. Preparation for the first sex is as important as the proximity itself.

  1. Do not pay so much attention to this. Of course, you and your girlfriend thought how to prepare for imprisonment, even if you did not discuss this together. But still, you should not constantly focus on this attention. Of course, this is an important event for both partners, but there is no need to joke every time and remind you that everything will be fulfilled soon.
  2. Do not doubt. Of course, doubts will be present, because you are unlikely to deprive the virginity of girls every day, but the girl should definitely not know that you are worried. This is an important event for everyone, and she wants to rely on her boyfriend. If you have no confidence that you know how to do everything right, then there will be small problems. Even if you told her about your excitement, then try to convince her that you understand how to behave right.
  3. Hygiene. Before any sex, it is important to get rid of unpleasant odors that can push the girl and configure on Fiasco. But you can combine useful with pleasant. To do this, invite your beloved girl to take a shower together. Then you will not only be able to follow hygiene together, but also prepare the girl for the process with caresses so that she relaxes and get excited.

How to prepare for the process itself?

Since we talked about preparation, now it is worth discussing the process itself and what will be needed for it.

  1. Contraception. Of course, everyone knows about this, but many guys and even girls still believe that during the first sex you definitely cannot get pregnant. This is not so, and a chance to get pregnant is both a virgin and a girl who leads an active sexual life. Be sure to have sex only in condoms.
  2. Lubrication. Not all men know that it is necessary to have a lubricant with them during the deprivation of virginity. Of course, natural lubrication will help with penetration, but during the first time the girl does not have a stretched vagina and will need additional lubrication. Moreover, stress can lead to the fact that even natural lubrication will be released in a small amount, and this will not be enough. It is better to purchase lubricants who will help faster and easier to enter. Moreover, lubricants are with analgesic effect, those that relax muscles with fragrances and even tastes.
  3. Alcohol. In no case do you need to specifically drink alcohol in order to experience less pain in the loss of virginity. This is a completely incorrect opinion and, conversely, alcohol only exacerbates sensitivity, and the girl will be able to experience severe pain, although she might not have been in sober condition.

How to do it right?

Very soon we will get to the very essence, but at first it is better to deal with popular myths and dispel them.


They say that when the virgin is eager to break, it must definitely go blood. If this does not happen during the first time, then the guys often accuse their partners that they are actually no virgins and simply lied. This is a delusion, because every girl has a different body. It is not necessarily for the loss of virginity. And even more so it is not always possible to break the pleasant right away. Many men even feel insolvent if it is not possible to break it the first time. But no one assures that the spit should be torn right away. It all depends on physiology, and some of the spit is very strong and elastic, so it can only break with the second or even subsequent sexual intercourse. And do not rush events.

Testing pain is normal

Of course, the pain is accompanied by the loss of virginity not always, but quite often. And this is just the fault of those who spread such rumors. With a loss of virginity, the girl should not be uncomfortable if everything is done correctly. But she begins to imagine that she will experience pain soon, so tenses, and the vaginal muscles are reduced. At the same time, the partner begins to make more efforts that are unpleasant for her. Girls often hear from friends that they were not at all painful with the loss of virginity, and they experienced incredible pleasure. There is no magic about this, just partners trust each other and are positive, so the pain is not felt. The girl completely relaxes, and everything goes painlessly, especially if the man was very gentle.

Now we will discuss how the most important process should go.

  1. The girl should relax. It has already become clear that this is very important and it is not even a psychological factor. You need to completely excite a partner. Caress and kiss her chest, neck, back. Better do not end the preludes until the girl herself asks to get down to business. Then you will definitely be sure that it’s time to move on to penetration.
  2. Do not insert a member right away. Do not immediately enter the girl with a member, because it will definitely hurt her. It is better to first try to enter with one finger and make several movements back and forth. After that, when the girl is already getting used to it, you can come in with two fingers. Prepare the vagina for the diameter of your penis and continue to increase the number of fingers until you understand that the loss of virginity will not give her painful sensations.
  3. When you have already started penetration, the main thing is not to rush and monitor the reaction of the girl. And only then everything will happen by itself.

After you moved to classical proximity, it remains only not to rush and in your actions to focus on the girl’s sensations. Everything else will happen by itself.

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