Is it possible to make a Kuni to a virgin: suitable techniques

Cunnilingus to a virgin: is it possible and how to do it right?.

If the girl is innocent and is not ready to part with her play, a man can safely make Kuni to a virgin as an alternative, but by her consent. Oral sex has long become a wand for steam, which is contraindicated for some reason. In addition, practice shows that Correctly executed cunnilingus allows an inexperienced girl to liberate, “Stir up” her sexual potential. To do this, a man needs to learn how to do Cooney correctly, so as not to damage anything.

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Is it possible to make a Kuni to a virgin: suitable techniques

Precautions, so as not to be accidentally deprived of virginity during Kuni

To find the answer to the question of whether Kuni is made to a virgin, you need to figure out whether oral sex leads to a rupture. It is proven that cunnilingus does not violate the integrity of the film if you observe precautions.Is it possible to make a Kuni to a virgin: suitable techniques

The main rule for preserving virginity during cunnilingus is to use only the lips and language as an instrument.

That is, a partner can safely touch the girl’s external genital organs with his lips and tongue, but using fingers and insert them into the vagina is prohibited. The language is also allowed to imitate sexual intercourse and frictions (introduced into the vagina), since it does not have a solid basis, which means it will not break the pleura.

Is it possible to bring to orgasm without a breakdown?

Any woman is able to receive two types of orgasm – clitoral and vaginal orgasm, and only units manage to know other rare types of orgasmic sensations. To achieve a vaginal orgasm, the partner needs to be acted by a member or fingers on point G in the vagina, which in the presence of a virgin play threatens it with a gap.

Accordingly, the vaginal orgasm to the virgin is not available for obvious reasons. Cunnilingus is oral affection, during which a man stimulates the clitoris and outer labia of the girl with tongue and lips. Even if there is a virgin rod, cunnilingus can bring the girl to the clitoral orgasm. At the same time, the integrity of the film will be preserved, as well as the chastity of the partner.

It is much more difficult for virgins to achieve orgasm, even if we are talking about high -quality cunnilingus, due to their sexual non -abrasion, small experience and shyness. Therefore, it is extremely important for a man to configure the girl in the right way with the help of preludes and help her relax.

Kuni techniques for a virgin

Knowing how to make Kuni to a virgin to deliver her paradise pleasure, preserving the virgin pleasant, a man can bring the girl to a powerful orgasm and even place it to sexual intercourse. Virginity is not an obstacle for oral caresses, a man only needs to follow several suitable techniques.

  1. “Jelly Language” – The ideal beginning of cunnilingus, especially if the girl is innocent and inexperienced in such matters. A man should use a soft, wet tongue in the shape of a scapula, stroking them on the inside of the hips, a groin, large and small labia. Movements should be light, slow and most delicate as possible.
  2. Alphabet technique – After the first technique, you can start this option. Using the tip of the tongue, you can draw on the clitoris and labia alternately the letters of the alphabet. The tongue should be soft and relaxed, barely touching delicate skin.
  3. “Flinking moth” – If the girl is already excited enough, and oral caresses bring her only pleasure, you can try this technique. A man with a soft and relaxed tip of the tongue makes quick, light, vibrating movements, imitating the movements of the wings of the moth. At first, such stimulation is performed on the large labia, then they move to small, and only after that you can touch the clitoris.
  4. “Pendulum” – Another woman beloved by women Lnunet technique, bringing new voluptuous sensations. A man with a soft relaxed tongue makes progressive manipulations back and forth and right and right. At the beginning of oral caresses, a man can change the pace of movements, if the partner is close to orgasm, the pace can only increase.

If the girl is close to orgasm, you can only increase the pace! In no case do not slow down!

Cooney as anesthetic before deprivation of virginity

Correctly making cunnilingus to a virgin is not only pleasant, but also useful. Firstly, this is a great way of sexual discharge, when the girl is not available to traditional sex due to her youth/principles or something else. Secondly, if a girl intends to lose her virginity, having first having sex, then rupture of the rifle (defloration) can pass without discomfort.

This is explained simply when the girl increases the degree of sexual arousal, and the moment of the onset of orgasm is approaching, such sensations are comparable to the action of analgesic (painkiller). The body blocks all fears before the first sex, tuning only for a logical conclusion – coitus and orgasm. With Cooney, any pains that girls are so afraid of in the loss of virginity will be reduced to zero.


Based on all of the said in the article, to the question, Is it possible to make a kuni to a virgin, you can firmly answer – yes. If only the tongue without fingers and the penis in the process is used in the process, oral sex will bring the girl to the clitoral orgasm, preserving the integrity of the virgin rifle. In addition, the correctly executed cunnilingus on the described techniques will set up a girl for the first sex, liberate her, and also reduce unpleasant sensations during the rupture of the film.

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