How, where and what: choose a toy for the first time

How, where and what: choose a toy for the first time.

The first sex toy should be the most, as they say, kosher. It’s like the first sex – how you will spend it, so it will be further. It is very important that your first toy for sex does not scare your appearance and work. And first we need to decide what this toy will be.

Non -first sex with the first sex toy: what to choose?

Below are toys that are most popular among newcomers and real guru sex. And, as they say, the expert on the bad will not advise!

Whatever toy you choose, you must take into account several points, especially when it comes to the first toy:

  • Size. Incredibly important in sex size. Especially if you use a stimulator internally. It is important not to go too far here. In this matter is better than more than more. Remember, you will always have time to increase, but if the toy is too large, this is fraught with disappointment;
  • Universality. It is important that the first toy is multifunctional. You can already come up with how you will use it. But what if you don’t like it? Say, an ordinary dildo will not bring the desired result and you will want more. He will not be able to become larger, but if it is equipped with vibration, this will help to significantly enhance the sensation;
  • Ease of Management. The first toy should be ergonomic. It should be conveniently holding it, while switching speeds. Almost always for the first time sex toys are used independently. Later, a partner can be connected to this game that will help you manage it, but at first you will do it yourself – to insert it yourself where you want, to include and regulate the vibration, to control the pace of movements. Therefore, choose those toys that it will be easiest to manage. Again, then it will be possible to complicate all this.


Buy a vibrator – means to get a completely universal toy. Vibrators are the most popular category of adult goods, which is full of a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

As the first, a plastic vibrator is perfect. Firstly, such an acquisition will not fly into your penny (these toys are relatively cheap), and secondly, this is a completely win-win option for beginners. The plastic vibrators have a smooth surface, stylish and non -spurring design (with rhinestones, floral drawings), and simple control (often for vibration adjustment, wheels are used).

Also the first may be the vibrator Lelo. Today toys LELO are considered the most beautiful. A variety of color schemes and design not hinting at vulgarity is that it is necessary for the one who is afraid of toys.

The main plus of the vibrator is its versatility. You can use such a toy for absolutely any effect. If it is psychologically difficult for you to insert it into the vagina or anus, start with external stimulation – nipples, scrotum, clitoris, penis head ..


It should be noted that buying anal plug means to purchase a simulator, a preparatory tool, an accessory for additional stimulation and decoration at the same time.

What to choose, the first, second or third, decide only for you. And maybe everything at once?

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