How to use a menstrual bowl?

How to use a menstrual bowl?.

Menstrual bowls are silicone devices in the form of a bell, which are introduced into the vagina for collecting menstrual blood. They are used instead of tampons or gaskets. Menstrual bowls are of different shapes and sizes, they are economical and environmentally friendly.

If you decide to use a menstrual bowl, get ready to learn to use, and you need to allocate time for this. In the use of bowls, practice is important. Most likely, you will need to try different bowls to find the right for your body. Menstrual bowls are far from universal. The position of the cervix (for example, high or low), the elasticity of the vagina, childbirth in the past and the blood flow are key factors for determining the optimal shape, size and elasticity of the product.

Introduction of the menstrual bowl

If you are preparing to introduce a menstrual bowl, you need to take a convenient position. For example, you can enter it sitting on the toilet, putting one leg on the toilet or squatting, you can facilitate the process of introduction. Applying a water -based lubricant on a menstrual bowl can make its introduction more comfortable.

For a beginner, installing a menstrual bowl can be frightening. But do not worry if you are practicing in this, the introduction of the bowl will continue to be quick and easy.

Before the introduction of the menstrual bowl, be sure to prepare. Always wash your hands with soap before taking the bowl in your hands. Experiment with the folding of the bowl until you find the most convenient option.

Consider Several ways of addition, which you can try.

C-shaped or U-shaped addition: Squeeze the bowl between your fingers, fold it in half to make the form C or U.

Bending down: Press your index finger on the front rim of the cup towards the base and fold along the length.

Seven: Squeeze the bowl, curl one side down and up (forming the number 7) and carefully insert.

Snake: Squeeze the bowl between the fingers and fold the edges with a zigzag, like the letter S.

As soon as the bowl is introduced into the vagina, it will open. Turn it to the side to create a sealed seal. The bowl should not be located too high in the vagina. Its bottom should be at a distance of about half the length of the finger from the vaginal hole. If the leg of the bowl is too long and interferes, it can be cut a little.

The menstrual bowl should not cause discomfort. Some bowls can be worn up to 12 hours, depending on the intensity of the flow. If your bowl flows, most likely you need a larger bowl or a denser. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the product.

Extracting the menstrual bowl

Before extracting a menstrual bowl, wash your hands with soap. We will give you some tips to extract the menstrual bowl, which should be remembered.

When extracting a menstrual bowl, take a convenient position. Tighten the muscles a little, as during defecation. Use the leg of the bowl to feel its bottom. Remember that if you pull the bowl by the leg, this can cause pain, discomfort, shedding its contents and even damage to the product.

As soon as you feel the bottom of the bowl, squeeze it with the thumb and forefinger to break the vacuum. Use swaying movements from side to side and carefully pull the bowl down. As soon as it was removed, pour the contents into the toilet.

At first, the extraction of a menstrual bowl may not be careful enough, but the more often you will practice in this, the easier it will become in the future.

Rinse and sterilization

Rinse and wash the menstrual bowl before placing it again in the vagina. Proper care for the menstrual bowl will help her last longer. Some menstrual bowls with proper care can last up to 10 years. Use pH-neutral soap without fragrances and flavorings. After the end of the cycle, do not store the bowl in a sealed container, as this can contribute to the propagation of bacteria.

In a public place

If you need to empty the menstrual bowl in a public place, wash your hands with soap before entering the toilet cabin. You can wipe the bowl with napkins. Some people take a bottle of water with them to the toilet to rinse the bowl before installation.

At home

Rinse the menstrual bowl with cold water to reduce the number of stains and prevent the appearance of an unpleasant odor. Then wash it with soap under warm water. You need to sterilize the bowl only once in the menstrual cycle – at the end or at the beginning. Sometimes sterilization can be carried out by boiling a menstrual bowl in water for several minutes;However, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the product.

Advantages and risks of using menstrual bowls

The use of menstrual bowl has its advantages and risks. This device is not suitable for everyone, but with proper use can be a safe option.

Advantages of menstrual bowls

– Availability;

– environmental friendliness;

– the possibility of long -term wearing;

– collection of menstrual discharge, not absorption;

– Safety of use for proper cleaning and storage;

– retention of more discharge compared to gaskets and tampons;

– invisibility.

Problems using menstrual bowls

– The ability to get dirty;

– You must be familiar with your own body and feel comfortable when touching it;

– The selection of a suitable bowl can be complicated;

– Certain diseases or conditions may prevent the use of menstrual bowl;

– The presence of vaginal injuries.

States such as the dysfunction of the pelvic floor, vaginism or endometriosis can make the use of menstrual bowl painful or even impossible. In such cases, consult a doctor to make sure the safety of using the bowl.

The size of the menstrual bowl

You can check the height of the cervix. To do this, wash your hands with soap and water, enter the index finger in the vagina. Continue moving until you feel a structure that is comparable to your nose by elasticity. If you can feel the cervix before the knuckle of the finger enters the vagina, most likely you have a low cervix. Checking the height of the cervix in different periods of the menstrual cycle will help you make sure that you purchase a menstrual bowl of a suitable size.

For example, if your vagina is soft and more elastic, a solid bowl is best suited. Many manufacturers of menstrual bowls indicate in the instructions recommendations on choice, this will help you determine the correct size.

How to use a menstrual bowl?

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