How to use a hydroelectric hand?

How to use a hydroelectric hand?.

Let’s start with the theory

Hydrim or hydraulic pump is such a thing with which you can quickly bring your penis in a state of erection. You can also make a massage of the penis and even increase it a little. And yes, that’s all at the same time. And an erection, and massage, and an increase.

The thing is good, high quality, but no one can really use. Rather, they can, but then. When the instructions are read. But at first everyone buys hope for additional centimeters.

Hydrim why is it called that? Because “hydro” – water and “pump” – a sausage+mechanism for work. And together this is a water flask with a certain mechanism. Everything is simple)

And, probably, you already guessed that since the “water”, then it is somehow connected with water.

Related, yes. Hydropope can and should be used in water. Only in the water.

And now we will delve even more.

How a pump acts on a member?

There are cavernous bodies inside any member. These are tubes that are filled with blood when an erection is onset.

How to use a hydroelectric hand?

And the more blood can absorb these tubes, the thicker and longer your cock. And the erection is stronger.

The task of the pump (both vacuum and water) is to quickly drive blood into these same tubes – cavernous bodies.

Imagine: Your cock is hermetically in a flask. You start working with pomp and create pressure inside the flask. In the case of vacuum pump, the pressure is negative, that is, inside – vacuum. And the vacuum, as you know, can quickly drive blood to where you created it.

According to this principle, on the neck of your girlfriends there are suckers)

So, a member in a flask, made a vacuum, drove blood into a member, an erection occurred. What’s next?

And then everything, you just enjoy. And while the member is in a vacuum, the blood presses on the walls of the cavernous bodies and slightly stretches them.

If this procedure is carried out regularly, due to stretching the cells will begin to share and the cavernous bodies will increase in volume. So that? Then the blood will be able to absorb more and the member will become more!

Hooray? Hooray!

But we talked about the vacuum pump.

The hydraulic foam acts approximately the same, only instead of a vacuum inside the flask water. And you drive this water back and forth so that it massages your cock along the entire length. And at the same time you create pressure inside the flask.

It turns out that hydraulic power acts on the member.

If you paved physics at school, then in simple words the water presses on the member, which is why you quickly have an erection.

And massage, don’t forget that you still get water massage. It is important! Because it is he who helps to stretch the cavernous bodies and make your dick more. And it also has a positive effect on an erection – if you regularly use the hydraulic pump, over time, both the riser grows stronger and the member increases.

Now we will analyze the hydraulic pump on spare parts

Sausage – you pick up water in it and place a member. There is a measuring scale on the flask. You can follow how your member increases and fix it with centimeters)

On top of the flask there is a valve of the shutter of the water (round button with a black peptic). At the Pyptic of 3 of the Regulation: to the left and right (up and down) covers the flask, and the water does not flow, the center-the flask opens and the water can be poured out. And the valve opens and closes with the movement of the click-lifting. And in some models it is simple – click.

Corrugation – a black rubber thing like an accordion. It allows you to move the pump and create pressure inside the flask.

The sealing ring is attached to the corrugation. It creates tightness and prevents bruises.

Well, let’s get down to the exercise with the hydraulic tank

You remember that it needs to be used only in water? Therefore, go to the bath or under the shower. Wash yourself, warm, relax. You will take it 5 minutes.

The hydroopeum is cool immediately before sex.
"Dear, I will be in 5 minutes, I will only accept the shower". And did not lie) went into the shower, worked as a pomp, returned with a strong riser.
How to use a hydroelectric hand?

Take the pump. Close the valve (Black Piptic).

How to use a hydroelectric hand?

Fasten the sealing ring on the corrugation so that the markers on the corrugation and the ring coincide. Just insert a ring from below and twist.

How to use a hydroelectric hand?

You can still twist the flask itself so that the measuring scale is turned to you.

How to use a hydroelectric hand?

Now fill the pump with water.

The movement from the bottom put your cock into the flask.

How to use a hydroelectric hand?

Raise the flask slightly up.

Set the valve in the central position. Now the water will be able to pour out.

How to use a hydroelectric hand?

Press the pump to the pubis. If you did everything right, then the corrugation clenched like an accordion, and the sealing ring pressed to the pubis.

How to use a hydroelectric hand?

Ah, yes, don’t touch the testicles. They must remain outside. Inside the flask – only a member!

Now download the pump. Take the flask with your right hand (or what you masturbate there) and move the pump up to you. “From herself” she must spring herself. There is corrugation, you see?

Your movements should be slow and smooth. Do not rush. Do not worry. You do everything right and you won’t break anything)

You can notice that when you download the pump, water spills out of it. This is normal, it should be.

If the water does not spill, you forgot to open the valve, it should be in the center.

Sometimes the pump has a pear. In this case, you pump up the pomp precisely pear.

How to use a hydroelectric hand?

If you have a hydraulic pump with a hose, then you first need to attach a pear to a flask.

Fasten the red hose on a pear.

Open the flask valve, put a black switch in the center and close the valve again.

Now put on the hydroumple on the member, press it to the pubis and download the pear with your hand. In this case, the water will spill through the valve on the pear. Everything is the same, only with a pear)

Until what moment you need to download the pump?

Your task is to create pressure inside the flask. And your sensations should be comfortable. You will feel when you need to stop)

I pumped it? Leave a couple of minutes. And so as not to hold the whole thing with his hands, the manufacturer prudently put a special belt in the kit.

Now you can pump up again and leave again for a few minutes. Such approaches can be made 3, but no more than 15 minutes a day. Such a rule.

How to use a hydroelectric hand?

How to remove the hydroumen?

Click on the valve of the shutter of the water, twist it and remove the pump.

And here you have all the stages of using the pump

How to use a hydroelectric hand?

By the way, hydroums differ among themselves not only by the presence or absence of a pear, but also in size.

For each size of the penis – its own pump)

And so that you don’t get confused in the choice, here you have a guide in size.

How to use a hydroelectric hand?

Keep in mind that the size of the member are indicated in an erection state!

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