How to understand that a woman wants you

Does a woman want you?.

How to understand that a woman wants you

Women are secretive and mysterious creatures. And understanding their intentions becomes difficult in very scrupulous situations. Therefore, a strong floor needs tips to accept the girl’s signals and understand about the desire that appeared.

Signs in appearance

It is worth first to pay attention to the external signs. That is, how she is dressed and painted. If the girl has a “closed” image, for example, a turtleneck or a skirt to the heels, then this indicates the lack of initiative. If a girl in a short skirt and a T -shirt or in a dress on the figure, then she is liberated and ready to continue the evening in a horizontal position. Bright colors, or causing colors, are also signs of intimacy.


Frequent actions with lips, for example, licking or biting, are a non -verbal sign of a woman’s desire. A simple hint of sex is expressed in touching to the hips. The expansion of the pupils and the gaze indicate interest and curiosity in a man. Also, a woman will behave carefully at the table, often touch the glass or hair to show her hobby.

Tactile signs

As it is customary to attract the attention of an object, a person will touch it. Also, a woman will try to find situations to touch. And herself will also not avoid the touch of a man. Open wrists and rapid breathing are signs of a girl’s desire. Tickling is also a tactile sign of excitement and interest.

Verbal signals

A strong floor should sometimes listen to what the girl is talking about. She herself with the help of certain topics speaks of intimacy. For example, a girl can ask if there is anything tasty in a man at home, or will praise his quality. A woman can say that she had not had sex for a long time or ask a man such a question as he had had he had for a long time, then this is a direct hint of intimacy.

It is easy to understand hints in the dance and with kisses with a girl. If in the dance she is tightly pressed, tries to touch her neck or does not remove his hands when a man touches her hips, then this is a good sign. In a kiss, if a woman squeezes her back or scratches her claws, then this is also a direct hint of sex. A gathering shoe is a manifestation of lust.

Closed pose, for example, crossed hands or clenched fists, make it clear that the lady is not ready for intimacy, generally negatively intentions in relation to this man.
The raised eyebrow is a hidden sign of desire. As well as inclins towards the man talks about the openness of the girl. By the tone of the voice, respectively, you can understand about excitement, it becomes lower.
Even in correspondence on social networks, girls know how to show interest in a man, that is, she will always quickly respond to his message at any time of the day or night.

Enough you can just understand about the desire of a woman. In fact, a man intuitively feels a manifestation of hints from the weaker sex. Therefore, the signs given are only a direct index for a greater understanding of girls.

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