How to understand that a girl wants you – signs

How to understand that the girl is excited and wants you.

It is often difficult for a man to figure out whether the girl really liked is sexual in him or she only has a platonic attraction. However, there are several true ways to understand that the girl wants you. Read more about them in this article.


How to understand that a girl wants you – signs

The main certificate is entourage. See what a woman who came to a meeting looks like. If she dressed modestly (her outfit closes the body as much as possible), then she does not want an intimate relationship. However, no need to lose heart, watch more carefully for a potential partner.

When the girl has a mini-skirt, short shorts and a shirt on which the upper button is not fastened-your chances of sex increase significantly. Take a closer look at the coloring of a women’s wardrobe. If a friend preferred to wear bright things, she seeks to attract attention as much as possible. It is likely that the lady does not mind a possible intimate continuation of the date. But dull colors, inconspicuous clothes, make you look further.

It does not happen that the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity put on something just like that. Carefully picking up clothes, the descendants of Eve think over any part of the wardrobe, making certain accents, wanting to hide something from others. Often, a conservative appearance is caused not by the desire to tear off the fans from herself, but simply by bad weather or by the fact that the girl did not have the opportunity to change before the date assigned immediately after the end of her professional activity.

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How to understand that a girl wants you – signs

About how to understand faster that the girl is really excited, a lot of. To be guaranteed to find out about it, figure out if your girlfriend wants you, take a closer look at her lips. Some actions associated with this body area will tell you about the desire for intimacy more than the words:

  • frequent licking, periodic bite;
  • emphasized touching with fingers, glass, a cocktail tube;
  • convulsive compression.

When a woman touches her own hips, squeezing them with palms on the surface of the skin – this is a specific hint of the desire for sex. Another readiness to float is testified to a close look. If you notice the expansion of the pupils after meeting with you, it means that the girl unconsciously shows interest in the partner in this way. She is worried about the anticipation of sexual contact. With severe excitement, the lady begins to look sexually, her gaze just gets drunk.

To find out the desires of a friend, you need to closely observe how she holds a glass, bites a piece of meat, uses a fork. In an effort to emphasize her mood, a woman eats carefully, often takes out a mirror to examine her face, touches curls, watches the environment with a languid look.

According to psychologists, flirting is aimed only at seduction and attracting attention. Therefore, being next to the desired guy, the lady will begin to flirt, smile and flirt. As it is excited, arterial pressure grows, breathing is noticeably quickered. At the same time, the girl strives for small tactile contact, she demonstrates her wrists. When a man tries to touch, the partner will not move away.

If a woman begins to want sex, in the presence of the desired guy, she blushes, worries and embarrasses. Almost always fingering its curls. As soon as they noticed that the lady wraps them on her finger, know – this is, most often, a call for fucking. Although sometimes such an action means a nervous state, so you can not make a mistake and confuse.

Verbal signs

How to understand that a girl wants you – signs

We’ll figure out how to understand that the girl really wants sex with you. Try to watch what she tells about what topics affects more often. If a woman feels a strong sympathy, she tends to copy the manner of communication of the chosen one, his behavior. Such manifestations usually help to calculate the moment when the partner is overwhelmed by lust. Here are a few characteristic examples:

  1. The lady pronounces many compliments to the partner, praises him, admires him with his mind, character, and professional skills. Typically, the interlocutor clearly exaggerates such qualities, hinting that she is almost completely ready for the next stage of relations, which involves an intimate rapprochement.
  2. The girl asks when you last fucked. If she is interested in further proximity, it is a hint that it is time to complete a romantic meeting and move on to a closer acquaintance.
  3. Informs the guy that she is tired of waiting for quality sex. So she hints that you can correct the situation and satisfy it.
  4. Wants to know more about you where you live with whom. This is an underlying desire to find out if there is a chance to retire somewhere.
  5. Begs for a cup of tea, hinting if there is something tasty at home. You can also ask your plans as you are going to further brighten up the date. Such statements are aimed at the desire to push the guy to invite a girlfriend to visit.

Other signals

How to understand that a girl wants you – signs

When the guy recently met a beauty and wants to clearly understand whether to count on a sexual continuation of the meeting, he must invite the lady to the dance to observe her movements. There are some clear signs that it is not against intimate contact:

  • Looks into the eyes;
  • proposes to draw up a company;
  • shows the body of the resulting attraction;
  • demonstrates himself;
  • invites to visit;
  • examines from head to toe;
  • She has extended eyes;
  • wants to retire;
  • touches your body.

If I noticed at least some signs of growing excitement in a woman, it is highly likely that she may like to dream of how you fuck her. She already wants intimacy, annoyed because of the timidity of a potential partner for sex
. Act more boldly, otherwise the interest will fade off. The lady does not often give a chance to rapid intimacy.

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