How to tell my husband about an unexpected or unwanted pregnancy

How to say about pregnancy to a husband, what to do if he does not want children.

How to tell my husband about an unexpected or unwanted pregnancy

Dear readers, you could disagree that the greatest happiness in life is the birth of a baby? But often the onset of pregnancy for a woman is an expected and long -awaited phenomenon, but men can react to the news unpredictably.

The news of the upcoming paternity, as a rule, will put in a stupor of any future dad, and even more so if the girl knows how to present her beautifully. One of the women does this in an extraordinary original way, while others tell the news to their beloved two words. There are several options, how to say in an original pregnancy – We will tell about them today.

How to tell my husband about an unexpected or unwanted pregnancy

Several usual ways how to say about pregnancy to her husband

The most important thing that a woman should understand is that the news of the upcoming replenishment should only be heard by the future dad. Not a single man would like to find out about such an important event from third parties. Over time, you should not delay either: the sooner the father of the child finds out about what happened, the more pleasant it will be for him and easier to get used to his new status. By the way, this applies not only to the notification of her husband. Of course, a woman does not succeed in preserving the intrigue before others up to 9 months, and besides, relatives, colleagues and friends will usually notice changes in behavior, the appearance of a pregnant woman.

To tell the guy that the stork will visit you soon, decide how it is better to convey to him this news, in what environment.

The most common ways, how to say a husband about pregnancy, can be called:

  1. SMS message by phone or on a social network. In the age of technology and the Internet, it would seem, difficulties should not arise. But no message with emoticons and stickers will convey those emotions on the face that each other must be seen.
  2. Preparation of a romantic surprise. Dinner with candles in an intimate setting, aroma lamp and pleasant music – a wonderful background for voicing news about pregnancy. The man will certainly be delighted and with a mischievous smile will pick up his beloved in his arms.
  3. “Honey, sit down, I need to talk to you”. So the conversation occurs in 99% of cases where husbands are morally not ready to increase the family. Instead of happy exclamations, a pregnant woman can wait for the upset face of the spouse and the phrase said with a drooping intonation: “You are sure? And now what i can do?”.

How to inform your husband about pregnancy if it is unplanned

By the way, speaking of the latest scenario, of course, you do not need to be upset about this. The perception of the news of the upcoming paternity differs from how a woman relates to her pregnancy. Men, as a rule, fall into a stupor, but soon, if the baby is welcome for both parents, all fears smoothly turn into a joyful expectation of the birth of crumbs.

How to tell my husband about an unexpected or unwanted pregnancy

In addition to experiences about how to tell her husband about pregnancy, a woman can torment fear and panic for one more reason: after all, now she has to inform her parents joyful news. Mom and dad certainly will not be delighted if the daughter is so important news from them, because the future baby will give a new status not only her. In anticipation of the birth of grandchildren, grandparents, guessing about the interesting position of their daughter, may be offended if they learn about pregnancy from a son -in -law.

And yet, the most difficult moment for a pregnant girl is the announcement of the news to the future father of her baby, especially if it is unexpected. Conception that happened unplannedly does not mean at all that for a man a spouse will be unwanted. If suddenly his eyes begin to overfill tears, then most likely it will be tears of happiness and joy. But it is quite possible that having told her husband about her pregnancy, a woman will stumble upon silence or even offensive statements. The main thing is that you certainly do not need to do is to cry and blame a partner of all mortal sins or to beg a marriage.

Often men need much more time to realize what a burden of happiness will fall on it in 9 months. Sometimes future fathers do not cope with themselves and, showing weakness, leave. In this case, you should not delay or slam the door after, you also do not need to call it and try to establish relationships with all ways.

It often happens that a man leaves a woman as soon as she told him about pregnancy, and after the birth of the baby returns, begging for forgiveness. To accept a “traitor”, who turned away from a woman in the most difficult and crucial period of her life, decide only to her.

Indeed, an unplanned conception is a kind of detector to test the strength of the relationship between a man and a woman. But, be that as it may, to say about pregnancy to her husband is desirable in a personal meeting. And most importantly, to inform information about the upcoming paternity, men need a confident voice, but at the same time you need to do this carefully, without pressure and ultimatums.

What to do and how to say about pregnancy if the husband is against

If the probability that a man will perceive the news of pregnancy with negative emotions is great, you can approach this otherwise. The guy may need time to realize what happened, he just needs to come to his senses. You can minimize the risk of its shock like this:

  1. Choose the right moment. Before dumbfounding your beloved news, pay attention to whether he is in a good mood. Fatigue after a hard day or problem at work may interfere with adequately accepting information. The wife’s pregnancy in this case will become a shocking sensation for him.
  2. Assure him that with the birth of a child your family life will change only for the better. Thoughts about future changes put men in a stupor. In addition, it should be borne in mind that to some extent the representatives of the stronger sex are selfish natures. It is important to support the spouse with pleasant words, charge him with their optimistic mood and give confidence in the future life of the family, which really will become no worse than the current.

How to tell my husband about an unexpected or unwanted pregnancy

Well, and, of course, you do not need to be afraid of even the most negative reaction of the husband. Having told him about your pregnancy, you should be prepared for any development of events. He can offer to get rid of the child, arguing this with difficulties in the financial situation, difficulties at work or even worse, doubts in the future joint future. A man needs time, think over and weigh everything, come to a rational decision. It is best to leave him alone, in no case do not put ultimatums, claiming that there will be no abortion under any conditions.

Speaking to your boyfriend about pregnancy, the main thing is to do everything so that this moment is remembered to you both forever. After all, a message about the upcoming replenishment is an amazing and high -quality news, which cannot be said by the way. If you and your spouse have long dreamed of a baby, it does not need to worry more: he will accept the news of pregnancy with joy. After all, there are still so many happy moments ahead ..

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