How to raise potency in a man at home?

How to raise potency in a man.

How to raise potency in a man at home?

Age -related or caused by the disease, the deterioration of an erection is always perceived by men painfully. And it is difficult for them to discuss him even with friends or doctor. In such cases, the perfect solution – find yourself how to increase potency.

Most patients seek to start with safe plant dietary supplements or folk recipes. And to the expensive and giving a lot of side effects to go through drugs only if additives do not work.

The use of natural drugs for potency

Bades combine the advantages of a scientific approach with the achievements of alternative medicine. And in most cases they are enough to raise potency – In some cases or forever.

Paying special attention is recommended to:

  • Rexal – Tablets or capsules with alophylin (concentration of 500 mg).

The plant complex includes the extracts of chamelirium, sarsareli, sprawling Turners and phytosterins from wheat seedlings. They strengthen immunity, attraction and make sensations brighter. Rexal is recommended for use by capsule or pair of tablets, with food, for a period of month. Usually it costs 890-1200 rubles. But the cheapest one can be purchased by a promotion, within a hundred;

  • The hammer of the Torah – Drops with an accent on the hoods of animal origin.

They collect lithiums, kril, a year -old (fish) and Kladonia deer (Norwegian moss). Drops supply proteins necessary for increasing libido, mineral and other biologically active compounds. Take a thorch hammer for 5 drops once per day, before eating, courses up to 15 days. Any of the options is more suitable for more. It is estimated at 990 r., or at least 700 – by promotion on the manufacturer’s website;

  • Libido Drive – capsule with a mixed base.

Of the plant ingredients, it presents the swamp, Levzea Saflorovid, Rodiola, winter -luke, Yarutka field. There is a drive in libido and animal component – Maral panta extract. The drug is used to raise potency of 2 pcs. In the morning and closer in the evening, with food, for 14 days. Its purchase will cost within 196 rubles;

  • Pantosagan – In gelatin capsules of 2 different colors, with a filling of 2 mainly herbal fees.

Monial -color pills contain an extract of oatmeal, pumpkin and wheat seedlings, propolis, lovie, lapacho, dioecious nettle networks. Plus, the components of cordyceps, Paduba, Socialistry, St. John’s wort, amaranth, grapes, walnut and cedar nuts, kyra and several more herbs are added to them. They need to be taken one at one, before breakfast.

There are more animal extracts in two -tone capsules – Saks of the liver, young deer horns, oysters. This part of the pantosagan contains lecithin and hoods of celery, lapacho, ginseng, eleutherococcus, anchors, amaranth, pear, yarutka, red root. Colored tablets should also be drunk in a piece, but already in the evening, to dinner. The general course lasts 1 month. Lay for pantosagan less than 950 rubles. It is unlikely that it will be possible;

  • EROCTIVE – capsule complex for rapidly increasing potency in men.

It contains the hoods of young horns of the deer and Zhivitsa cedar, propolis, lovie, red and burning roots, nettles, Terblus tribulus, shedding. Erochet is consumed by one, for 20 days. Its constant price – 940 p., But if you are lucky to get to the promotion from the manufacturer, the purchase will not exceed 147 rubles;

  • The secret of the emperor – Chinese remedy in capsules with a relatively simple but fast composition.

It is formed by ginseng, barberry, parasitic mushroom Cordyceps, which occupies a special place in Chinese medicine, and a complex of amino acids to improve sperm indicators. The secret of the emperor is used by a piece by piece, constantly, in the period up to 2 months. And an hour before the likely sexual intercourse, you need to take another pill. It will cost 680 r.;

  • Dar Gimalaev – in dragees and protect them from damage bags-bags.

This Chinese version to increase male potency contains the components of the mulberry bogs, the seeds of the sore, the root of the herpestis, the stems of the asparagus, the leaf of Goryanka. His dragees are drunk in the evenings, daily, 4 g., a three-week course or once, 40-60 minutes before sex. The prices for the gift of the Gimalaev are within 1900 rubles;

  • Spray M16 – a solution for local application to the entire surface of the penis.

It is interesting that 2 amino acids are added to the spray, causing its increase in size – Glycin and Arginine (L-modification). They contribute to erections by influence on nitrogen metabolism. Amino acids are complemented by relaxing vessels of the penis of magnesium, red root, panta maralya, beaver musk, Esparaset and Guarana.

The M16 spray is sprayed to the entire surface of the organ, starting from the head, rubbed into the skin if necessary. The procedure is carried out 10-15 minutes before each sexual intercourse. For constant use from impotence, it is not suitable. The manufacturer evaluates it in plus minus 750 r.

  • Solomon Vector with Cloth and Yohimbin – Alkaloid tree Yohimbe with guaranteed, like Viagra, effect. Arginine is also present in biomanix capsules for oral administration.

We should not forget about Viagra herself with Cialis, stand, Levitra, Zidena close to her. Their active substances belong to the same series.

Folk remedies

Alternative medicine recipes attract their cheapness and ease of manufacturing at home. But in one day the effect of them you definitely can’t wait for them. It will be possible to increase potency in a man with their help in only 3 days or more.

  • Parsley with plantain

This mixture is a strong stimulant of immune protection, general tone and attraction. It extinguishes inflammatory processes in the prostate and urinary system. Parsley root in the amount of 50 g mixed with st. l. Plantain sheet, put for half an hour in a water bath, let them cool and filter. Use a decoction of 0.5 cups, 3 times a day, on an empty stomach, courses for a month.

  • Bark of oak with St. John’s wort

Both plants are moderately poisonous, and when taking them, the daily dosages should be strictly observed, recommendations on the total length of the course. But these are powerful anti -inflammatory and natural antibiotics that can overcome any urogenital inflammation. 3 tablespoons of St. John’s wort grass and 2 – The cows of young oak branches insist an hour in a thermos, filter and use by vodka pile, after breakfast and dinner, according to the scheme of 2 weeks for 1 – breaks.

  • Nettle with clover

But this folk remedy is safe, rich in vitamins and supports the youth of the whole organism – Not only the floor apparatus. 3 hours. l. Plant leaves are poured with 0.5 liters of boiling water and left in the thermos until cool. Drink after filtering, half a glass, up to 4 times a day, 30 days.

Unusual ways

Many methods of improving erection or extension of sex can also cause additional excitement in both partners. The same applies to the intimate relationship of her husband with his wife. But if a man is busy with lonely experiments, their erotic charm is in question. To begin with, it makes sense to try a couple of peculiar, but explained scientific options.

  1. Burn. This method of holding an erection before the start of frictions is offered by adherents of Taoism. The prelude can be continued as usual. But when a member gains half «combat readiness», A man or his partner should squeeze him with large and index (from below and below) with his fingers at the base, and not release until penetrated.
  2. Urination on tiptoe. This is the second option from the followers of the Tao. The bottom line is to empty with a perfectly straight back, standing on tiptoe and at the same time straining the muscles of the press and buttocks. But you need to urinate without tension, free stream.
  3. Cup of coffee. Alcohol, especially in large quantities, you can’t call a good venture before the intercourse, but you can drink coffee. It is not for nothing that guarana rich in caffeine is often added to dietary supplements to raise potency. It exacerbates the sensitivity of all nerve endings, accelerates blood circulation and enhances desire.


For potency, a man simply does not gain over 5 kg of excess weight – so as not to overload the muscles and bones of the pelvis. Nutritionists do not advise leaning on fat, smoked, pickled, rich only in carbohydrates, like pizza and burger. It is better to replace them with primary products – meat, fish, vegetables. It is more reasonable to focus on the rich and zinc components – These minerals are needed for the synthesis of sperm and ejaculates. They are rich in beef, chicken, wheat, most nuts (especially Greetsk and peanuts), turkey, cheese Chedder.


Men need to sleep 8-10 hours a day. A couple of hours before bedtime, it is recommended to disconnect all modern sources of information – From a computer and a tablet to the TV. At night in the bedroom it should be dark and quiet.

Regular sex

It is necessary to free the prostate gland from the accumulated ejaculate in the absence of a constant relationship. The remains of prostatic juice in the ducts of the gland negatively affect its health, and stagnation of sperm in the testes – on fertility. The level of testosterone can also decrease for «unnecessary». If a man does not yet have a girlfriend or wife, masturbation will help to increase potency at home.


To increase potency, a man needs to actively move at least 60 minutes. per day, especially with sitting work. Heavy athletics allows you to increase the level of testosterone (and hence potency). But she is unsafe for the pelvic muscles. Light athletics affects the background of the man less noticeably, but it better accelerates blood flow throughout the body, including the crotch.

Features of raising potency after 60 years

When a man is healthy, he can remain a good lover at 60 and later. But age negatively affects the cardiovascular system. With a healthy reproductive apparatus, potency can fall due to a deterioration in the blood supply to the caves.

They help to foresee this moment:

  • The right choice of pose. Kamasutra with its complex acrobatics for a reduced erection is not suitable. So that the blood does not cast from the penis, it is better for men to choose a position standing, behind or from above;
  • There are nothing shameful in using one -time stimulants. The young men are shy about the use of Viagra, the secret of the emperor and similar means, and even then not always. But in the post of Climacteric age, their reception is justified in every sense;
  • If a man as a whole does not feel too well, does not feel the mood for sex, it is really better to refuse pleasures;
  • The older the partners, the more time it is recommended to devote preludes and less – Frictions themselves.


The general attitude of men to drugs remains negative. Mostly due to side effects and the rapid disappearance of the effect. Natural products with long use show the best results.

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