How to quickly make the girl end the first

How to quickly make the girl end the first.

Women need more time to get an orgasm – such is human physiology. It is even more difficult to achieve the peak if the erogenous zones are not awakened, the partner is in the period when the level of the hormone responsible for the libido is lowered. How to make a girl finish? For this man, it is important for a man to know certain rules.

Full -fledged and high -quality prelude

Preferably with elements of erotic massage. With the help of such techniques, you can quickly arouse the young lady, having caught up with the blood to the pelvic organs. This will have a quick effect, a woman will increase the internal erection of the genitals: heads, legs, clitoris bodies, large and small labia. The prelude also includes the use of the techniques of internal and external genital massage, which will give even greater excitation of erogenous zones. As a result, the lady will quickly move from the stage of excitement to lubrication. This is the name of the period when the vagina begins to intensively secrete natural lubricant. Only then can you move to the techniques that will bring a partner to orgasm. How to make a girl quickly finish? Here you can connect the language. With the help of cunnilingus and stimulating the fingers of the z zone G, you will quickly bring your partner to the peak enough. In this case, a woman will definitely reach the highest point of pleasure first, and quickly enough. This technique is good, for example, when a member fell during sex or a bad erection, and it is very important to satisfy the girl.

How to arouse the erogenous zones of a partner

A good lover should know how to arouse the erogenous zones of a partner, the technique of bringing her to 7 different orgasms. This refers not only to vaginal or clitoral, but also multiple, looped, jet, uterine. After all, no prelude will help if the girl has erogenous zones in a sleeping state. Be sure to watch the course “Give your woman 7 types of orgasm”. There are step -by -step instructions on how to quickly arouse all erogenous zones.

The pose also means a lot

No need to teach Kamasutra by heart or try to find the “very” position. It is enough to have sex in only 3 poses, and the orgasm is guaranteed if the member will enter the vagina at a certain angle, directly stimulate the already awakened areas: Ji, K, and.

The atmosphere affects an orgasm by a girl

The atmosphere that surrounds her is affected by a girl of orgasm. Do not be too lazy to make the corresponding environment in the room, light aromatic candles. The light should be muffled, the music is quiet and neutral. Previously, do not forget to remove the scattered things, socks, otherwise they will annoy and distract the girl. What kind of orgasm can be discussed in this case?

The mistake of many guys

The mistake of many guys who want to force a woman to finish-they do not use sex toys. However, intimate devices can very quickly excite a girl and force to experience an orgasm. Just don’t think that it should be huge dildo or vibrators. Now the sex toys industry offers devices for two, which are not at all similar to the phalluses, for example, the vibrator of brands We-Vibe or Flamingo.

How to make a girl finish: several universal tips

  1. Preliminary caresses should be correct, pleasant. Start with light strokes on the back, neck, shoulders. Next, make stronger presses, connect kisses, go down your hands to your chest, inguinal region. Remember: preludes are not 5 minutes of sluggish kisses, they can take up to half an hour, if necessary for full excitement.
  2. How deeply introduced the penis into the vagina? Everything is individual here. Most young ladies do not like too deep penetration, but there are fans of active, strong frictions. Watch the woman’s reaction to understand how to move and give pleasure.
  3. Touch the girl with your whole body. Before sex, you can press it to the wall or bed so that it feels the presence of a strong man nearby with every cell.
  4. Try to immobilize your partner: squeeze it with your own hands or even tie it. Attention: first find out how it relates to this type of game so as not to get the opposite effect.
  5. Talk during sex. Naturally, not about the weather. Whisper to the girl in the ear, how you love her and want you to do with her. Women love with ears – this saying appeared for a reason. Try to have a lot of hissing and letters “P” in the phrases – they excite most girls.
  6. You can play role -playing games. They bring an element of novelty, plow passion.
  7. Finally – be frank with each other. Feel free to talk openly on intimate topics, share sexual experience, talk about your own feelings. Let the girl tell you what she likes in sex, and what to avoid. Together try new techniques and poses, test toys. Confidence in a partner is about half of a woman’s orgasm.

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