How to make vibrotrusics with your own hands

How to make vibrotrusics with your own hands.

How to make vibrotrusics with your own hands
Vibrotrusics are erotic linen, inside which a vibrator is placed. The impact occurs on the clitoris or crotch of the girl. Wearing a lot of pleasant experiences. Today you can buy ready -made vibrorsiki, but you can make them yourself. It’s not too difficult.

What is the peculiarity of ready -made vibrotrusics

Vibrating underwear always consists of several parts. Firstly, this is a fabric part. It can be slips or thongs created from beautiful fabric. Linen is often decorative, as it is used during the prelude. Secondly, this is a vibrating part. Most often it is a vibropulus that affects erogenous zones.

A feature of vibrotrusics – A special pocket where you can put a vibropulum so that it does not move, does not fall out. And this pocket is located so that the vibropulo is not visible, even if the girl goes in tight clothes. Most vibrotrusics affect the clitoris and labia. Models are not designed for immersion in the body.

Why independently create vibrorsiki?

Many people seek to make a convenient design for pleasure with their own hands. Who should create vibrotrusics on your own?

  • Those who have not found a suitable option in the store. There are not so many models of vibronsikov. Someone does not like their shape, others cannot choose the right size.
  • Those who want more work modes. Vibrogrusiki can work in many modes, but the more speeds, the more expensive the model. And the thing done independently can have an unlimited number of operating modes.
  • For those who wish to deeper stimulation, For example, vaginal. The sensations from internal influence for some women are more interesting than clitoral stimulation, so they choose submersible vibrators for wearing.

Rules for creating vibrotrusics

Choosing linen will not be difficult for creating a sex bunch. It can be your favorite underpants or specially purchased for this case. There are not many requirements for linen: a convenient shape, a wide swallow. And the vibrationpool or vibroyaiso will help create vibrations. If you want external influences, then it is worth buying a vibro -foist. Which is suitable for creating vibrorsiki? There are several requirements:

  • Waterproof body. There may be a plentiful secretion of natural lubrication, and if the sex toy is afraid of moisture, there is a chance that it will quickly fail. And cleaning it is much more convenient moisture -proof models.
  • Remote control. It is convenient to turn on the toy from the remote control or from a smartphone. If you need to reach for it to switch speed, it is very inconvenient. But vibrorsiki are used even in very crowded places where there is no need to attract the attention of others.
  • Silent work. Vibrator fluctuations should not attract attention. Even at the highest speeds, the work of the motors should not be heard. Only the vibrationplles of famous manufacturers can boast of this.

Vibroopul is laid in linen, its movements should be felt in the clitoris area. You can place it even between the labia, but it is important that it is convenient.How to make vibrotrusics with your own hands

When to use vibrorsiki vibroya?

If you use a vibro-tie to create a sex toy to wear a sex toy, then the appearance of the linen does not matter. But in this case, the type of exposure changes, because the egg is immersed in the vagina. Panties only prevent the loss of sex toys.

The vibro -yield massages the body from the inside. This is another stimulation, which differs from clitoral. Choose this option should be lovers of vaginal orgasms. Today there are models that can not only move in programmed modes, but also vibrate to the beat of sounds or favorite melodies. Experiments with them can be very exciting.

The requirements for the vibro -yard do not differ from the wishes for vibroopula.

But the use of a vibro -yield has one great advantage – in the process of use Vaginal muscles are trained. The feeling of a vibrating object inside causes compression of the walls of the vagina, and regular wearing strengthens the inner muscles.

It is not difficult to create vibrotors yourself. You just need to choose the right vibrator and sexual linen style. And then you can use such a sex toy in any place. Application will give a lot of pleasant moments, turn into a life into an amazing adventure.

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