How to make a sperm man pleasant to taste

How to make a sperm man pleasant to taste.

According to statistics, 98% of men love oral affection. Most women not only make a blowjob for the sake of their spouse, but also enjoy this process, which often ends with the end in the mouth. In order not to feel unpleasant sensations of the girl as a question – but how to make a sperm a man pleasant to taste?! Is it true that sperm tastes like eggs?

Why is the taste of sperm in general?

The erection itself in men is extremely violent, and after orgasm they experience relief, severe discharge. Therefore, most men experience drowsiness after physical proximity.

But after some time of family life, sex begins to bring much less pleasure than it before.

As a result, partners have sex less and less, and this, as you know, can lead to betrayal.

Therefore, sexologists advise girls to make a variety to sexual life, fill it with new experiments. And, of course, do not forget about the blowjob, which your beloved likes so much.

But, as statistics show, many girls refuse to make a blowjob to their beloved, since they do not tolerate the taste of sperm.

It is believed that if a woman will regularly make a blowjob, her body very soon adapts to smell and taste.

But in order to accelerate this process, it is recommended to eat certain products before physical proximity, so that his seed fluid will have a pleasant taste, because according to the study, it first of all depends on the fact that a person eats.

Of course, you can use an edible lubricant and level the unpleasant smell of sperm at the time of the end, but it is still better to approach the solution of the problem thoroughly. Let the sperm be pleasant, and the rest is as a complement.

The composition of the sperm

As you know, sperm is 92% of the seed fluid. It is very useful, since its composition contains proteins, fructose, minerals, vitamins and other beneficial substances. Due to the fact that the pH of sperm is seven units, it has a little sour taste.

How to make a sperm man pleasant to taste

Pay attention to the fact that each man has a seed fluid in a specific taste, but most women complain that it is too salty or bitter.

Scientists argue that to improve its taste, you need to use some products and adhere to certain rules.

What products and habits change the taste of sperm:

1. Exclude the use of caffeine, alcohol, drugs and nicotine, as they give a sour-bitter taste.

2. You must drink at least two liters of water per day. Thanks to this, the body is cleansed of toxins and toxins, as a result of which the taste of sperm will become less bitter.

3. In order for it to become sweet to use a lot of fruits. Most effectively affect: melon, pears, pineapple, apple and mango.

If you are preparing a romantic evening for your loved one, make a fruit salad of pieces of apples, melons and nuts. Pour these ingredients with whipped cream and yogurt.

4. Do not exclude vegetables from the diet, especially concerns cucumbers and carrots. But keep in mind, asparagus and cabbage, on the contrary, negatively affect the taste of sperm.

5. No matter how they talk about the benefits of meat and cheese, but they affect the seed fluid negatively, make it salty. Therefore, if you can’t imagine your life without meat, give a preference to a turkey or chicken.

But when using fish, the taste is formed depending on the individuality of the body. Thus, sometimes it gives a sweet taste, and sometimes sour taste.

6. Seasonings, onions and garlic significantly change the taste of male fluid, making it very bitter.

7. Nowadays, many drugs have appeared in pharmacies that are designed to improve the taste of seed fluid.

Their price is about 70 dollars. Do not buy these drugs! After all, their action has not yet been fully studied, and they can provoke the appearance of many serious diseases. It is best to adhere to a certain diet. It is more efficient and safe.

8. Dill and parsley perfectly sweeten its taste.

9. Thanks to mint, cinnamon, lemon and cardamom, it becomes sweet and gains good taste. But you need to use them every day.

10. Exclude fast food from your diet, fast-cooking food and products that are rich in preservatives, dyes and chemicals.

After all, they clog the body with various chemical “trash”, and this, as you know, is displayed not only for health, but also on seed fluid.

eleven. Dairy products give the taste of a damaged product.

12. The orange makes her burning, the mandarin is bitter.

13. But everyone’s favorite beer gives her tastes and pungent smell.

14. Seafoods are considered an excellent Aphrodosa who is able to light a desire in a man in one hour and give his liquid a great taste.

Therefore, if you want to pamper your beloved with a romantic dinner, include 200-300 grams of shrimp in his menu. Believe me, this will not only benefit you, but also.

15. Smoked, salty and fatty food makes seed fluid bitter.

16. Berries with sourness can give a sweet-acidic taste in half an hour. Therefore, make sure that your man eats at least a glass of cranberries, blueberries or currants.

How to make a sperm a man pleasant to taste if a diet does not help?

Thanks to this diet, the taste of sperm will become better, and your loved one is more healthy and active. If the diet did not help, and the seed fluid still has a bitter or salty taste, this may indicate an infection.

Sometimes it can occur without causing absolutely no symptoms. Therefore, it is best to seek help from a qualified specialist. And in no case do not self -medicate.

Also, a bitter taste can be a feature of sperm, and nothing can be done here. Of course, you can give a little different taste, but it is practically not realistic to change it in this case.

It is also believed that if you drink one glass of pineapple juice, strawberry cocktail or eat a small melon three hours before sex, the taste of the seed will resemble fruit yogurt.

And finally, remember, in order to improve the taste of sperm, it is recommended to adhere to a diet as long as possible. An important role is played by how often a person has sex.

As a rule, it is worth refraining one day, and it already becomes tasteless, in this case no diets will help. Love and be loved!

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