How to make a man pleasant – the working scheme

How to make your man pleasant?.

What the guy likes best in bed? It is not strange, but most men admitted that not all of them are interested in replaying. In fact, many men will agree that they just want their girls to show the initiative to them. But if you want to give him something special, read how to make a man pleasant in bed and give an unprecedented pleasure.

Hot kisses

One of the important stages of the prelude are kisses: they increase the level of dopamine in the brain – a neurotransmitter that enhances the desire for sex.

How to make a man pleasant – the working scheme

If you want to know how to make a man pleasant in bed, causing a feeling of “butterflies in your stomach”, start with a slight touch of your hand to your face or nape. Linger there for a moment-long enough for him to want more, but not so long that he starts thinking about something else.

Now we are moving to the tips on the technique of French kiss.

First, hold your lips relaxed and slightly open. Do not squeeze them tightly, but do not open them too wide.

A hot kiss usually begins with an aggressive beginning and sometimes can include licking lips, areas around the lips and even face.

When your languages are in touch, pause to see how your partner will react. If the result is positive, continue to kiss and gently stroke your neck behind. This simple way to give pleasure to anyone.

Caresses of erogenous zones

It’s no secret that women have some very specific points of pleasure on the body. Nevertheless, you can be surprised by learning that there are also certain erogenous zones or trigger points in the male body, which, when stimulated, will make its orgasms stronger, and your sex life is better than ever than ever.

Erogenous zone for men No. 1: Feet

“Men have a relatively higher concentration of nerve endings on the soles of the legs than women,” says Mark Michaels, co -author of the book “Partners in Passion: Guide to excellent sex, emotional closeness and prolonged love”. One way to start your prelude with your feet massage: prepare a warm towel and put its feet on your pillow on your knees. Use a warm towel to wipe its feet and warm them, and then focus on this erogenous zone to move to a more erotic massage.

Sexy linen

We advise you not to underestimate the power of sexual underwear that gives your boyfriend visual pleasure. “Everything that makes a woman feel confident and sexy is very exciting,” says Megan Fleming, sexologist, a therapist for sex and relationship between sex and relationships. And for your boyfriend there is nothing more sexy than confidence. No man can resist the sexy little red peignoir. But it’s not only about underwear. Do not forget about the sexual messages that you are sending him, announcing that you bought underwear, but he needs to wait until the evening.

New poses

Get ready, girls, because we have sexologists’ advice on how to erotically update already known positions so that they deliver even more bliss during sex. Variations are absolutely necessary to give pleasure to a man in bed.

How to make a man pleasant – the working scheme

Constantly trying something new with a man in bed, you will gradually accumulate encyclopedic knowledge about what works with him and what does not work. Even in just a few short months you will quickly create a repertoire of murderous techniques that you can use.

But do not overdo it. After reading this article, you can really be caught in the desire to constantly try new poses with your man. But do not forget to keep what works and use it. When you find a new technique, strategy or tactics, be sure to remember it and from time to time use it again on your man.

Finally, for clarity, you can apply variations to all aspects of sex: from the transition from quick sex to long, slow and passionate sex, or changes in where you have sex, or changes in the positions that you use during sex, or even changeswhat you wear or what kind of music you listen to during sex.

How to please a man orally

Give it to the penis all love, but do not leave the testicles. The skin that surrounds the testicles is perfect for stimulation. “Most men are pleased when a girl spends her tongue at the seam,” says Kavana, a sexologist. “Let him tell you what movements he likes, because getting pleasure at this stage from the guy”.

How to make a man pleasant – the working scheme

To leave new sensations, drink very warm tea, and then spare the hot tongue in this delicate area. A man will lose himself in new feelings, and novelty can lead to stronger orgasms. The skin of the scrotum is quite sensitive and can really excite a man when touching. However, you definitely should avoid biting and biting, but instead try to suck them, lick, press or gently compress them.

How to make a man pleasant hands

Oral sex and prelude are often a very important part of sex. But despite the fact that there is a lot of information about how men to give pleasure to women, it is not enough for women to tell women what men really like when you help a man to reach orgasm with their hands. Below we will tell you how to make a guy pleasantly hands.

Focus on the tip of the penis

Since a man is extremely sensitive and has many nerve endings, touching this point and affection can cause him a moan with pleasure. It is better to do it gently, as too strong pressure can harm your man. A good way to understand whether you are doing everything right is to understand the signals that a man gives you.

Use grease

You might think that just move your hand up and down the sex member of a man is all you need, but know that the lubricant is absolutely necessary. Lubrication prevents rubbing of the skin and makes it much more pleasant. The skin tension on the penis can definitely be very painful, so do everything smoothly and use grease.

Maintain the pace

Just like when your man has oral sex and maintains a pace to help you achieve orgasm, just the same and you keep a pace to help him feel pleasure. A constantly changing pace only worsens the mood of a partner for sex
And it will not help him achieve orgasm.

Use both hands

How to make a man pleasant – the working scheme

Sometimes a change can be the key to show a man how to have a good time. One of the most interesting ways to revive sexual life is to use both hands. Put one hand over the other and let your hands along the entire length of the penis.

Read his signals and follow his prompts

Signals and tips can be difficult for reading, but understanding what your man wants at the moment is necessary to give the maximum pleasure to your boyfriend in bed. Of course, most of the stronger sex are not too expressive, but reading how his face looks, his body language and, perhaps, moans can help you with this.


Pilicle muscles play an important role in sexual function. Strengthening these muscles can reduce the pain in the pelvis during sex and increase the ability to achieve pleasant sensations.

Pilling bottom muscle training is a proven conservative treatment or prevention of pelvic organs prolapse. Studies show that this practice reduces the frequency and severity of the symptoms of the prolapse of the pelvic organs.

Try these exercises to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor:

  • Kegels;
  • squats;
  • bridge.

Role-playing games

Role -playing game is one of the best ways to flirt with your most crazy sexual fantasies. Therefore, it is not surprising that these days much more of us are happy to explore a number of possible sexual scenarios with the help of a game and imagination – in other words, role -playing play. Remember that whenever you try something new, you must discuss this in advance with your partner. You must discuss expectations, borders and safe words. And your relationship should be trust and honesty, because it will provide you with safe experience.

Threesome sex

If you have decided to invite a third person to sexual relations with your regular partner, you may think that the most difficult is behind. However, now you must find out how to make everyone enjoy it, experience an orgasm. This is a clarification of how to get sexual, romantic, free from drama sex – in fact, the most difficult part when you decided that your relationship can withstand almost everything.

How to make a man pleasant – the working scheme

Be sure to study the appropriate poses – WMW or MHM. And also decide in advance what you want to do immediately after sex in advance and inform about this to the other or third person. Perhaps you will want to say goodbye immediately, hang out a bit together, or get out under the blanket.

Know how to properly give the pleasure to your man in bed, it is absolutely necessary if you want your relationship with him to remain strong and long. If you are interested in your boyfriend is completely obsessed with you and only you, then look at these tips and technicians during your sexual life.

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