How to make a dohi is more interesting?

How to make a dohi is more interesting?.

How to make a dohi is more interesting?
There are many pleasant poses for sex in sex. One of the most popular is the position of the dog-style. But in the intimacy of the couple I want diversity. From the outside, there may be a feeling that the knee-elbow pose cannot be taken away. But we will dispel this erroneous opinion and talk about how to make a dog-old one more interesting, sensual and more desirable.

We move to the sofa

This interior item can come in handy to diversify the sexual marathon. The partner is exposed or a man in a fit of passion can raise her skirt slightly, leaning the young lady through the armrest roller. The penetration angle will depend on the height of the sofa, it can be changed. This guarantees indescribable sensations. If possible, under the stomach, put a pillow for a woman, this will give sex of sensuality, make the sensations indescribable. And you can sit standing by the sofa or on it, but then the girl’s head will be below, almost by the floor.

We go to the kitchen

Here you can not only cook, but also satisfy sexual appetite. There are many surfaces in the kitchen where it is possible to make a knee-elbow pose more interesting. You can lean on the sofa, widely spreading your legs, on the windowsill, on the sink. Try a vertical dog-style. This is a universal pose, you can try it not only in the kitchen, but also in the shower cabin. In this pose, the partner will have access to the girl’s neck. The couple is pressed to each other and moves to the beat, this enhances the attraction and pleasure. The angle changes from the slope of the young lady, and you can also reduce and spread your legs to make the female bosom narrower or affordable.

Carpet and mirror

This is another common version of the knee-elbow pose in sex. Here you can just settle on the floor, and even in front of the mirror. Some men and women excites not only physical, but aesthetic pleasure. Do not forget about the pillows, they can be put under the stomach, knees, thereby introducing diversity to the dog-style, making it more sensual, interesting.How to make a dohi is more interesting?


If a passionate desire took possession of a couple on the stairs, then the knee-elbow pose is relevant here. A long prelude should not be engaged, preferably immediately proceeds to active actions. All unnecessary is removed from the girl, and the partner carefully penetrates her. If possible, the knees can be lean on the steps, become one higher. The main thing is that it is convenient. This is the perfect solution if a man and a woman of different heights. Steps allow you to change the height, which makes sex more comfortable.


Partner on the knees, and the man gets on the floor and penetrates it quickly and passionately, caressing the chest, neck, clitoris. If desired, the angle of penetration changes, which makes sex more pleasant, exciting, hot. It is on a soft bed that the girl can completely lie down. At the same time, a man can be by the bed, on the knees on the bed or also lie on top of his lover. To make it more convenient, she needs to raise the ass a little, so the pillow under the hips will not be superfluous.

Point of passion

Do not forget about the point g. Its stimulation will make hard sex softer and affectionate for a woman. With every push, this point only improves the effect of excitement, and this is very pleasant to the partner. But how to stimulate it precisely? The girl should bend correctly. The knees should not be under the basin, but be under the chest. It turns out that she almost sits on her feet and only raises the pelvis slightly. In this position, a member of a man who is attached from behind is not immersed deeply, but rests directly on the right area.How to make a dohi is more interesting?

Hot stuff

For a variety of pose of dog-style, you should not forget about sex toys. Having sex in the Doga-Stayle pose, while the man tries to the back, the girl with the help of the vibrator caresses her clitoris. This will increase her experiences many times. In this case, the lady herself will regulate the speeds and change the power of pressing. This option gives more sensations to her, and in this position it may turn out to finish several times in a row.

Strong guy

The girl relies on the forearm, and the partner must hold her hips by weight. A similar variety of knee-elbow pose can afford to try strong men, but it’s worth it. The sensations are simply indescribable. It is almost in zero gravity, it has complete power over it. Perhaps this cannot be finished, but even part of the sexual intercourse in such a pose will still be remembered by both.

Narrow bosom

You can make sensations more interesting in a mechanical way. If you insert the girl into the anus anal plug, the vagina will become a little already. As a result, she will feel every penetration brighter, and he will become more pleasant from tightly wrapping walls. And if the sleeve is still with vibration, then the fluctuations will feel both partners, which will help to finish faster.As you can see, you can diversify the knee-elbow pose if it is good to fantasize. The position of the doggie is popular, and with our tips it will never bore.

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