How to liberate a girl in bed?

How to liberate a girl in bed?.

If the girl is constrained, then she needs help to liberate and find her sexuality. A man can even very successfully help her in this.

The first thing a man can do is to help a woman become sexy, in the literal sense of the word. And what can cope with this task better than not erotic linen? Give her panties, delicate robe or shirt. The sizes of these products are easy to guess and choose yourself.

The second that a man can do is add a small fetish to your prelude. The main thing is that you have this prelude, otherwise you need to start even further. For example, a feathers will appeal to a woman with her tenderness and pleasant touch.
You can add something more significant, for example, some kind of device for punishment. Plugs on the buttocks can also be carried out with a palm. This will excite not only the body, but also the imagination of your chosen one.

Try the experiment "double life". First spend the night, completely conquering a woman. Do not give her moments of independence, choose poses and pace yourself. And the next time change roles, and give free rein to the woman, allowing her to lead you, choosing a pace, place of making love, etc.D. Such an experiment will allow you to see the condition in which your woman is as comfortable as possible – to subordinate or obey. This information can be used in intimate life very successfully, understanding what proportions in dominance you can choose.

Sometimes a man’s passivity can help manifest the activity of a woman. Such a strange paradox was discovered by Colombian scientists who determined that 45% of women themselves begin to take the initiative if a man shows indifference for some time. A woman knows that a man always wants sex, so if this type of behavior is broken, then she begins to worry. The first thing a woman does is begin to look for a cause in herself, and in fear that you no longer want her, begins to urgently check this theory.

How to liberate a girl in bed?

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