How to increase libido to a man and a woman – methods

How to increase libido and want sex?.

Low sexual attraction is not a sentence. This is only a battery that has sat for a certain reason. It is enough to recharge it to fully restore sexual relations. Read below how to increase the libido in the most common, folk ways, as well as using methods that have been tested for years and recommended by doctors.

How a man wants to fuck?

How to increase libido to a man and a woman – methods

The material is undoubtedly read by those who experience certain difficulties with the desire to have sex, and thinks about how to quickly raise their dick in order to enjoy sexual life. Low libido is easy to fix, although you have to change some parameters in yourself.

Anyone has a choice – to continue to live on, refusing to fuck, or to correct the situation in the root. How to increase male libido, without at risk of health? This is a topic requiring detailed lighting.

Products that increase libido in men

There is a considerable list of what it is worth consuming to guarantee male power:

  • Parsley. Helps in any combination of dishes. Grass is especially effective along with beef meat.
  • Celery. It is useful to combine it with other products.
  • The root of the horseradish. It is recommended to make tincture with honey, it powerfully stimulates the blood flow that saturates the penis.
  • Ginger root. Perfectly restores strength. It is better to make a decoction from it, insist tea.
  • Walnuts. It is necessary to purchase good fruits, pass the nuclei through a meat grinder, mix with honey, getting a homogeneous mass. Better take on a tablespoon on a tablespoon.
  • Seafood. Eating shrimp immediately strengthens libido, there is a desire to flirt. Improves mood.
  • Tuna. It has a lot of nutrient components and protein, which stimulates the production of testosterone. Fish cleanses blood vessels, helps to lose weight and normalize pressure. It is desirable to use instead of meat.
  • Almonds with a hazelnut. These nuts provoke the production of an additional portion of testosterone, help to increase the number of spermatozoa.
  • Ginseng root. It is better to order ready -made tincture from trusted sellers.

The recipe for the “riser” cocktail

How to increase libido to a man and a woman – methods

Ensuring increased libido will help independently prepared drink. You will need to buy some ingredients in the retail network – there are not so many of them. If there is nothing, you can take an analogue or cross out at all:

  • celery;
  • spinach;
  • parsley;
  • horseradish;
  • rugula;
  • apple;
  • ginger;
  • tomato juice.

The purchased products should be cleaned, chopped in a blender to get a homogeneous mass. The amount of each component is arbitrary, only the horseradish does not need to be put a lot. . The effect manifests itself after a couple of hours. This recipe will also help if it seemed to you that the member has decreased.

Libido increase exercises

A lot has been written about how to quickly want to fuck without using anything inside. Any moderate physical activity will help to achieve the desired. No need to exhaust yourself with training in the gym, when all the forces leave and it will take a lot of time to restore them. To increase potency and libido, it is enough to do only a few exercises after awakening:

  1. Squats. The most important procedure. It is required to become even, place your legs slightly wider than your shoulders, place your feet in parallel. You need to perform movements, how much strength is enough. Then rest a little, repeat again until slight fatigue, then another entry. The number of such stages of load gradually increase, but do not zeal excessively. Task: to bring into the correct state of the muscles responsible for the erection.
  2. Push ups. Another classical procedure for ensuring the tone of the genital area. It is allowed to abuse a little, performing movements until the last forces. Significant hands stress guarantees a sense of confidence.
  3. Running with pull -ups. Rapid movement improves blood circulation, trains the heart muscle, being the prevention of cardiovascular pathologies. The more to study, the better and healthier the well -being will be. The situation is similar with raising the weight of your own body.

Risks when taking viagra

How to increase libido to a man and a woman – methods

The drug significantly enhances libido, but there are certain factors that can provoke the undesirable consequences of its use. These include cardiovascular problems in men. The most dangerous manifestations of taking this tool are:

  • stroke or heart attack;
  • premature cardiac arrest;
  • convulsive seizures;
  • interruptions in the blood supply to the retina that damage the visual function;
  • hearing deterioration;
  • Liver functioning failure.

In certain users of this powerful substance, cardiogenic shock or hypertensive crisis is able to develop. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to consult a cardiologist about the safety of such stimulation of sexual desire and the ability to fully fulfill the functions as a partner for sex to the cardiologist

How to increase libido to a woman?

How to increase libido to a man and a woman – methods

Ladies’ sexual attraction is not a constant value. It is significantly affected by various factors: monthly hormonal vibrations, the use of oral contraceptives, pregnancy and many other parameters.

Intimate cosmetics with exciting effects

Sexologists strongly recommend that the ladies use external products in the form of lubricants to enhance libido. They increase pleasure, eliminate dry cunts, help to achieve orgasm faster. The range of such products is significant, but you can cook it yourself.

Reception of dietary supplements

How to increase libido to a man and a woman – methods

Certain biological additives are capable of increasing the desire to fuck in women, in which there are plant and protein ingredients, vitamins, amino acids with minerals. All of them do not harm health, perfectly tolerate, guarantee even a certain therapeutic effect during overwork, nervous disorder, and mood worsening.

Such drugs are implemented by pharmacies and many specialized stores.

Some homeopathic remedies also improve the perception of sexual life. But their reception is justified only after the recommendation of the specialist, since it is important to take into account the characteristics of the woman’s constitution and her individual signs.

Take of medication

Sometimes women are recommended to use certain drugs to improve sexual perception:

  1. Viagra or Levitra. Such funds are effective for people of both sexes. They quickly expand the vessels, significantly increase blood flow in the genital area, without changing the hormonal balance.
  2. Oral contraceptives. Tablets save with endometriosis, ovarian dysfunction, other pathologies. The latest generation substances do not reduce libido, but on the contrary, it enhances it.
  3. Preparations of hormone -therapy replacement. Medications of this class are smoothed out signs of menopause. They normalize the mood, treat urogenital problems, autonomic disorders. It should be borne in mind that they have many contraindications.

Grandmother’s recipes

How to increase libido to a man and a woman – methods

Wanting to find out how to increase the female libido with folk remedies, it should be understood that it is possible to do this even in the usual home conditions without the use of dietary supplements or medicines. Natural components come to the rescue. Also perfectly reveals female potential, directing it in the right direction, herbal medicine. Dams after 40 years show products with phytoestrogens.

These substances positively affect the functioning of the bone and cardiovascular systems, level the risk of cancer, rejuvenate the body. It is advisable to periodically eat such products, although the abuse of them, as well as an excessive enthusiasm for dietary supplements with the mentioned ingredients, is dangerous due to the risk of endocrine or reproductive failures.

Correction of lifestyle

The state of health and general mood significantly affects female sexual activity. Therefore, it is impossible to restore libido, if you do not correct the diet, as well as connect physical activity to the daily routine.

The diet must be balanced, certainly contain vitamins, macro and trace elements, dietary fiber. It is advisable to provide the recommended percentage of proteins, carbohydrates and fats in it. It is better to eat in small portions, but more often. This will eliminate hunger and maintain its own weight. To want sex, it is not necessary to drink alcohol (as an exception – a little, for example, a glass of red wine). Reduces libido smoking, because the vessels narrow because of it.

Eastern sages recommended a jade egg for frigid women. It was required to put it in a pussy and hold the muscles there for their training. Now the exercises of Kegel are built in the same way, thanks to which alternating relaxation occurs, and then the voltage of the vagina.

Relaxing practices

How to increase libido to a man and a woman – methods

They perfectly eliminate mental stresses, help relax and concentrate on fucking meditation and erotic massage. It is especially useful to do muscle kneading after taking a bath with essential oils of anfrodisiacs. It is desirable to relax in water to the sounds of nature, slow sexy melodies.

If the desire to fuck has disappeared, you can’t lose heart. Determine the cause of this problem, and then eliminate it together with the sexual partner. To achieve the desired result, you must comprehensively approach the solution of the problem using all the proposed options.

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