How to help a girl during menstruation?

How to help a girl during menstruation?.

The premenstrual syndrome for many a girl is a real problem and the support of a loved one is extremely important during the red days of the calendar. Sometimes it is enough not to provoke or respond to the irritability of her girlfriend, but sometimes you need to make additional efforts. Today we’ll talk about how to help a girl during menstruation.

How to help a girl during menstruation: show care

Girls during menstruation can experience not only physical pain, but also psycho-emotional stress. It will be very good if a man shows banal care. He will offer to make tea, goes to the store or pharmacy, take responsibility for cleaning and preparing dinner.

It is important to understand that PMS is characteristic of fatigue and irritability, so familiar things often turn out to be impossible or causing a lot of inconvenience. To protect her from them is a good solution and most importantly that it really helps.

How to help a girl during menstruation: do not devalue

It is difficult for men to understand the true feelings of a girl during menstruation. The situation is aggravated by the fact that not all representatives of the gentle sex really suffer on “these days”, a man may have the experience of a relationship with a lady who did not suffer from PMS at all.

Then he can calculate that his current companion simulates and simply mocks him attributing everything to the state of health. It is impossible to do this in no case and if she says that she is bad now, you should listen.

Psychologists do not recommend letting jokes about menstruation and say phrases from the series “Come on, Don’t be fooling” or “What do you freak out, hold yourself in your hands!”. Sometimes it is extremely difficult to do, especially if physical pain is noticeable.

The hormonal background changes and the tension of the nervous system increases significantly, so mood swings and psychosis are understandable. It is important not to devalue her condition, it will only aggravate the situation

Ask what you can be useful

Ask this is the easiest way to find out something. Talk to the girl, explain that you are nearby, you understand and support her, but do not know how best to help. This is normal, because due to physiological characteristics, a man is simply not able to understand the feelings of a partner.

Some will be better if you leave her alone and will not constantly bother her. Someone needs more attention and the constant presence of a satellite nearby.

In a healthy relationship, people know how to talk and the girl should openly and directly say what expects you in a specific situation. You are not obliged to guess anything. The main thing is to express their readiness to help, and the rest is already her responsibility.

be patient

The most difficult thing during the PMS period is mood swings and the occurrence of aggression. Sometimes you just ask something, but it is difficult for her to answer, so in response a man receives sharp, rude phrases.

It is important to understand that this is not a manifestation of her attitude towards you, but simply a reaction under the influence of a general state. If you do not take quilted expressions at your own expense, then the desire to answer will also not arise.

Try to maintain the balance between the zero reaction and ignoring. Remember, the girl expects participation and emotions from you, but without depreciation, accusations, rudeness and indifference.

You can’t sort things out, even if a girl actively provokes. Keep calm, say that you understand it and are ready for dialogue, but prefer to do it in a calm atmosphere, a little later.

Do not say that you don’t want to talk, because it is now angry and even more so do not mention menstruation. These are already accusations that will cause a reverse reaction. She will have to defend herself and this is not at all profitable for you.

Keep the right distance

The old joke says – if the girl has menstruation, step back to a safe distance and throw it into it with chocolate. There is a share of truth in this.

Being too dangerous and can annoy your girlfriend even more. Nobody likes persistence and obsession, and in the situation with PMS this can be a real problem.

But also say “you have menstruation, you are furious, I will go fishing with friends”, also unreasonable. She expects you to participate, support and care, therefore you should always be at the right distance. When you do not show annoyance and at the same time are always available for any request.

How to help a girl during menstruation is not in a word, but deed?

You can go to the pharmacy and buy ibuprofen. In the case of severe pain or the appearance of seizures, you can always offer her tablets that can help. Maybe she will refuse, but let the painkiller always be at hand.

Another good way is a heating pad on the lower abdomen. Again, show the willingness to cook this heating pad or run to the pharmacy for buying disposable. This trick helps some of the tender sex.

Offer to do massage or simply massage erogenous areas. Most likely she certainly does not want sex, but relaxing movements on the back, neck or earlobes, will help reduce pain and distract.

Persuade him to go for a walk. Fresh air and motor activity reduce discomfort and contribute to relaxation. Take an interest in whether she is ready to go a few hundred meters through the park or just sit on a bench next to the house.

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