How to find out gay – signs in the behavior of a man

On what signs you can find out gay?.

Non -traditional orientation – the norm for our time. Same-sex relationships have already ceased to be something unimaginable and all thanks to mass propaganda around the world. But still, some people do not know how to behave if his loved one turns out to be among such people. In parallel with this, the question often arises of how to find out gay.

How to find out gay – signs in the behavior of a man

The main signs of a lover of men

Of course, there is no such way to be guaranteed to understand which of those around the executive of the LGBT move. But a number of tips can simplify this search. Most of them can be attributed to frank stereotypes, but still, some signs of gay are true. But no matter what sexual orientation you adhere to, you can quickly and easily find a partner for sex in your city .


There is a lot of errors regarding the appearance of homosexuals, it is believed that they are all crazy neat, monitor cleanliness and clear organization. However, modern fashion is so contradictory that most of modern guys can be easily confused with gays. The majority believe that homosexuals wear bright, tight and at the same time causing clothes. But this is far from the case, the heterosexual may also look like this. Not every neat and well -dressed men are “blue”, because it can be part of his character or status. A separate story is connected with creative people who are most often dressed non -standard.

How to find out gay – signs in the behavior of a man

In any case, unconventional guys really devote a lot of time to their appearance. They monitor fashion trends, actively visit sports halls and have many cosmetics in their arsenal to maintain beauty. But such a statement is fair for many stars of show business, which is supposed to follow their image by status. A striking example is David Backham, who can safely be attributed to homosexuals by his appearance. But in fact, he is a traditional representative of men, he has a wife and children.

Along with this, some homosexuals dress quite traditionally and rude, wear jackets, free jeans and t -shirts. Thus, judging by appearance in our time is very difficult.


Small habits can still give out a representative of sexual minorities. As we have already said, most of them really devote a lot of time to its appearance. In their bathroom, you can find many means of caring for themselves, periodically they visit a solarium or cosmetologist. Can be depiled and constantly correct their hairstyle.

In their house, everything will also be organized in order, to their environment they are as demanding as to appearance, therefore, various decor elements may prevail in the interior. Natural would never have paid attention to this. But metroxuals, which are visually similar to homosexuals, can intervene here, only in terms of intimacy they prefer women.


In terms of communication, gays can show special interest in them like that, and the form can be from the extreme to the extreme. Someone may empathize that it is now difficult and in every possible way to support sexual minorities, and someone is Yaro to oppose, that is, to act as homophobes.

How to find out gay – signs in the behavior of a man

At the same time, prefers men to women. They can conduct long-term telephone conversations with guys, and use the gender-neutral terms: “partner” instead of a friend, or, on the contrary, diminutive affectionate expressions: cutie, sun and the like.

During gatherings in the company, visual contact will be supported precisely with men, while Natural will involuntarily squint in the female side. If someone attracts him, then he will stay close to the interlocutor, let’s say, enter his intimate zone, constantly smile, touch in every possible way and make inconspicuous compliments.


Signs of a homosexual can manifest itself in his behavior. He will be happy to listen to the problems of girls, and give practical advice. In addition, such guys love to spend time on shopping campaigns, choose outfits and create new images. They also prefer to make personal gifts in the form of accessories: scarves, wallets, scarves and much more.

How to find out gay – signs in the behavior of a man

Many guys with non -standard orientation are real fans of rhythmic dances, they are given by excessive sentimentality and emotionality. American psychologists conducted one study and revealed that in most such guys the figure resembles the shape of a sand clock, and the gait comes from the thigh.


If homosexuals are slightly hiding their orientation, then they can manifest some rudeness against women, especially if she tries to win his attention.  They can use various excuses or rudeness to only avoid any proximity.

But there are such cases when a man wants to hide his unconventional orientation, then he can quite start a relationship with a woman. In this case, you can identify the truth with the help of three “golden” rules:

  1. Trust your intuition. Enough often, especially in women, intuition is well developed, but they often ignore it. If there is any doubt, then it is better to check it.
  2. Watch his behavior in bed. Sex with a girl is not disgusted with them, however, they do not experience any pleasure. As a result, during sex they behave very cold and restrained.
  3. Cosmetics in the bathroom. As we have already said, homosexuals are preoccupied with their appearance, so you can find in their Arsenal a lot of care products.

But still the most true way, how to understand that a guy gay is to ask a question directly. After all, any person who hides the truth for a long time will get tired of this and may confess to the first question.

How to calculate Latenic gay?

It is much more difficult to determine who hides it from himself. Not all men are ready to accept the fact that they are attracted by representatives of the same sex.

How to find out gay – signs in the behavior of a man

But still, there are some hidden signs that can give out hidden gay:

  • Excessive aggression towards homosexuals. Such a reaction is due to the fact that they will in every possible way take suspicions from themselves, so it is easiest to attribute themselves to homophobes.
  • Male attention. One way or another, at a subconscious level, such guys will reach for other men. They always try to hug them, during the conversation they are close and supports a long handshake. Such guys are often recorded in sports halls or combat sections to be closer to the object of desire.
  • Criticism of girls. Explicit aggression towards women arises due to the fact that they see competitors in them. Girls who meet someone from the encirclement of a latent homosexual are especially criticized.

How gays recognize each other?

If an ordinary guy or a girl is difficult in the question of how to recognize gay, then how is the representatives of the non -traditional current themselves do it? The secret is not in intuition, but in some chips that are common between gays:

  1. Handshake. The handshake in this case will be special. In general, the gay’s hand will be weak, for a long time, with a penetrating look into the eyes, the palm will be supple. And although this greeting will differ slightly depending on the region, it will always give out a real nature of a person.
  2. Light flirting. True homosexuals will always be able to recognize flirting, special facial expressions, hints or gestures. An ordinary man simply won’t notice this.

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