How to do petition

How to do petition?.

How to do petitionIt is believed that petting is what only young teenagers do who are not yet ready to go for sex. But we will tell you why this opinion is erroneous and why petting is needed for experienced couples of all ages.

First, we will understand the concepts of what Petting is and how to do it. Petting is the intimate caresses of partners that lead to an increase in excitement and even possible to orgasm, but at the same time exclude the contact of the genitals and penetration.

In terms of intensity, Petering happens from light superficial to deep. Light species include flirting with each other and flirting, hugs, tender kisses of lips, neck and touch to the chest or open parts of the body. Deep petting is contact with the genital organs of a partner.

As a rule, petting is really more common among young people, who have not yet been ripe for classic sex, but are already experiencing a strong desire for each other. However, Classes of petting are shown and established couples, Whose sexual life is going through not the best times, and sex seems fresh and monotonous.

In this case, it is worth returning to petting and specially refrain for some time from classical sex. Hares without discharge will only give up both of you and show how much you want each other.

What stages is Petering

  • In petting, the intrigue and mood of the flirting is important. Therefore, we advise you to start with the use of a special aroma that will arouse playfulness in both of you. Pay attention to perfumes with pheromones for men and women, as well as aromatic oils and candles, which you can fill the room and take the first step to your excitement.
  • Be sure to prepare for petting and put on sexual underwear, So that your partner caress your body to feel the most delicate lace or atlas hiding under clothes. His fantasy will inevitably begin to work and now he already imagines how he takes off your clothes.
  • The seduction of the partner start by establishing visual contact. Look straight into the eyes, then flirting, then embarrassed, then pulled away a little.
  • You can get closer and move on to easy tactile contact. Touch your partner’s hand, his shoulder, stroke on the cheek or hair. It is important to move slowly and not rush anywhere. Highlight enough time for this process to feel all the touch and how to get excited.
  • Go to kisses. To begin with, this should be barely noticeable touches. When you feel the hot breath of a partner and you want to dissolve in each other, but for now you rest. Further, kisses will become more and more passionate and deep.
  • Study the bodies of the partner. Even if you are familiar with a million years and it seems that you know everything by heart, this stage is important. Touch him for the first time, forget everything that you knew about him and, perhaps, you will find previously unknown erogenous zones. You can caress his neck, stroke your face, touch your chest or run your hand in your hair, and also explore all his body. By the way, you can study all these zones and lips.

How to do petition

As for the hair, do not forget that many sensitive points are hidden on their heads and almost all men enjoy when they massage the scalp.

And how much pleasure light bites give in delicate places, such as the front and back surface of the neck, chin, ears and shoulders. The main thing is not to overdo it, you should not leave traces on your man at all.

The ears are also sensitive to whisper, warm breathing and caresses tongue. Just do not need a lot of saliva, not everyone likes it.

  • Do not forget to take your breath so that the intensity of passions does not cross that line when sex is inevitable. You can break away from each other, establish eye contact again, drink a couple of sips of a refreshing drink and change your position.
  • When you are ready to complete the petting session, show your partner how you liked it – Your excited gaze with a cap and a heated body is the best compliment for him. Let him know that there will certainly be a continuation, but perhaps not today. Continue to excite his imagination and after the end of your caresses – seducing messages or photos sent after parting, will not allow you to cool down your feelings.
  • The same applies to steam that already live together, but decided to excite their relationship. You can finish petting without sex by postponing it until the next evening and maintain excitement during the day, Suscript on intimate topics right at the workplace. And you can use deep petting techniques, such as masturbation to each other or oral sex. The Assortment of Sex Chop can come to the resort – a masturbator for a man will give him a completely new sensation with a long -familiar partner, and the clitoral vibrator will drive any woman crazy and make her a lustful cat.

As you can understand from the article, petting is a universal technique that can be useful, both young people who do not seek to quickly move on to classical sex, and pairs that have long been together. Petering will remind you of your first joint evenings, when the heart beat faster and excitement rapidly grew only from the same views and touches. And the assortment of an online store will help create a romantic atmosphere, choose a sexual outfit and bring a partner to discharge.

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