How to choose an extender? | Questions about the increase in a member

How to choose an extender?.

How to choose an extender? | Questions about the increase in a member
A penis extender is a device that was first developed at the end of the 20th century, although its analogues are found in ancient manuscripts. He is called up increase the penis in size or Fix its shape. And if earlier this device was used only for medical reasons, today anyone can buy and use it. Although the choice of exteals in the store is huge, not every of them will suit you. Today we will talk about how to choose the right extender, what you need to know about this device before buying and using it.

The principle of action of an extender for men

There are many different exteals of exteals. But the principle of operation of all of them is approximately the same. The design is fixed on the penis, its tension occurs, the strength of which can be adjusted using special mounts.

During the tension, occurs Increase in the volume of the penis, blood flow to it and microcirculation normalizes, metabolic processes accelerate. Gradually, the fabric expand, the desired effect is achieved: the member increases in size and volumes, its shape is corrected. Lengthening of muscles occurs, and the result lasts a long time.

What are the devices for stretching a member

Before buying an extender, you need to figure out what these devices are. Today in the store you can purchase several types of designs depending on the appearance and features of the device. Of course, each group has its own shortcomings and positive aspects. Let’s figure it out:

  • Burn or strap extender. These are different types of devices, but their structure is approximately the same. Their strap is elastic or elastic, attached with the help of latches. Moreover, it has an anatomical form. Unfortunately, it is difficult to put on such an extender, especially at the first time. You can transfer the barrel of the penis or the head will begin to slip out of the latch. Such an extender is able to cause not only discomfort during wear, but also severe pain. But at the same time, the model has high efficiency, democratic value, suitable for daily sock.
  • Vacuum extender. This type differs from the previous one in that the head is fixed using a vacuum cap. The air is sucked out of it, the tissues of the head expand, their blood supply is enhanced. Although such extensors have a lot of fans, and they have their own shortcomings. So, the frequent side effect of using such a device is the appearance of blisters from rubbing, hematomas and other injuries of the head of the penis. It is not very convenient to wear and use a vacuum extender, and additional fixing mounts cause discomfort along the entire length of the penis. It is only desirable to wear such an extender at home.
  • The loop extender. The device is fixed using an elastic ring, the penis is stretched. This model is most suitable for men who have a large head of the penis. To easily put on such an extender, you need to adopt. The model brings less discomfort than the previous types of devices, but if the head is incorrect, the head can slip out or injured.
  • Combined type extender. This is the most convenient and effective type of device to increase the penis. Its design is such that fixation of the head, and the penis trunk and with the help of a loop and straps. It is much easier to use this type of extensors than all the previous ones: the form you specified does not fall, does not move and does not change. At the same time, a man experiences a minimum of uncomfortable sensations, and negative side effects from using a combined extender with proper wear almost never arise.

Our store has several types of extensors and a wide line of their models. All of them are made of safe materials to famous world brands, have all the necessary certificates and documents. And this guarantees the high quality and efficiency of any extender we have chosen from us.How to choose an extender? | Questions about the increase in a member

How to use it correctly

Some extensors can be worn during the day, doing their daily business. Some of the models are suitable only for home use. It all depends on the design features: size and fasteners. It is also important what effect you want to achieve using this device.

In any case, all extender models need to wear at least six months. Use will give minor results within a few days, which will quickly disappear. An extreme sock of the Exthedra is able to increase the penis by several centimeters, and the result will remain for a long time. Even after the operation to increase the length or correct the shape of the penis, experts recommend that the device recommend for at least 4-5 months.

Initially, the use of an extender should be short -term – Enough 15-20 minutes. Gradually, you can increase the time of stay of the penis in the device up to 3 or more hours. It all depends on the device model. For example, vacuum exterators cannot be used for a long time: there may be a violation of blood circulation in the penis and its damage. But strap and combined type devices can be worn for more than 3 hours. Increase the degree of tension also gradually and slowly.

The most important rule is The extender should not hurt. Yes, the vacuum head brings discomfort, and straps are not always pleasant for the skin. But at the same time there should not be severe pain, like rubbing and injury. If damage to the skin occurred, you can’t use the device: wait until the tissue healing is complete. When a man has too sensitive the skin of the penis, you can apply a special fabric or bandages under the extender, which reduce the voltage and traumatic effect of some parts of the device. But at the same time they do not reduce the tension necessary to increase the penis.

To get the maximum effect, it is necessary to ensure an improvement in the blood supply to the genitals and the pelvic organs. To do this, do special physical exercises. Also, in the process, you can take various drugs selected by a doctor to normalize blood circulation and nervous conduction, use Special creams and gels to increase a member. They contribute to the flow of blood to the penis, accelerate the process of stretching tissues. In addition, the use of the cream prepares a man to put on an extender, makes its use more comfortable.

Remember that the structure must be correctly cleaned and stored. All models can be treated with an antiseptic or thoroughly washed with soap under running water. This must be done before each use and after it.

Advantages and disadvantages of the device

All extensors have their pros and cons of. Among the advantages of using these devices over other types of correction and an increase in the penis, it is worth noting the following:

  • the non -invasiveness of the procedure, due to which the risk of various negative reactions decreases;
  • efficiency;
  • the possibility of use at any age and with different initial size of the penis;
  • convenience and ease of use, especially in the case when you are already used to putting on and shoot it;
  • improving potency, increasing erection and libido.

But at the same time, the use of an extender without observing the rules of application and socks can lead to injuries of the penis and irreversible changes in its fabrics. And wearing such an apparatus is most often uncomfortable. Also, a significant disadvantage of its use is the fact that an extender will have to wear for a long time.How to choose an extender? | Questions about the increase in a member

How to choose an extender

The first thing you need to pay attention to when choosing an extender is the price. Of course, there are models whose cost starts with 1000 rubles of the Russian Federation. But most high -quality and effective devices are ten times more expensive -10,000-20,000 rubles. The set of such devices usually includes several nozzles on the head, straps, rods for lengthening and other components. Including often the spare parts are included here, which will help you out with prolonged use of the device.

A good and safe extender is always executed From quality materials and passed all the necessary checks and tests. This can boast of famous world brands, the products of which are in the middle and high price segment. Poor -quality material can lead to allergic reactions and other health problems.

It is also important that you can almost always purchase the necessary part separately, and the extender itself is suitable for the penis of any shape and size. In addition, it is important to remember that you will have to wear a device for a long time, and therefore it must have the following properties:

  • to be as convenient as possible (as far as possible), otherwise you will quickly abandon your classes and do not achieve the desired effect;
  • do not bring pain and not cause penis injuries;
  • be durable-because you will wear it once or twice a day for weeks and even months.

The size and shape of the penis also matters. For example, men with a thin barrel of the penis and a large head of excellent models with a loop mount are suitable. Almost everyone likes combined exteers, as they have great adjustment opportunities and reliably fix the member. In addition, they deliver a minimum of discomfort.

If you doubt when choosing an extender, pay attention to Reviews about them, left by men. You can also always consult a consultant in the store. Feel free to ask questions, clarify some information. All this will allow you to find an ideal extender for you, which will not rub and bring discomfort, will allow you to achieve the desired effect without harm to health.

Possible restrictions on the use of an extender

The use of the extender has contraindications. You cannot use such devices in the following cases:

  • any inflammatory processes and infections affecting the genitals;
  • the presence of tumors and neoplasms in the area of the pelvis and penis, including prostate adenoma;
  • too high sensitivity of the penis and its head;
  • problems with blood coagulation, blood circulation and bloodiness;
  • some types of anatomical disorders, for example, strong curvature of the penis;
  • polyps in the urethra and a decrease in its patency;
  • any violations of the integrity of the skin in the application of the device.

It is because of the presence of contraindications that the extender can not be used by everyone. It is recommended to consult a doctor before using it. This is especially important if a man has health problems, vascular disease, nerves, blood.How to choose an extender? | Questions about the increase in a member

Questions about extensers

Of course, while the extender captures the penis, frictions and masturbation are impossible. The rest of the time, wearing the device does not affect the intimate life of a man. Some even note that the efficiency of using the device increases, and sexual intercourse becomes better. Therefore, you can safely have sex during a break after wearing an extender.Hello, Vyacheslav! The effectiveness of the extender directly depends on compliance with the rules for using the device, the choice of a suitable model and individual characteristics of the penis. In some cases, over six months of using the extender, it was possible to increase the penis by several centimeters and significantly improve its appearance. If you will wear a device regularly and correctly, then achieve the maximum result. In addition, you can additionally resort to the use of various drugs, gels, ointments, and perform special physical exercises.You can wear an extender at any age after reaching 18 years. And the rules of application are the same for all. The only problem is your health. After 45-50 years, age-related changes in tissues may begin in the body, prostatitis and other problems are often found, which can become a contraindication to the use of an extender. Therefore, it is advisable to consult a doctor in advance and carefully monitor your well -being and state of the member during the use of the device.Wearing certain sensations. Stretching is not the most pleasant process, but it is not painful. Of course, attention is constantly returns to the device, and it can also interfere with the movements. But after a few weeks, gets used to it. If there is pain, this is a sign of gratitude or too strong tension, you need to change the distance and points of the application.

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