How to bring a woman to squirt

How to bring a woman to squirt.

Any man would like his woman to consider him the most skilled and magnificent lover. Of course, a woman can get the most unforgettable impression of orgasm if an inkjet orgasm occurs. But how exactly to give your partner such unearthly pleasure? We will tell you about this in detail!

First of all, discuss this question with your lady, whether she is ready for such an experiment. After all, often women are embarrassed after eruption of liquid from the urethra, especially if this happens unexpectedly and for the first time. Of course, there is nothing to be shy here – After all, men are not shy about the fact that they have ejaculation.

A man will need to make some preparations, namely: prepare his hands – They should be impeccably clean with short -cut nails, stock up on a lubricant, best – with an exciting effect for women, as well as cook napkins and lay a towel on the bed so as not to wet the bed. In addition, it is very important to create an appropriate intimate environment so that the woman is as relaxed and tuned to sex. Classic tricks, such as champagne, candles and pleasant music are quite suitable.

Before you move to the prelude, it is desirable that the woman empties the bladder. You can discuss this in advance so as not to shoot down the sexual attitude during the process, or hint very delicately. As a prelude, it is best to choose an erotic massage for maximum relaxation and disclosure of sensuality.

After the first stage of the prelude, it is necessary to move on to stimulation of the point g. If you have never stimulated the point g of your partner, then you need to find it first. As a rule, point G is located at a distance of 3-4 cm from the entrance. By introducing a finger in the vagina, you need to feel a small tubercle on the front wall of the vagina. It is very important that the woman is already excited enough, because if this is not the case, then the point G may not be felt. The larger the excitement, the more it is increased due to the flow of blood, its shape (and not the size), it can resemble walnuts.

In order for a jet orgasm to be possible, the best pose is considered when a woman lies on her stomach, her legs wide apart. A man needs to enter one or two fingers into the vagina of a partner (the most suitable – index) so that the pillow of the finger looks down, that is, towards the pubic woman. Also, a partner can stand on all fours, this is also a suitable position, so it is best to focus on how the woman herself likes more in this case.

Then you need to make alluring your finger, pressing on point g. It should be borne in mind that this erogenous zone responds precisely to pressure, so it is necessary, the most difficult – Choose optimal. For this, it is best to monitor the reaction of the partner. In parallel, you need to stimulate the clitoris or area around it, this can be done both with the help of hands and various sex toys.

If a woman has a feeling that she needs to go in a small way, then you are on the right track. At this moment, it is important not to stop and continue to do everything in the same way as you did before, in no case do you need to change anything, do not increase the pace and force of exposure. If everything goes well, then the woman will cover an incredible orgasm in her strength, and he will come out of her urethra (can be slightly leaked, or maybe shoot a stream) whitish liquid, outwardly reminiscent of sperm. A woman will feel like an orgasm rolls throughout the body, this is such a powerful sensation that you can even lose consciousness.

If everything turns out, and you will manage to bring the woman to Squirt, then she will receive a completely unforgettable sensations, and you will be a breathtaking lover in her eyes. If you did not succeed for the first time, do not be upset, in the end, the female orgasm is quite a thin process, and it may depend on so many factors, up to its power and the time of the cycle. In addition, new unknown sensations for the first time can alert a woman, and, a little nervous, she may not finish. Try it later again – Perhaps luck will smile at you!

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