How to behave in bed with a man to like

How to behave in bed with a man to like.

Good sex – one of the aspects of strong and long -term relationships. Particular importance of intimacy is attached to men. If the first time is unsuccessful, in 50% of cases, representatives of the strong half will not wish to repetition and continuation. How to behave in bed with a man to like and not to be known as a log?

How to behave in bed with a man to like: prohibitions

First you need to find out what most men do not accept during intimacy. This will avoid irreparable errors.

Good sex – the work of both partners. Representatives of the strong half certainly prefer to dominate. But this does not mean that a partner can afford just lying, arms and legs spread.

The girl needs to overcome constraint, reset all the prejudices and extraneous thoughts. You need to actively experiment with caresses, hear wishes, learns to feel the chosen one.

Excessive talkativeness on abstract topics causes irritation in men. During sex, you only need to talk about himself, sharing sensations and asking about desires.

Silence and suppression of sounds will also not be appropriate. Groans and screams of pleasure incite men to try even better, enhance excitement.

Do not refuse to change positions. Sex only in a missionary position is not able to completely satisfy modern liberated partners. A change in contact points will allow you to summarize the sensations to a new level.

Complexes – enemy of good sex. Many girls are trying to hide shortcomings from partners even in intimate moments, hiding under the covers, insisting on turning off the light. In moments of proximity, a man will not consider folds on his stomach or stretching on his hips.

How to behave in bed with a man to like: recommendations

Almost all men are excited by humble women. This one allows them to feel the main in any situation. It only sounds good to make love, in reality, skillful lovers “give”.

Representatives of the strong half of the dirty “techniques” perceive perfectly. These can be vulgar words, erotic dances that excite stroking.

It is worth trying to “get” a lover before bed. The man brought to the limit is ready to satisfy any needs of the partner.

Contrary to the general opinion that representatives of the strong half do not need compliments, this is far from the truth. Especially when it comes to his abilities in sex.

Do not skimp on praise if the actions of the chosen one bring pleasure. This will spur it, increase the intensity of passion, make you want to repetition.

Caresses are able to bring no less pleasure than the act of intercourse itself. Each person has his own erogenous zones.

Men, just like women love to touch them. The main item that needs attention is the genital organ. But there are other places to which they cause awe – neck, chest, popliteal zone. You can directly ask a partner about it or conduct a small experiment, exploring the body of a lover with his hands, lips, tongue, etc. D.

Love sex, be natural

It is important to remember that sex is an important side of the relationship, but it should be varied. The same poses and caresses are quickly boring.

Those who have been in alliance with one partner for a long time should show ingenuity, show interest in non -standard desires.

It is also necessary to voice if you don’t like something. Man is not psychic. He cannot recognize all the feelings and emotions of his partner. As a result, mutual displeasure, cooling, alienation, pushing treason or parting, is possible. Do not limit yourself exclusively sex in bed. In the soul, in nature, in the kitchen and in many other places, intimacy can bring the novelty to the relationship.

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