How to become a man to become an ideal and boring lover for a woman

How to become a man to become an ideal and boring lover for a woman.

How to become a man to become an ideal and boring lover for a woman

Hello, dear friends! Today we will talk with you about how to become not boring for a woman in bed. To a greater extent, this topic will be interesting to the male half of our audience.

After all, for all guys, not just their intimate skill is of great importance. For each representative of the stronger sex, it is extremely important to be a truly good lover, and most importantly, the chosen ones think so. And if you take into account that each person is unique in his own way, then it is easy to guess that everyone has different preferences. We will try and today we will reveal the curtain of multiple female secrets, the knowledge of which will help any boyfriend to become non -casual and original in bed.

A man for a woman in the concept of “perfect lover”

What one lady likes in sex can be completely indifferent to another. And yet, in many ways, the views of the girls on the ideal in their understanding intimate converge. A man who is primarily cares about his satisfaction does not cause passion and excitement. Egoism has never caused positive emotions in a partner, because sexual intimacy is, first of all, dedication and care.

How to become a man to become an ideal and boring lover for a woman

Boring in bed a man a priori cannot be an ideal lover. Many guys are completely sure that having rich natural data, they do not need to make any more efforts. The main trump card and dignity when seducing representatives of the opposite sex are not only the dimensions of the penis, but also the ability to use them.

The technique of sexual intercourse for each man has his own. In particular, some representatives of the stronger sex thus cause indescribable delight in women. However, it also happens that endless improvisations in bed and non -stop change of poses provoke a stream of indignation. Of course, in the female sense, a man is not bored in sex when throughout sexual intercourse he behaves emotionally and emancipated. After all, girls do not need an insensitive simulator who can perform purely technical movements, without a share of romance and sensuality.

Not boring in bed with a lover with good manners. Even the most mediocre quality of sex, such a man can brighten up with his gallantry, tenderness, but often happens exactly the opposite: all impressions of sexual experience the partner risks crossing out ignorance and rudeness.

How to behave to a guy, so as not to be boring in bed

For most young ladies, there are uniform gradations of an ideal lover with whom it is never bored in bed.

How to become a man to become an ideal and boring lover for a woman

A man to whom the girl could give the highest score should have the following qualities:

  1. Do not fall asleep immediately after sex, and even better – talk a little. Not only in jokes and jokes speak of men suddenly turning towards the wall after an orgasm, and in response to a delicate babble of a satisfied woman, the guy responds with a rolling snoring. In reality, this plot is repeated quite often.
  2. Compliments and once again compliments. Well, who does not know that all girls love ears? Pleasant words and affectionate hints will do their job, and the enchanted partner will certainly melt. Note to men: a talkative lover for a woman is more interesting than silent, but here it is important not to overdo it.
  3. Love for sex and enjoyment of the process of copulation itself. Girls seem to feel the mood of a man at the cellular level. Any, even the most notorious woman will be ready for experiments and self -improvement, if the guy sincerely shows his love of sex as a process that brings pleasure to both.
  4. Harmonicity and correspondence. It doesn’t matter how the partners look at each other’s interests and preferences in everyday life, in sex they should work as a single mechanism: starting from poses, preliminary caresses, duration of intimacy. In intimate plan, the couples usually have good chances of a strong union based on mutual understanding and trust in any aspects of life together.

A few more words about what a partner should be in sex

A man who would like to stay in the eyes of his partner the best lover should keep in mind that he will always be compared with the former. It’s not boring and to look advantageous against the backdrop of the sexual skill of the previous boyfriend is not easy if you know about all the secrets. For example, some ladies consider it an ideal partner of a gentle and affectionate guy. The results of polls conducted among the young ladies confirmed that an orgasm for them in most cases becomes a secondary element of sexual contact.

How to become a man to become an ideal and boring lover for a woman

Most women are impressive for male tenderness. In addition, a man should remember:

  1. You can’t be shy and doubt in bed. A woman should feel hot and passionate.
  2. Fulfill all the cherished fantasies and erotic desires of a lover. If a girl shows the initiative to have sex in a place that is not the most familiar for this, you certainly need to support her.
  3. Resentment and anger – not for intimacy. Sexual intercourse in itself is one of the most pleasant classes for both. Therefore, anger and previous insults must be released. Do not have sex as if one of you two of you is doing a favor to each other.
  4. Tenderness and affection after sex. Men, do not forget, you should be passionate and hot lovers not only during the prelude and direct intimacy, but after it.

The end of a romantic evening, smoothly transferred to the morning, will be the most correct and successful if it is characteristic of a certain “afterword”. Ideally, if you have a little time to devote attention to each other, chat and drink a cup of coffee. Immediately dress and leave, or you should not get a partner if you plan to continue relations with her. Now it all depends only on your actions. If everything was done correctly, the girl in no case considers you a boring and uninteresting lover.

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