How in ancient times they deprived girls of innocence in different countries?

How in ancient times they deprived girls of innocence in different countries?.

At all times, the attitude to girlish innocence was special. From the virgin rod, which performs the banal functions of protecting the vaginal of the girl, created a whole cult and created a series of rituals. Today we decided to recall how in ancient times they deprived the girls of innocence and what methods used to do for this.

South America, Philippines and South Africa

In these parts there were peoples who approached the act of defloration in a rather unusual way. It was believed that the feather is not needed at all and therefore it is necessary to get rid of it as early as possible. Almost immediately after birth, the girl was deprived of the innocence of their own mothers with the help of a finger or specially trained women in the midwives with the help of pano (bamboo knife).

Often, simultaneously with artificial deprivation of virginity, various methods of expanding the vagina were used. For what purposes this was done especially incomprehensible, it was possible that the narrow vagina would cause discomfort to the girl herself or her future partner.

In any case, it sounds wildly and more like a simple mockery. But humanity has passed through many stages of development, each of which was accompanied by acts of insanity, so you do not have to be very surprised.

As girls of ancient Greece lost innocence

In ancient Greece, everything happened more humane, but no less comical. There, girls under 14 years old were considered children and no sexual actions in their respects were unacceptable. Moreover, it is before this age that they could move around the city naked.

Then it was necessary to get rid of innocence and put an end to puberty. To marry a virgin was considered a shame, so the girls had to go to the temple of the Great Goddess and sacrifice a pliver.

Actually, no special person was provided for these purposes, it was enough just to come and surrender to the first oncoming man. And most importantly – it was completely forbidden to expose, so as not to shame the temple. Probably the act passed quickly and without unnecessary noise.

Cadebyris and toothy vaginas

Cadeburys are specially trained people in India who performed one single function. They professionally deprived girls of innocence and such a ceremony was often found in eastern countries. The fact is that some local peoples believed in the existence of toothy vaginas, or rather believed that the female genital organ is a very dangerous place.

It was dangerous to marry an innocent girl, therefore, every bride passed a complex and unpleasant procedure. First, the virgin pleasant was torn with the help of objects remarkably reminiscent of the male penis. They were made most often from stone or clay.

Then, a swab was introduced inside the healing herbs saturated with a decoction and only after that everyone calmed down. Now there are no teeth inside and a man can safely begin sexual life with his beloved.

There is a version that in this way they tried to protect the girl from negative associations. The pain and unpleasant sensations were not associated with a man and sexual intercourse, but to the defloration procedure at the priest. It seems like one psychological trauma is less. Although how not to get stress from the process of deprivation of innocence with a stone, it is difficult to say.

Ritual deprivation of innocence and the right of the first night

The act of defloration among many peoples took a whole ritual and had clearly registered rituals. One of them was that the right of the first night had not a groom, but someone else. For example, in medieval Europe, feudal lords deprived the virginity of the brides of their involuntary peasants. True, they say that it was possible to pay off from this, and many historians consider this ritual myth.

There is evidence of a rite called “Baylager”, which took place in Germany. There, the head of the tribe had the opportunity to copulate with all the girls who decided to get married. Naturally not fun for the sake, but exclusively in good intentions. To conduct defloration and transfer it to her lover for a strong life together.

In 1486, a ban on such actions was issued. Ferdinand Catholic published them, who clearly expressed his position on this subject. The decree forbade gentlemen and lords to sleep with brides on a wedding night, as well as use the daughters of their peasants to copulate for money or free. The presence of this letter became evidence of the existence of a baylager.

In France, the Cannons, on the contrary, officially had the right to deprive the brides of innocence and even traded it. The feudal lord could not only enter into an intimate relationship with the girls of peasant women, but also convey such an opportunity to another feudal lord for a small reward.

Friedrich Engels in his works described the rites in some peoples of Africa, where on the first wedding night the girl was supposed to enter into sexual intercourse with all friends and close relatives of the groom. The spouse himself was at the end of this row and received proximity with his wife’s wife.

In the Republic of Zair, it is still considered to be an honor to give an innocent daughter to a respected person. President Mobutu Cece Seko has repeatedly enjoyed such a right to travel around the country. Probably parents are even proud that the first man of their daughter was the leader of the republic and the head of state.

There is another tradition in the same South America. Since sorcerers and leaders are recognized by respected people there, all virgins are obliged to pass the defloration act with them. Thus, no girl can get married or be considered a woman until she went to a romantic rendezvous with a local sorcerer.

Myths, fantasies, violence

Some rituals were invented and did not find their confirmation. But most are absolutely proven and continues today. Attitude to girls around the world throughout history was ambiguous. Somewhere to this day they are removed by the clitoris, somewhere they are forced to sexual intercourse with close relatives of the groom.

So far, at one end of the world, men are sent to bars for banal harassment without the use of physical strength, at the other same time, the grandmother of the midwife with the help of a phallic object of clay conducts a teenager defloration. And all this is only fun at first glance. Evolution moves at incredibly speed and sometimes just steps over entire states..

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