How and why a member of men gets up: a good erection and bad, what to do with violations

Why do men get a member and what to do if problems have any problems.

The state when the guy increases in size and rises a member is called an erection. It is necessary in order to freely perform during intercourse. Under the influence of sexual excitement, cave bodies expand, filling to the limit with blood. Explain why a member gets up in a man, you can from the point of view of physiology. Let us also consider situations when an erection occurs in the morning and at night in a dream, for no reason for guys, as well as what factors lead to problems with sexual function.

How and why a member of men gets up: a good erection and bad, what to do with violations

Why do men get a member

Penis is a male external genital organ that performs two functions, namely the urinary and reproductive. In the process of sexual excitement due to the tension of the pubic-button muscle, the cavernous bodies are stretched, the release of hormones into the bloodstream contributes to the blood. In this case, the outflow of blood becomes intentionally difficult, due to which it is possible to hold an erection for a long time. These are key conditions for the ability to have sex.

Physiological erection can be 3 types:

  1. Reflex – it is caused by the stimulation of the penis. After that, the brain sends signals to the spinal cord, these processes expand the vessels, forcing the blood to flow intensely into the caves. Moreover, all processes that make the member increase automatically under the influence of reflexes.
  2. Spontaneous – an erection is observed for no direct reasons in the morning before awakening. Sometimes it is observed at night when a man sleeps. This is evidence of the proper operation of the endocrine, reproductive system. A spontaneous erection is associated with the peak of testosterone production, sometimes the reason is the re -fulfill the bladder in the morning.
  3. Psychogenic – an increase in a member can cause exciting images in the minds of a man. Often, different tastes, smells, sounds, smell, touch, visual pictures can lead to an erection.

How and why a member of men gets up: a good erection and bad, what to do with violations

In the process of sexual excitement, several organs and systems take part at once. For example, an onion-naval muscle, a sciatic nerve that overlap the outflow of blood, the brain that transfers impulses through the spinal cord to the penis to the penis. Against the background of such processes, a rush of blood to the organ intensifies.

Why gets up in the morning and at night in a dream

The situation when a member rises in the morning, is known to any man of reproductive age. From here the question arises why this is happening, is it normal. From the point of view of medicine and physiology, there may be several processes:

  • Hormonal activity – from 5 to 9 a.m. there is a high level of testosterone, forcing to pour the shelter to the penis;
  • A crowded bladder – He gives signals to certain parts of the brain, which are located next to the center that causes sexual excitement;
  • Awakening of the body – the body tests the functioning of different organs and systems, affecting the reproductive system;
  • Blood renewal – constant renewal of arterial blood affects the penis through which it can only advance during an erection;
  • Erotic dreams – exciting images send impulses from the brain to the spinal cord, this was stated in the subparagraph about the psychogenic erection;
  • brain activity – due to the presence of several phases of sleep, the increased activity of some parts of the brain can be observed, launching a chain of reactions, including those that affect the penis.

Often to night or morning erections can lead too close underwear. Any movements will be accompanied by mechanical effect on the penis, which is pulled by excitement. There is nothing unnatural and dangerous for health here.

How and why a member of men gets up: a good erection and bad, what to do with violations

Why sometimes a member gets up just like that, for no reason

If a member gets up just for no reason, doctors talk about uncontrolled or spontaneous erection. When it comes to adolescents, this is considered a normal phenomenon against puberty. Otherwise, theoretical reasons are considered:

  • Change of phases of sleep – in the phase of quick sleep, there is a secretion of hormones, brain bloodstream, an enhanced heart rate, which leads to a blood supply to the penis;
  • Organic irritations – when exposed to external factors, the receptors of internal organs and tissues are irritated, which provoke certain reactions, including an erection (overflow of seed bubbles, bladder, rectum);
  • Hormones activation – increasing the level of testosterone can provoke sexual arousal, an increase in a member;
  • spinal injuries – the sexual nerve centers are located in the spinal cord, and injuries disrupt its functioning, which causes a change in erectile activity;
  • Pathologies of the genitals – diseases can lead to violation of the innervation of the genitals, the distortion of their signals responsible for excitement;
  • prostate diseases – the reflex effect of the prostate on sexual function can lead to overexcitation, increased sensitivity and other disorders against the background of gland diseases;
  • abstinence – with a long rejection of sexual contacts, the brain will signal the need to have sex, preparing for this a member.

Often, mental deviations reflected in the work of the brain, nervous system and other organs lead to an uncontrolled erection.

How and why a member of men gets up: a good erection and bad, what to do with violations

Why are problems with an erection

The most important conditions for achieving an erection are normal blood circulation, timely reactions of the nervous system, hormone balance. If a man does not get well with a member, even with sexual excitement, doctors can make a diagnosis – erectile dysfunction. To choose effective treatment, it is important to determine in advance the causes of violations.

They can be psychogenic factors:

  • depressive states;
  • regular stress;
  • insomnia, sleep disturbance;
  • high workload and chronic fatigue;
  • improper sleep and wakefulness mode;
  • Psychological injuries, complexes, self -doubt.

Organic factors can also be the reasons:

  • diabetes;
  • cardiovascular pathologies;
  • hormonal disbalance;
  • endocrine diseases;
  • violation of metabolism processes;
  • Diseases of the genitourinary system.

In the first case, it is important to adjust the lifestyle, diet, recreation and wakefulness mode. Consultations of a psychologist or sexologist will come to the rescue. In the case of organic factors that violate sexual functions, appropriate treatment is required under the supervision of a doctor.

How and why a member of men gets up: a good erection and bad, what to do with violations

Why does the guy have a member on a guy

Men often get up a member not only at the sight of girls and attractive women. This situation can occur when interacting with another guy. Most scare this state of affairs, they say, this is a manifestation of unconventional orientation. In fact, the erection is not always associated with excitement.

This can be an involuntary action provoked by irritation of certain muscle groups that are responsible for compressing the base of the penis. Also, the increased brain activity of those centers that are responsible for sexual functions can also lead to the swelling of the barrel. Therefore, do not connect the reactions of the body with people who surround a man.

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