Dutch helm – what is it and how to do

What is the Dutch helm: description and technique.

Some extravagant men lack the body of a woman to satisfy their lust as much as possible. They use all kinds of perversions, wanting to diversify an intimate life. There is an interesting erotic fun called the Dutch helm – it is able to deliver to the guys who are ready for experiments in sexual relations, exclusive pleasure.

Description of the posture

Dutch helm – what is it and how to do

This is a new option of quick satisfaction that does not provide for the direct touch of the penis. The “helm” was invented in Holland, which is easy to guess by name. It is in this country that the capital is the city, awakening animals in humans. There are many luxurious establishments to satisfy base feelings. This is very contributed to a loyal attitude to homosexuals. There is nothing to be surprised that in this monastery of debauchery, the “Dutch helm” depicted in the photo was invented in this monastery. Masturbation is performed by “moving” the hand holding a dick with another person to achieve a quick orgasm. There are varieties when several guys or women participate in the process.

Rules of mutual jerking off

Any sexual entertainment implies its own characteristics. They are also present in this methodology:

  • The “guiding” friend himself does not concern the penis of the friend;
  • A partner playing a passive role is completely obeyed by an active comrade.

Those who practice such a variant of masturbation, fun delivers a lot of unforgettable sensations:

  • The guy, when engaged in masturbation, does not feel touched to his dick someone else’s hand, so he does not feel discomfort;
  • The masturbating man has pleasure without the application of efforts, since the friend makes active movements.

Security measures

To prevent discomfort, it is necessary to remember some restrictions:

  1. Constantly must take into account the reaction of the “subordinate” to your actions.
  2. It is impossible for the fingers to be attended by rings capable of injuring the penis.
  3. Intimate hygiene is required – dirty limbs provoke bacteria entering.

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How to diversify

Dutch helm – what is it and how to do

There are many ways to stimulate the erogenous zones of the penis. Maximum pleasure is obtained with a juja jack. But there are other satisfaction options when using the “Dutch helm”.

The technique of three fingers

Passive partner captures the trunk of his penis. Active friend puts his palm on top, performing the reciprocating movements “Alien brush”. This option allows you to delay ejaculation, giving unforgettable feelings.

In captivity of the fingers

The man wraps his cock with the index, as well as the thumbs, using both hands. On the barrel are only the limb pads that need to stroke the skin. The leader puts his palm on top, providing smooth, but quick movements.

Tender touch

In this procedure, not only hard, but also very affectionate touches are acceptable. A lubricant is applied to the palm of a passive man. His friend covers her and concerns the bark of the excited dick. He, as it were, “stroking” the surface of the penis, “teases” his head.

With a woman

Although the Dutch helm, regardless of the pose – male fun, the girl is also able to practice this procedure. She puts her hand on the hand of her beloved, controlling her. Fun will appeal to those who prefer to experiment with masturbation.

The technique of five fingers

Dutch helm – what is it and how to do

Judging by the name, all male fingers participate in the case. They cover the barrel, the large one is located near the roof of the dick. The partner takes the movements, putting the palm on top and alternately clutching the hand to the member.

Double ring

The guy applies a lot of lubrication on the thumb, slightly rubs on it with a index finger. Having made a kind of ring, it covers the root of the penis. The assistant clamps such a “ring” with his palm, slowly moves it along the barrel. Further, another similar couple comes into business, performing a dock of manipulations similar to a milking.

Reverse “milking”

To achieve other sensations, the opposite method is used. The preparation is the same as with a double ring, but the movement must be performed in the other direction: to the head from the base. Such a homosexual game will undoubtedly like it, because four hands are involved in the case that help to achieve an enchanting orgasm.

Wet palm

Variations of the “Dutch helm” are able to deliver many positive emotions. To perform such a technique, you need to grind a moisturizer throughout your palm. The man applies a moistened surface on a bark, while the “assistant” lies his hand with his fingers, making movements in a circle in the head. It is allowed to support a member of another hand, although we must not forget that such masturbation should not assume the contact of an outsider. To touch the genitals of a friend, it is permissible only to use the limbs of the “owner”.


This version of masturbation is ideal for the use of the Dutch helm technique. A man puts on tight swimming trunks through which excited dick is clearly bulging. His assistant takes his fingers with his palm and makes them tapping the rearing body. Such movements are required to be performed before the moment of ejaculation.

Double Dutch helm

Dutch helm – what is it and how to do

The industry of sexual entertainment is characterized by such a manipulation. The male genital organ fingering at the same time two assistants. They can be boys or girls, as well as faces of different sexes. In this case, techniques of direct or reverse milking are used. Basic requirement: it is forbidden to directly touch the dick of a passive participant in depraved actions. A scheme in which three people have fun at once, allows you to simultaneously control the both palms of the man who masturbates.

Clutching to the stomach

This method of bringing to orgasm is extremely simple. A man, having achieved a stable erection, covers his own member with his palm, the assistant presses his hand along with the penis to his stomach. Living warmth emanating from the skin gives excitement. Constant touch to your body lasts until a passive partner for sex
A wave of amazing orgasm will not cover.

This fun is only for gays?

Dutch helm – what is it and how to do

The main purpose of the Dutch helm is by no means gay. The technique helps any person who can use it and people of classical orientation. However, some experts express the opinion that such an activity is a deviation from the natural sexual process, and therefore it indicates some health disorders. Therefore, a psychological normal man is unlikely to enjoy such actions.

An unusual sexual game, called the Dutch helm, did not arise from scratch. Its instigators were navigators, who were exhausted by prolonged swimming and loneliness provoked by this. Sailors were looking for such an option for actions in which it would be possible to achieve an orgasm without attracting girls to the process. A colleague fell under a thirsty “hand” to someone-this is how such an extravagant erotic fun appeared.

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