Calorism of a man’s sperm – is it possible to swallow

Is it possible to get better from sperm.

Probably, all women someday set the task of losing weight, but for some this is the purpose of the whole life.  So, many people think about whether it is possible to get better from sperm, which comes from the penis of a man during oral sex, and what, in fact, is the calorie content of sperm. Perhaps now experienced ladies will express their opinion in the comments, and they will not read the text, but with the inexperienced we will talk and try to “chew” this topic as intelligibly as possible.

Calorism of a man’s sperm – is it possible to swallow

So, we’ll figure it out for starting what sperm is and what it consists of. Sperm is a liquid that is released during ejaculation of the male genital organ, which has a germ cell. Cums consists of many compounds, we will talk about them and about the composition of the men’s sperm in more detail.

The chemical composition of sperm

  1. Seed fluid. This secret, released during ejaculation, is most of the sperm – about 97%. The formation of seed fluid occurs in the prostate gland.
  2. Spermatozoa. The formation of these germ cells occurs in the testicles of a man. During the receipt of the highest pleasure from sexual intercourse, it is the spermatozoa that comes out first, and the seed fluid contained in the prostate gland comes behind them.

As for the calorie content of seminal fluid and sperm, it can be said with confidence that it is practically non -core. However, not only the calorie content of sperm matters, since sperm contains a large number of vitamins. So, you will not get better from sperm, eat it for health. But we do not exclude the fact that sperm can cause an allergic reaction. Since it consists of the fact that the man was eating, all allergens coming with food can be kept in sperm. Unfortunately, scientists still cannot understand what exactly causes an allergic reaction – seed fluid or spermatozoa. Although this is not important, because the proportion of allergens in sperm is no more than five percent.

Many beauties believe that sperm contains substances that can somehow improve the skin, but 100% of the confirming facts is not. Perhaps these are the tricks of your men who do not receive sufficient satisfaction from this type of sex. Swallowing sperm or not is the work of every girl, and if you are completely sure of his man and he really likes that you like to swallow sperm, then do it. There is nothing illegal and harmful in this action.

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