A man with a small member – how to deliver maximum pleasure

How to give pleasure in sex a man with a small member.

A man with a small member – how to deliver maximum pleasure

Men are very reverent about how women estimate the size of the penis. The stronger floor is quite painful to perceives its failures in bed and the inability to satisfy the girl, which is directly related to their minds with the size of the penis. Problems with an erection, insufficient length and thickness of dignity can become the basis for a number of psychological problems.

One of the attacks of the serial killer Gary Ridgei to a prostitute was triggered by her mockery of his little member. A medication-traumatologist tells on the network about a mature man whose child-born organ was removed due to an injury that hanged himself in the sick leave, believing that he lost masculinity.

According to various estimates, the average length of the member of the Russian is 14-15 centimeters in an erect state, which, in general, is accepted by the beautiful half for the average size. A member of 17 cm or more is considered large, less than 7 cm – micropenis.

Women should be extremely delicate, finding that her partner in intimate games has very modest sizes. Incredible many tips on how to satisfy a woman, the network is posted by sexologists for men with a small member. However, girls should understand that the physiological features of her lover require an individual approach.

Mood, atmosphere

Any man is pleased when his stature is praised – a muscular body, strong hands, big cock. “Oh, how huge” – even spoken with the obvious intent, such words will raise the self -esteem of the lover to heaven. It is clear that a partner with the modest dimensions of such epithets should not be devoted to, they will sound like a mockery. Instead, you can praise his erection: “How quickly it got up, so hard”.

Compliments to broad shoulders and tirelessness will certainly delight the man and contribute to particularly careful efforts to satisfy their loyal girlfriend.

Blowjob and caress

Reception in the venue “vacuum” is perfect for a man with a small member. It is sometimes difficult to hold the large size in the mouth, and the strong absorption movements will require a woman even more dexterity. A small penis is able to feel the charms of this technique on itself with the entire length: a girl can suck it completely, and not just the head.

A small member is sometimes difficult to stimulate standard reciprocating movements, clenching in a fist-there is not enough length to walk around. An excellent solution would be a penis between two fingers treated with lubrication and caress the habitual way. At the same time, do not forget to touch the most sensitive areas – cornice and head of the head.

With very modest sizes (micropenis), it is not so easy for a man to enjoy classical sexual intercourse, since the walls of the vagina cover the member loosely. In this case, the importance of preliminary caresses increases: stroking and the soft massage of the zone between the anus and the scrotum, the scrotum itself and the anal region will make an erection more confident and stable.

Sexual intercourse

A woman who is preoccupied not only in her pleasure should think about how to increase the pleasure of a man with a small member from sexual intercourse. There are special vaginal creams on sale that cause temporary edema and, accordingly, reduce its capacity.

Kegel’s widely known exercises can not only bring the walls of the vagina to tone, but also add a special stimulation while the man performs frictions. The abbreviated vagina will bring a huge bliss to the partner.

Girls who are not afraid of penetration into their ass can use anal traffic jams – filling the space of the rectum, they indirectly affect the size of the vagina, making it more narrow and cramped. And the device itself can bring additional pleasure to the woman herself during intercourse.

Men with a small member are often more skilled lovers: they studied the erogenous zones of the woman and her reactions to all kinds of affection, the pleasure of the partner in the first place. Given the fact that only a third of women ends with classical sexual intercourse, the skills of such a lover are especially valuable.

If a woman treats her partner with attention and dedication, then the sex life of such a couple will sparkle with incredibly bright colors.

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