“50 shades of gray” by the eyes of a man: where is the truth, and where is the error?

«50 shades of grey» through the eyes of a man: where is the truth, and where is the error?.

“50 shades of gray” by the eyes of a man: where is the truth, and where is the error?

It’s hard to believe, but the fact: the novel that was written on the basis of fan creativity for «Twilight», He became a bestseller and overtook the sales of both the works of Stefani Mayer himself and the famous «Harry Potter». Despite this, most men continue to consider «50 shades of grey» exclusively a female novel. But the representative of the stronger sex dare to read. And now he has something to say.

Our hero

Let me imagine: Jeff Wilser, writer, journalist and coach. He – Creator and editor -in -chief of the famous American site for grooms. Magazine «Esquire» He called him «Gurus of marriage» and appropriated him status «Relations expert between a man and a woman». But the most funny at the same time – The fact that Jeff has never been married and, as far as we know, is not going to get a family yet. In 2015, Jeff’s book on paradoxes in medical research will be published.

So, an expert on relations today will share with us his observations about the cult erotic novel. Let’s give the word Jeff.

About the novel «50 shades of grey»

The world has gone crazy after the release of the book «50 shades in gray» and its two sequels: sales of sex toys of BDSM-firectionality increased, and household stores report that the ropes began to be unhealthy among customers. But ahead is also ahead of the blockbuster screens based on this extraordinary work!

For those who are not yet familiar with the plot, the content in a nutshell: our innocent heroine Anastacia falls in love with the rich Christian Gray, who, as it turned out, has very unusual sexual tastes. He prefers a relationship like «Master-Rab», That is, BDSM. But about the essence and depths of such relationships, readers have to learn.

After the release of the novel there was a lot of disputes about how women are depicted: progressively or regressively, oppressed or elevated. But let’s leave these disputes aside and talk about how men are shown in the book. What the author was right, and what – No?

We like to hurt a woman

Not true. I hope this is obvious, but just in case I will pay attention: games in BDSM – This is one, and violence – completely different. Of course, there is some percentage of malicious men or just cruel people, but most of us believe that to beat women and force them to cry from pain unacceptable. We are not against BDSM and the use of this attributes in sex, but against violence.

Risk makes sex brighter

Is it true. Perhaps everyone knows this: sex is always hotter when there is a chance that you will be taken by surprise in the process. In the entrance, in the elevator, in the car, in the cafe – In all these places, extreme love making is really remembered forever.

“50 shades of gray” by the eyes of a man: where is the truth, and where is the error?

If a man expresses little emotions, then he hides something

Lie. It was Christian Gray who had skeletons in the closet: he ended up in a foster family and was probably sexual violence in adolescence, and therefore it was difficult for him to open to a woman. But in real life, such stories are not so common. Men, like women, are different: someone is sociable and open, someone is quiet and modest, someone expansive and unrestrained. And if someone seems closed to you, then this does not have to be because he has a psychological trauma from childhood: just a person has such a character.

On the first date, we are trying to impress a woman with their material position

This is true. Gray, of course, is a millionaire, and therefore he can ride a helicopter heroine, rent a separate room in a restaurant and fly on a hangplane. If each of us had a million capital at their disposal, we would have entertained our beloved about the same.

We are jealous for no reason

I admit: yes, this happens. Not only a millionaire Gray can be jealous of Anastasis, but all the men sometimes undergo attacks of such jealousy.

We love to dominate

Lie. Not all men share Gray’s fantasies. Most of us do not want to dictate to their friends or wives how to sleep, eat or dress. And very few would like to strangle my sexual partner.

We like calls

Yes, there is something in it. I think that Gray was so attached to an ashall because she challenged him: she does not agree to everything right away, as his female sabdimives did before. Many men like to win the location in women and tame the struts.

“50 shades of gray” by the eyes of a man: where is the truth, and where is the error?

Man and woman cannot be «Just friends»

I think it is – True in our life. The heroine thinks: «Jose and me – good friends, but I know that deep down he would like to be someone big. He is sweet and funny, but he is not mine. He looks more like a brother that I have never had». AND – Yes, the question of sex still stands in the way between them.

By the way, here you can find an official collection of toys and accessories «Fifty Shades of Grey», created based on the novel and approved by its author. Want to visit Gray or Anastaci? Then go for it, because the motto of the collection – «Play bolder like Gray!».

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